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The future of fitness facilities could be much different due to the proliferation of technology such as smart watches wearable tracking devices and smartphones Club operators must keep up with this technology so they do not fall behind Photo by Thinkstock
As members work out in the cardio room or elsewhere at East Bank Club in Chicago they can be contacted through a pager or their cell phone while their children are in the club39s child care area Photo by Stuart Goldman
Biometric checkins have become more popular recently but the future of checkins may lie in mobile phones Photo courtesy 24 Hour Fitness
The recent explosion in the number of fitness apps can make finding and choosing the best apps for your business more confusing than ever Photo by Thinkstock
After developing an idea inventors seek advice from a competent patent attorney and apply for provisional patents which are relatively inexpensive and protect both the inventor and the company investing in the product Photo by Thinkstock
Health club operators report that members who engage with a club39s mobile app are more likely to attend group fitness classes share information about the club on social media and become involved in club events and challenges Photo by Thinkstock
Though fitness data can be valuable to the club operator the laws regarding privacy of health and fitness information remain a gray area Photo by Thinkstock