More Activity Needed for Chicago Kids

CHICAGO -- The Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children (CLOCC) and the Chicago Park District joined together to assess the physical activity levels of Chicago children. Researchers found that the children involved (ages 4-12) are receiving nearly half of the recommended daily amount of physical activity during the after-school program provided by the Chicago Park District, but more is needed.

The program uses activity monitors and observation methods to measure the amount and intensity of physical activity that the children get during the three-part after-school program. The program incorporates homework time, free-play time and leader-organized recreational time.

CLOCC is a childhood obesity prevention program housed within the Center for Obesity Management and Prevention at the Children's Memorial Research Center of Children's Memorial Hospital. Its mission is to confront the childhood obesity epidemic by promoting healthy and active lifestyles for children throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.

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