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The Future Is Wellness? No, the Future Is Healthcare and Fitness Integration

Health club owners and staff with an eye toward the future need to attend this unique event that shares the expertise of your peers, physicians and others in the healthcare community with the goal of creating better outcomes for your members and building new revenue streams for you. 

You may have been told for many years that the future of the fitness industry is in wellness. In fact, Club Industry has written about wellness in articles on this website and included them in this trends section called "Wellness." But in reality, the future resides in healthcare and fitness integration.

What’s the difference? It might be an overconcern with semantics, but the word “wellness” can be nebulous. Anyone can use it to mean almost anything—from implementing yoga programming to offering a spa or recovery services to having a physician on-site. All of that is well and good, but the future of the industry is really in partnerships with the healthcare community and integrating healthcare and fitness.

That’s why Club Industry put together a Healthcare & Fitness Integration Track and Summit at this year’s Club Industry Show Oct. 9-11 at the Hilton Chicago to replace the former wellness track. And it’s an event you need to attend if you want to understand better what is meant by these terms and how you can then act on this information to move your business forward and to differentiate it from your competition while earning more revenue and attracting new members. It was put together with an advisory board that includes two physicians, a hospital-based club operator, a former health club owner and others in the healthcare and fitness community. (See the advisory board by going here.)

So what is the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Track and Summit? It’s a one-day track for health club operators and a two-day summit for health clubs and physicians that will open your eyes to the growing opportunity in partnerships with the healthcare community.

The Track

The Healthcare & Fitness Integration Track offers sessions on Oct. 9 that are specific to health clubs with presentations by your peers and experts about opportunities in healthcare for you to increase revenue, attract new members and help members better attain their goals. One of the sessions on this day includes “The Integration of Healthcare and Fitness: A Case Study of Success,” presented by Jeremy Wright, CEO of Body Renew Winchester. In this session, Wright will share how he grew two locations and faced down competition from Planet Fitness that was draining his club of members and revenue. He did it by reinventing his Body Renew clubs in 2018 to integrate healthcare and fitness, increasing his profits more than $400,000 in 12 months. Learn how he did it and how you can, too. 

The track also includes a Lunch and Learn session (additional fee required) entitled Food Is Medicine: The Functional Benefits for Clubs, Members, Physicians and Health Professionals.” It will be presented by Adam Southam, founder and chairman of Fitness Formulary, and Dan Lynch, president of VisionBridge, to share how functional food can help members live a healthier life, mitigating disease risks, treating disease states, advancing fitness goals, all with simple shifts in grocery and restaurant decision making. You will learn how clubs can benefit by offering functional food in your cafe, on your shelves, through service offerings and through external value-added opportunities. You will also see how food and nutrition offerings create new partnerships, new member referrals and new revenue streams for club operators and trainers along with registered dietitians, physicians and healthcare practitioners. 

The Summit

The Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit offers sessions on Oct. 10-11 that include presentations tailored to both health club operators and physicians who will be in the room. Sessions on these days include “How to Combine Fitness & Medicine to Redefine Healthcare: The 5 Pillars of Integrative Practice Success,” presented by JR Burgess, CEO of Rejuv Medical, and founder of HealthOvators. In his presentation, Burgess will break down a blueprint that will demonstrate opportunities for innovative models of care that prevent, reverse or better manage chronic pain and disease while preparing physicians and club owners to achieve these transformations profitability. Medical fitness has proven to be the competitive difference in the Rejuv Medical healthcare model and the main driver of successful clinical outcomes. Burgess will share how you can replicate that success.

The “Communication Strategies to Enhance Motivation for Exercise” presentation is a can’t-miss session. Andrea K. Busby, a licensed clinical psychologist with Michigan Avenue Neuropsychologists, will cover empirically based communication and goal-setting strategies, including principles from Motivational Interviewing, aimed at cultivating and maintaining the internal motivation your clients have for exercise.

Another session, “The Changing Healthcare Landscape: How to Maximize the Opportunity,” presented by Doug Ribley, senior vice president of Health & Wellness Services at the Cleveland Clinic Akron General, will share the changes taking place in healthcare and how these changes are driving the decision making around the prevention of chronic disease and putting opportunities for health and wellness centers at an all-time high. Ribley will share business models and keys to successful programs and facilities, emphasizing market alignment, performance metrics and self-sustaining operations.

This event is an important event for health club owners with an eye toward the future need to attend. It will allow you to not only hear from your peers, but also to hear from physicians and others in the healthcare community as well as network with them in a happy hour on Oct. 10. 

And it’s all happening at the Club Industry Show. Learn more about the track and summit by clicking here.

Your registration options are as follows:

  • To attend just the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Track on Oct. 9, register for a 6-pack (if you are not going to attend any other sessions at the Club Industry Show) or a Premium Pass (if you want to attend sessions other than the Summit on Oct. 10-11). (Remember that the Oct. 9 Lunch & Learn in the track is an additional $25 fee, so sign up for that, too. Lunch is limited to the first 50 registrants.)
  • To attend both the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Track (Oct. 9) and the Summit (Oct. 10-11), register for a six-pack and the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit option. (Remember that lunch on Oct. 9 is an additional fee of $25, but breakfast and lunch are included in the price of the Summit on Oct. 10-11.)
  • To attend just the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit on Oct. 10-11, register for just the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit option. (Breakfast and lunch are included in both days of the Summit.)

Register by going here.

A big thank you to the HFIS sponsors: ABC Financial Services, Complete Medical Services, Human Touch, Kinetisense Inc., MyFormulary LLC, Styku LLC, TMI Salt Pure Corp. and Welld Health. 

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