Technology’s Role in the Future of the Fitness Industry

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Technology is propelling the fitness industry into its next incarnation. Not only are people joining health clubs online, but they also are booking classes online, tracking their workouts with wearables, using fitness-branded mobile apps, participating in on-demand workouts from home and at clubs, doing virtual workouts and “talking” to chatbots as the use of artificial intelligence expands. Club Industry’s latest special report, “Technology’s Role in the Future of the Fitness Industry,” will help educate you about how technology is changing the fitness industry, allowing you to empower your communities to live a healthy and active life. 

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The challenging times the industry continues to face in 2021 requires flexibility, adaptability, automation and engagement. 

Whether you are supporting your members in achieving their goals in-person or virtually, your health club must stick to the core job to be done.

Club Industry’s annual trends report, “Fitness Industry Trends to Watch in 2021,” is now available for free download.