2018's Top Fitness Equipment Trends Ranked by Region

Fitness equipment trends

Part of the focus in ClubIntel's report features five of 2018's top exercise equipment trends and, specifically, which countries and regions around the world were the lead adopters of each trend in 2018. This gallery highlights which regions favored treadmills, flexibility equipment (stretching bands), suspension training equipment, traditional functional fitness equipment (medicine balls and stability balls) and non-traditional functional fitness equipment (kettlebells, tires and ropes).

The report data was calcuated per capita. The more operators in a given region who said they purchased and utilized a piece of equipment, the higher the reported percentage was for that respective region (zero percent representing no adoption, 100 percent representing total adoption). This gallery ranks the top three regional adopters for each equipment trend.

This is the fourth year for ClubIntel's annual report, which explores 105 industry trends across four major categories: equipment, facilites, programming and technology. The report is based on the responses of 1,374 club operators from 19,000 facilities across the globe.

Click here for the full ClubIntel report, or view these other Club Industry galleries that highlight the report's findings on programming trends and technology trends.


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