Make Sure That You Are In Line for Profit in 2020

Membership payment

(Editors' Note: This sponsored article by Twin Oaks is part of Club Industry's report, "Fitness Trends: Spotlight on 2020.")

It’s now 2020, and you want to make sure you are doing what you can to get the most out of 2020 trends that offer revenue-generating possibilities. So take a minute to validate that these top 10 revenue-generating procedures are in place and up to date at your facility.  

1.Online joining and member portal

Increase operational efficiencies and allow prospects to enroll online, which will increase members by 10 to 15 percent. Look for software that is safe, secure and able to be integrated with your website and club management program. Generate income with online purchasing of gift certificates, training, guest or day passes, and trial visits.  

2. Small group training and recurring billing for personal training packages

Make exercise convenient, whether it be offering small group training or shorter classes that allow more experienced or more motivated members to access expertise and structure that helps retention.

3. Returns management

Streamline collecting dues that decline or return, a service that should be provided at no charge unless funds are collected. Allow members to pay delinquent dues online, clear up their account and update billing information, all integrated with the club software.  

4. Annual fee

It’s practically standard now to charge an annual fee that helps to offset repairs, equipment upgrades and cleaning, as well as to generate funding to invest in programming. Charge the annual fee 90 days after the member’s initial join and then each year subsequently. The fee also could be marketed as a rate guarantee fee to lock in a member’s current monthly fee.

5. Corporate programming for neighboring businesses

Offering personal training or group classes to companies in the area is a great way to market the facility. You can extend this to local churches, social groups and even golf leagues.

6. Communicate via email or texting

For members, prospects and former users, a strong mail merge component will allow for follow up, joining offers or notifications. It’s important to provide subtle reminders. Consider marketing a bring-a-buddy referral program.

7. Get automated

Make sure your club management software allows the options to auto-generate key performance reports right to your inbox, daily point-of-sale posting, month-end closing, reminders and birthday email notifications. It should also do billing returns automatically, updating member records combined with a robust credit card account updater program to capture the latest card billing information. Be sure to work with a certified ISO merchant provider for the best, most competitive, interchange plus credit card processing rates.

8. Go green

Have all forms and paperwork electronic and easily accessible from the member’s record within the club software database. Make in-house sign-ups easy and doable from any type of device. Remove the clutter of storing paper and reduce time searching for past documentation.

9. Rate adjustment

Implement a rate adjustment if applicable. Have fees or costs to run the business changed? Is a rate increase due, or is it better to market no rate increase is needed because an increase in new members has offset cancelled members? If additional costs have been incurred due to an increase in the minimum wage, other payroll lines, expenses, insurance or utilities, etc., it could be time to increase by $1-5 per month or consider making this only applicable to new members and grandfathering in existing members.

10. Club management software provider consultation

Your provider should be able to help analyze data, better understand reports and maximize the details of provided information. Software is a tool meant to be used and taken advantage of for improving business performance. Utilize as many aspects of it as possible.


Carole Oat is the national sales manager for Twin Oaks Software and a former large club owner/operator for 15 years. Twin Oaks has been serving the industry since 1991 and provides club management software and billing services to numerous facilities throughout the United States, Canada and some beyond. Oat can be reached at [email protected] All agreements with Twin Oaks are month to month, never locked in. This keeps the pressure on to maintain client happiness and satisfaction.

This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.