2001 IHRSA/AB SHOW New Product Review


THe 2001 IHRSA/Athletic Business trade show takes place Dec. 5-8 in Orlando, Fla. Don't miss out on the opportunity to try out and examine the following new products and services on display in the exhibit hall.

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ASF International offers products and services that integrate with the technological advances of today. Increase your revenues through professional billing and collection work, implement the latest technology and develop a professional marketing campaign — all with the services from one company. ASF International provides billing and processing services, ClubPRO 3000TM Interactive Management Software, tailored marketing programs, Internet account access, an online member payment site and more. Put the power of experience and innovation to work for you.
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Rubberflex Speckled “S” Flooring, made from recycled rubber, was created to provide an economical, yet superior, rubber flooring alternative to existing fleck or chip-colored floor tiles. According to the manufacturer, Rubberflex Speckled “S” is specially engineered to provide the cushioned resilience lacking in most vulcanized raised and stuffed rubber floors. The durability, safety, comfort and slip resistance of Rubberflex “S” make it ideal for health clubs, wet areas, ramps, foyers, swimming pool walkways and many other applications. Rubberflex requires minimal maintenance and can be installed loose-lay or permanently.
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Exerflex has been supplying the fitness industry with quality sports surfacing for more than 20 years. Exerflex offers flooring that is appropriate not only for group exercise, but also for cardiovascular and weight rooms, martial arts, basketball and multipurpose areas, and wet areas. Exerflex's aerobic flooring, however, is designed specifically for group exercise. It is not a modified basketball or racquetball floor — it is designed for the utmost in safety and performance for the aerobic athlete. Exerflex flooring meets or exceeds all of the DIN standards for aerobic exercise flooring, notes the manufacturer.
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BOOTH: 844

The Futrex 5000 Body Composition Analyzer provides quick, accurate, non-invasive body composition evaluations. According to Futrex, the company manufactures the industry's only portable analyzers that measure body fat using Near-Infrared Light. All Futrex professional models provide a fast printout that contains body fat percentage, BMI, lean body mass, fat body mass and hydration level. In-depth, full-color analysis reports can be generated using a printer that connects directly to the Futrex 5000.
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BOOTH: 801

New to Hammer Strength's Iso-Lateral Plate-Loaded line is the Kneeling Leg Curl. This machine provides users of various sizes better alignment with the axis of rotation and better isolates the hamstring muscle during exercise. Its ergonomic design reduces back strain, and the pads swivel to support the knee while exercising the opposite leg. Handles are provided for stabilization during exercise.
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Magnum's Breaker Benches look like any other Olympic bench with uprights angled back. The difference is they are hinged on pillow block bearings. The lifter gets into a normal lifting position, reaches up and grips the bar. At this point the lifter can break the bar as he always has or he can have the Breaker Bench assist him by slowly pulling the bar forward rather than lifting it off the uprights. The bar will move into its position of power, eliminating the external rotation of the shoulders. Now the user can lift the bar straight up. The uprights fall back into their normal position, out of the lifter's path. After completing the exercise set, the bar is re-racked as usual.
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Nautilus' four-stack multi-station offers 11 different exercises. It features a space-saving footprint, and the biomechanically superior movements reportedly found in Nautilus equipment. Specific exercises include: leg press, abdominal crunch, leg extension, prone leg curl, incline chest, chest press, shoulder press, compound row, pec fly and rear delt. Nautilus also offers 2ST selectorized machines, which are designed to duplicate the function of the human body, and the Nitro line, streamlined selectorized machines with a smaller footprint.
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The Precor C950 series low-impact treadmills were designed with advanced programs and features that help reduce injuries generally associated with running and walking. Both the C954 and C956 treadmills include Precor's exclusive Ground Effects impact-control system, which helps absorb shock while walking and running. Other features include a touch-sensitive console, the QuickStart button, and a proprietary bed and belt system that can be flipped to double its life-span. Precor also offers ellipticals, upright and recumbent bikes, and stairclimbers, as well as its C240 StretchTrainer.
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BOOTH: 661

StageStep offers a revolutionary concept that reportedly makes life a whole lot less complicated — Total Solutions. From the entranceway to weight room, aerobic room, lobby, spa, running track, locker room, pool, basketball, multipurpose area and café, StageStep can provide materials, quotes, technical support, installation and maintenance products.
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Star Trac will be showing the products that debuted at Club Industry 2001. The brand new Star Trac treadmill unveiled as the show opened. In addition, the new Pro Elliptical PLUS total-body elliptical trainer was shown, as well as the revolutionary new strength-training machine, the Star Trac Thruster (pictured).
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The Tanita TBF-300A Goal Setter Body Composition Analyzer/Scale is a high-capacity (440 pounds maximum), powerful tool for professional use. This all-in-one tool makes it easy to help your members track fat loss. You simply enter a target body fat percentage. The Goal Setter feature tells you how much fat mass must be gained or lost to meet the target — in an instant! Printouts provide you with in-depth information for added value. It only weighs 24 pounds and is also very portable.
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Booth numbers current as of Nov. 2.

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