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Son Dies, Father Wounded in Shooting Incident in Fitness Club Parking Lot

A man died and his father was wounded in the parking lot of a New York state fitness club as part of what was believed to have been a road rage incident.

A man is charged with second-degree murder after one man died and his father was wounded in the parking lot of a New York state fitness club. The shooting stemmed from what is believed to be a road rage incident.

The shooting incident took place shortly before 1:30 p.m. Monday outside Peak Fitness in Bainbridge, NY, according to multiple local media reports. John Guzy, the alleged shooter, was charged, arraigned and sent to Chenango County (NY) Jail on Monday, the Oneonta (NY) Daily Star reported.

After the shooting, victim Derek D. Prindle, 26, was taken to a local hospital, where he later died. His father, Derek S. Prindle, 60, was treated for a gunshot wound. An investigation continues.

Peak Fitness employee Sarah Arias went to the scene of the incident after a member told her there was a person on the ground in the parking lot. Arias said two members performed CPR on the younger Prindle. From the Daily Star:

"There was a young man on the ground," Arias said. "He had been shot twice, once in the stomach and once in the chest, and the older man was saying 'Son, stay with me, stay with me.' I asked him what happened and he said: 'It was road rage. Look, he shot me, too.' I could see that he had been shot once in the side."

Arias added the father wrote the license plate number of the alleged shooter's car in the dust on the back windshield of his car. Guzy reportedly drove three miles after the incident before turning himself in to police.

Peak Fitness manager Aric McKown arrived at the club later on Monday.

"These things just don't happen here," McKown told the newspaper. "Never. For something like road rage to be the cause, it's crazy."

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