Redefining Health


With the holidays behind us, we're turning our attention to the February issue and the challenges of the coming year. In interviewing people for an article on wellness for the next issue, I'm struck by how important this topic is for many Americans, especially considering the state of the economy. As one woman I spoke to pointed out, fitness and wellness may be things people give up first when they're strapped for cash or time, though really, that's when we need them the most. Who couldn't use some help with stress reduction?

Coming from a natural health background myself (it was my beat at Mother Earth News magazine when I worked there), I've been resonating with the way these sources are defining wellness as a body, mind and spirit connection. A more holistic, preventative approach may be what we need to redefine the true meaning of health. If we don't address issues with the mind and spirit, as well as the body, it's like treating pain without addressing the cause. But if we examine the emotional and spiritual factors contributing to ill health, perhaps we'll have more success managing the physical aspects of fitness. What types of wellness programming are you considering for the year ahead at your clubs?

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