Strength From Within


Usually about this time of year, I'm recovering from producing a football preview section, which I used to do while working for various newspapers. After we recently finished production on our September issue, I felt pretty much the same way: drained and in need of therapy.

This was a tough month, and it was a not-so-relaxing summer around here. We had staff missing a few days here and there, deadlines fluctuated and work seemed to pile up.

The best thing that came out of producing the August and September issues was my renewed faith in our staff and myself. There were times when I didn't think we could get the issue out on time, but when the chips were down, we fought harder, and we got things done. We didn't get on each other's nerves too much, and we didn't make excuses (well, not many, anyway).

As for me, I learned that I can edit on deadline as well as I can write on deadline. I'm normally the slow poke around here when it comes to editing, especially on the long features, but I learned I can step it up a notch or two when I have to.

You don't have to have a personal trainer to push you to get better (although they sure come in handy). The main thing is to believe in yourself and the ones around you.

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