StrongBoard Balance to Exhibit at IDEA World Fitness Convention 2014

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StrongBoard Balance® -- “An Evolution in Fitness™”— will be showcased from August 14 to 16 at the 2014 IDEA World Fitness Convention, booth #347. The annual fitness convention & trade show, located at the Anaheim Convention Center (800 W. Katella Ave.; Anaheim, Calif.), offers a variety of events for health and fitness industry professionals, including key note speakers, networking opportunities, and educational workshops.

Accredited members of the media are invited to stop by booth #347 to demo StrongBoard Balance and learn more about the platform’s unique capabilities and wide appeal. There will be boards in the booth and demonstrations all day long throughout the three exhibition days.

StrongBoard Balance creators Mike and Adella Curry will be available to answer questions regarding the balance board, entrepreneurial angles, new fitness methods, the importance of balance, and more.

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“This is our first appearance at the IDEA World Fitness Convention, and we’re thrilled to debut our balance board and showcase its capabilities there,” said StrongBoard Balance creator Mike Curry. “We welcome the opportunity to speak with other fitness professionals and media from around the world about StrongBoard and how it can transform their workouts.”

Since the launch of StrongBoard Balance in November, the balance platform has attracted attention and praise for its ability to provide an efficient method to strengthen and train the entire body. StrongBoard Balance complements and intensifies users’ favorite workout routines. Users of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from the board, whether in peak physical condition, recovering from injury, or starting down the path of a healthy lifestyle.

The prestigious American Council on Exercise (ACE) gave StrongBoard Balance high marks in its review, stating “An innovative balance tool that provides a different approach to training.”

ACE’s highlights of the board include how StrongBoard “creates a fun way to try traditional exercises. StrongBoard also “offers different exercise options for a wide variety of populations,” and “can be used on its own for balance movements or combined with other equipment, such as dumbbells.” The board is also “for use indoors and outdoors.”

About StrongBoard Balance

StrongBoard Balance is a one-of-a-kind, premiere balance platform for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. Designed to complement and intensify users’ favorite workout routines, StrongBoard Balance’s patented ‘multi-spring technology’ provides full-body fitness to increase muscle activation and calorie burn. As a portable and electricity-free platform, it allows users to train using their own body weight for resistance during full-motion exercises. Paired with a licensed physical therapist, StrongBoard Balance aids in the recovery of many injuries created by imbalance. It gently increases the patient’s flexibility, range of motion, and strength. Over time and with repeated use, exercising with StrongBoard Balance helps rebuild the bridge between the brain and the injured muscle. As users regain strength and decrease the pain associated with the injury, their range of motion increases allowing for increased blood flow and further healing.

About IDEA World Fitness Convention

IDEA World Fitness Convention 2014 gathers the world’s leading fitness and wellness professionals to exchange ideas, share the latest news, ideas and resources, demonstrate new products, and join in a four-day celebration of fitness and wellness. IDEA Health and Fitness Association is the world's leading organization of fitness and wellness professionals, delivering world-class content and continuing education to fitness professionals. Visit for more information about the 2014 IDEA World Fitness Convention.

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