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Provide Opportunities for Your Health Club Staff to Go Above and Beyond Call of Duty

Provide Opportunities for Your Health Club Staff to Go Above and Beyond Call of Duty

Doing more than that for which you are paid will always pay off. If you want to get ahead in any field of endeavor, you can bet that doing your assigned job well and then doing more than you are asked to do will get you noticed in any organization. It also will likely lead to career growth and recognition from members, customers or clients who may offer you another opportunity.

This way of thinking is something you need to ensure your staff believes in. From the front desk staff to the maintenance crew, your employees have countless opportunities to go above and beyond in the club environment.

For example, your front desk staff’s primary duties are to stand behind the desk and check in members and guests, answer questions, answer the phones and handle other assorted clerical tasks. The overachiever in this role also will learn members’ names and learn about their lives so that they can carry on a genuinely friendly exchange with members upon arrival. The members will prefer coming to the club when this person is working.

This person may also be the one who keeps the work area behind and surrounding the front desk tidy whenever they work, which will be noticeable to members, management and teammates who enter this space. Finally, this peak performer may arrive a little early and stay a little later to help others on the staff who need assistance.

By doing all these things, these types of employees are the ones that you as a manager or owner will think of when you are searching for someone dependable to promote or take on an important assignment— and their fellow staff members will support this promotion or assignment because of their reputation.

The maintenance or janitorial crew in your clubs have assigned duties that include making minor repairs, fixing things and cleaning. What if your crew members suddenly started proactively performing preventive maintenance on all equipment and keeping an accurate log of what they do? Suppose they started coming in on their days off to do thorough cleaning and organizing of your maintenance storage areas, leaving everything clearly and professionally labeled?


Perhaps these employees work extra hard to get to know each of the department managers and supervisors and let them know to always call them when they need assistance. If the maintenance crew always follows through when called upon, the department heads likely will recommend those staffers when the next promotion becomes available.

Your staff members who work in the fitness, golf, tennis or group exercise departments often base their work on what produces the greatest amount of hourly compensation or commissions. However, one of these people could be a standout who not only builds his or her clientele through great instruction and personalized service but also is available to others on the staff who need help, such as free instructional tips that would help them personally.

Staffers who go above and beyond in this area also are likely to assist members regularly who may not choose or have the means to pay for ongoing private instruction. Or they may regularly go out of their way to help recruit new members or retain existing members. Again, these are the types of employees that you as a manager or owner will be thinking of first when promotions, bonuses, compensation increases or other forms of rewards are considered.

You should teach your staff that if they consistently perform their assigned duties well and regularly do a little or a lot more, it will get them noticed and rewarded. They also need to know that if they chose to just do what is in their job description and nothing more, they may not get fired, but they will never be viewed as a leader for future promotion.

As a person in a management position, you must first model this behavior. Then, share this behavior with your direct reports and review it with your staff to ensure they understand the message. If you are not already doing your assigned tasks consistently well and going above and beyond your job responsibilities, you may as well forget about your staff doing the same.


Herb Lipsman is chief operating officer of Houston Oaks Country Club & Family Sports Retreat in Hockley, TX. He also has been a consultant in the industry, specializing in design, development and operation of upscale facilities.

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