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The Top 100 Health Clubs of 2002

The Top 100 Health Clubs of 2002

Welcome once again to Club Industry's Top 100, our annual listing of the largest clubs and chains in the country.

This listing serves as a benchmark, not as a hard-and-fast ranking. Participation is voluntary and, when necessary, industry estimates are used for past participants in the survey to ensure consistency. This is a new step in providing a true look at the industry — and something we do with an eye toward the future. As more outside interests look to our industry as a viable investment opportunity, it becomes even more relevant to provide a guide to the fitness industry's size and strength. While we do everything possible to ensure accuracy, we ultimately depend upon the honesty of the clubs and chains [and our own estimates] for their 2001 corporate revenue — the figure that we use to determine each club's place on the list.

In addition to verifying the information from participating clubs, we try to get information from non-participating clubs through industry estimates, speaking with competitors, and relying on those that work in and watch the fitness club industry.

In Deserving Recognition (below), we acknowledge non-participating clubs that clearly belong on the Top 100. With the help of Rick Caro (chairman of Spectrum Clubs, president of Management Vision, and a member of the Club Industry editorial advisory board), we were able to estimate their corporate revenue. These estimations are rough; we report them here in order to give an idea of where these clubs belong on the Top 100. We hope to increase participation next year and will continue to institute more industry-weighted estimates to give full recognition to all the clubs deserving to be among the Top 100.

The clubs listed in Deserving Recognition aren't the only companies missing from the Top 100 listing. The industry's major licensors/franchisors are also absent.

As was done for the last two years, licensors/franchisors are listed separately by number of locations. Here's why. Some licensors/franchisors decline to share revenue. Others insist on adding the revenue of individual licensees/franchisees to corporate revenue, when, in fact, only the appropriate licensing/franchising fees should be included. Therefore, to be fair, we opt to list licensors/franchisors by total locations.

We believe that listing licensors/franchisors in this manner will still give readers an idea of how large these companies are in relation to each other. However, it should be noted that, like revenue, the number of licensed, franchised and owned locations is self-reported or gathered from company collateral material.

We hope that each year we will be able to include more of the industry's top players in our ranking of the Top 100 so they may take their rightful place among industry leaders. We will always defer to the companies themselves when possible. But in the future, we will continue to broaden the scope of our own legwork to bring the most complete and accurate list of health clubs in the Top 100.

Deserving Recognition

Participation in the Top 100 is voluntary. Some clubs and chains choose not to reveal their revenue to Club Industry. Naturally, we can't force operators to share information; however, we do believe that the Top 100 would be lacking if we didn't at least acknowledge the clubs that deserve a place on the list.

With the help of industry insiders and some good old-fashioned estimating practices, Club Industry was able to estimate 2001 revenue for the following clubs and chains. We report these estimations below. As we fine-tune our estimation process, look for these clubs to join the Top 100 listings in the future.

Under $10 Million

Cascade Athletic Club
Club Fit
Dolphin Fitness
Elite Fit & Racquet Clubs
Gold's Gym of Kansas City
Harbor Square Athletic Club
Madison Area YMCA
Main Line Athletic Club
Moore Fitness
Rochester Athletic Club
Wheaton Sports Centers
Women's Workout World
World Gym Fitness Centers NYC

$10 Million to $20 Million

Chelsea Piers
Spare Time

$21 Million to $30 Million

Las Vegas Athletic Clubs
Pro Sports Club

$31 Million to $50 Million

Club Corp.

More Than $50 Million

L.A. Fitness

Clubs and Chains in North America

The Leading Franchisors/Licensors of 2002

This list breaks down the industry's leading franchisors/licensors by the number of locations that they license/franchise, and by the number of clubs that they own.

As with our Top 100 rankings, we have relied on the companies to provide accurate information either personally or via information in literature and on the Web. We have also relied on industry-weighted estimates, as well as information from others in the fitness industry.

While these companies are clearly the industry's franchising/licensing leaders, other clubs also make money by selling their brands. In the year 2001, Bally Total Fitness franchised several locations, WOW! Workout World licensed 10 (up two from 2000), Brick Bodies franchised one, and Lifestyles for Ladies licensed two, as did New Fitness for Ladies.

* Figure comes from the company's Web site. (1) Industry Estimate.


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