Miami Is America's Healthiest City, According to the 2020 MINDBODY Wellness Index

Healthiest cities

When one considers America's healthiest cities, which locations first come to mind? San Francisco? Denver? Minneapolis?

What about Miami?

Although the aforementioned cities made MINDBODY's new healthiest cities list, none surpassed Miami. This is because MINDBODY's Wellness Index offers a composite measure of consumers' attitudes and behaviors toward the broader wellness concept, MINDBODY said in a media release about the list. The Wellness Index goes beyond strict fitness and assesses a population's relationship with variables such as retail habits, alcohol consumption, community connection, healthy eating, spiritual wellness and body mass index.

"Miami achieved high marks in all the major measures with 80 percent of residents engaged in exercise at least once a week," the release said. "Thirty-one percent of consumers in Miami place a high priority on receiving self-care and salon and spa services, the largest percentage among the cities analyzed. It also ranked as the most rested, with 62 percent saying they get at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Miami also ranks as one of the highest in use of integrative health services such as massage and chiropractic care. Additionally, 61 percent of Miami residents say they feel spiritually fulfilled. Miami also has a thriving business climate for wellness service providers."

The following gallery recaps the list's top 10 cities.

To view MINDBODY's full report, click here.

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Miami Is America's Healthiest City, According to the 2020 MINDBODY Wellness Index

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