Three Steps to Turn Your Employees into Motivated Top Producers


By David Wrobel
May 10, 2006

David Wrobel's experience has been in the direct sales industry building a company with a partner from two people to more than 500 and $15 million in annual sales in five years. He brings a unique perspective to the day spa and health club industry through his marketing and business coaching. David has authored two books: Life Balloon and 45 Little Known Marketing Strategies That Will Have Your Health Club/Day Spa Leap Frogging Over the Competition.

When most day spa owners look at their Profit and Loss statement, they immediately look to see what is the most profitable. For some day spas, it may be their hair, nails, massage or retail. Unfortunately, none of these are their true profit center. A day spa’s true profit center is its employees, and the more motivated they are, the more they will sell and market its services period. This article will provide you with three proven steps ripped from the direct sales industry that will have your team members fired up and top producing the first week in your spa.

Step #1: One-on-Ones “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” If you remember that one quote, you will be an exceptional day spa manager with a high performing team. One-on-ones are the perfect opportunity to get to know your team players as people first and employees second. Why this is so critical is because if you help to build a better person, you will build a better employee. Understanding what motivates and makes your team players tick is the key that changes everything in motivation.

At least three times per week, pull each member of your team into your office or to the side (The more you do them, the more effective you will become and they can be done anywhere.) Simply ask them how things are going and whether they need any help meeting their goals. The first one-on-one will probably last about 15 minutes, because your team players will wonder why you’re talking to them. One-on-ones done on a consistent basis not only holds them accountable but it shows them you care, by taking the time just getting to know them.

Step #2: Morning Meetings. I’m not talking about boring meetings where someone with a monotone voice babbles on about nothing. These meetings should be both inspirational and educational. Once you know your team players inside and out, you will begin to feel the pulse of what your team needs and you’ll be able to give them the tools to overcome obstacles.

To make these meetings more engaging, try telling an inspirational story that relates directly to the point you’re trying to drive home and then cover any team goals. These meetings should last no more than 15 minutes. After one week, you’ll wonder how your business survived without these meetings.

The best way to explain the effectiveness of a morning meeting is to compare it to football. Imagine you’re suited up for the Super Bowl and everything is in place, the team has practiced hard, new plays have been mastered and everyone is fired up. Now imagine the coach (owner/manager of spa) comes in, greets everyone, goes into his office and the game starts. With no team meeting, no motivation and no plan of action, what chance do you think they have in winning?

Step #3: Group Outings. Bowling, comedy club and trips to the park with your team every quarter will solidify your winning team. The closer the team, the more productive they will be.

If you look at your day spa from the right perspective, you will realize you’re building no more or less than a Super Bowl, World Series or Olympic-quality team. The more you can create team leaders and excitement about being part of something other than just a “job” you will find your business skyrocket and most importantly you will have created an awesome work environment.

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