Top 100 Time


We're now gathering the data for our annual Top 100 club list, which appears in the July issue each year, and the completed forms are beginning to make their way to us via fax. This list is one of the most time-consuming projects we have each year. Part of me looks forward to tallying the data and creating the new list but another part of me loathes the calling and pestering we must do at the end of the process to get some club owners to submit their forms.

We'd like to have a form online that could be submitted electronically, but our new interface doesn't allow for that at this time. In the meantime, we appreciate everyone taking the time to fill out the form and submitting it by fax.

If you think your club performed well enough in 2006 to make it on the Top 100 club list, then go here to get a copy of the entry form. Entry is free! - Pam

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