Take Six: Wellness Programming in the Health Club Industry

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The concept of wellness and how to present that as a part of the vision and programming at a health club can be daunting for operators considering adding or expanding wellness offerings to their community. Because seeing what others are doing can be helpful, Club Industry asked six health club operators to share what they are doing in wellness and compiled it into this downloadable report. Inside, you will see how acac Health and Wellness, Active Wellness, The Claremont Club, Fitness Connection, Miramont Lifestyle Fitness and Rehab Gym are making wellness a part of their mission. 

They share a summary of their programs, how those programs developed, partnerships, challenges, investment required, advice to others and more. 

The hope is that you will see that wellness programming can be incorporated at varying levels in facilities of all types and that you will see parts of some of these programs that you could adapt for your facility to become a wellness resource for your community.

Thank you to the following three companies for sponsoring this report: GENAVIX, MedPro Wellness and H2 Wellness

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