Club Industry's 2020 Report on Trends

Club Industry's Report on Fitness Trends: Spotlight on 2020

Keeping an eye on the trends affecting an industry is a top priority for most business owners, which is why Club Industry has put together this new report on the trends to watch in 2020.

Trends are always evolving, so smart fitness business operators keep abreast of trends and their effects on the industry. Club Industry has put together its latest report to share what 30 of today's industry leaders think are the trends you need to watch in 2020, how they are affecting the industry and what you can do to respond to them. 

Download the free report by filling out the form below. 

This report is sponsored by ABC Financial, Aktiv, Broadcastvision Entertainment, CieloIT, Eleiko, Precor, Twin Oaks and Wattbike. 

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