Handing out additional guests passes and hosting special winter and spring weightloss challenges are two ways to engage new club members following the New Year39s rush Photo courtesy ASF Payment Solutions
A quality member service experience can be the differentiator for folks choosing to stay with your club longterm Conversely a poor experience could send the same people to your competitors or cause them to give up their membership entirely Photo by Thinkstock
Because members and guests in a health club can suddenly experience cardiac arrest while exercising AEDs are vitally important for health clubs to include in their safety programs Photo by Thinkstock
Boutique studio growth is largely driven by Millennials who make up 32 to 48 percent of boutique members in the United States Understanding how to appeal to this demographic is one of the keys to offering a genuine boutique experience Photo courtesy Precor
Joining a group fitness class can be daunting for new and existing members If member retention is important to you remember that motivating your group exercise team is the key to inspiring members Photo courtesy Les Mills
A Nielsen study of more than 3000 participants of group fitness classes around the world highlighted that more than 85 percent of class members visit their facility twice a week specifically to engage in group classes Photo courtesy Les Mills
Your club management software can and should be a remarkable usable tool to provide key information assuming it has the capabilities to manage track and report on all accounts receivable Photo by Thinkstock
Your overall club value can be positioned in a way that goes beyond the gym membership cost while still competing with other gyms Photo by Shutterstock
When it comes to marketing mobile is a different game with its own set of rules No matter which platforms your customers are using bolstering engagement is imperative Photo by Thinkstock
To truly use social media to its full potential business operators must invest time and effort into understanding how to market on different platforms Photo by Thinkstock