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Find Your Future in the Wellness Works Series at the 2015 Club Industry Show

These sessions at the 2015 Club Industry Show will help those already in the medical wellness market as well as those looking to get into it by providing practical, hands-on applications for commercial club operators, nonprofits and hospital/medical organizations.&nbsp;

This year's Club Industry Show (Oct. 7-9 in Chicago) has a new and exciting wellness track that is tailored both to fitness facility operators who want to get into wellness and to hospitals and medical organizations that want to create their own wellness facilities.  

The five sessions, which run from 9 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. on Oct. 7 at McCormick Place in Chicago, include a faculty of wellness experts who will offer practical solutions to help you better understand the changing health care landscape and the opportunities this creates for those in the business of wellness and prevention.

For fitness facility operators, the sessions will offer practical solutions to how they can:

  • Enhance three major areas of member-centered service
  • Increase member engagement
  • Develop preventive integration recognized within today’s healthcare and medical communities  

For medical organizations, the sessions will:

  • Share how to provide value to the sponsoring health care organization and produce meaningful health outcomes.
  • Show you how to acquire information on how best to operate your own wellness facilities. 

The five sessions are:

  1. The Challenges and Opportunities in Becoming a Part of the Healthcare Continuum
  2. Healthcare Planning and Strategies for Success Today
  3. Healthcare Integration and Programming to Get Started
  4. Reaching Beyond the Walls, the New Paradigm
  5. Health Service Delivery, Identifying and Dealing with Populations at Risk

Ken GermanoKen Germano, president of Health Innovations, developed the series of sessions for Club Industry.  He will be the moderator of each panel session. 


The faculty for these sessions are:


Doug Ribley,
senior vice president,
Health & Wellness Services,
Akron General Health & Wellness Center



Michael Benton,




Jason Conviser, Ph.D.,
exercise physiologist,




Dr. Vaishali N. GeibDr. Vaishali N. Geib,
Shenandoah Independent Practice Association,
founding partner,
Internal Medicine Consultants


Wesley KingWesley King,
aquatics director,
Galter LifeCenter,
Swedish Covenant Hospital




Clark Lagemann,
MedPro Wellness




Brett Maloley
CEO and co-founder




Stephanie Marango,
holistic physician and educator,
Sacred Body Institute




Dianne McCaughey, Ph.D.,
Fitness Specialists




Dan Ritchie, Ph.D.,
Miracles Fitness




Jeff Skeen,
Fitness Connection




Phil Tummarello
​president and CEO
Advanta Health Solutions




Michael Wolf, Ph.D.,
Optimal Corporate Wellness




Sheldon Zinberg,
chairman and president,
Nifty after Fifty




You are invited to attend these sessions at the Club Industry Show on Oct. 7 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Register for the show and the wellness sessions by going here. One-day conference session tickets are available. 

This series is sponsored by H2 Fit, Jonas Fitness, Keiser and Life Fitness.

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