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The new Function C3 from SciFit provides three compound multi-plane resistance movements commonly found in rehabilitation, exercise and sports training: terminal knee extension, compound core flexion and compound trunk extension. The slow, controlled movements provide a better quality of work at a lower level of resistance, making it ideal for knee, hip and back patients, pre-surgery and post-surgery patients and for prevention of injury in athletes. Other features of the Function C3 include a solid steel platform, LifelineUSA resistance tubes, hip and knee belts that can be adjusted for the user’s height, and the trademarked Bio-Flex foot bed system, which can be removed to provide a flat surface. The product is available with CSMI Medical Solutions’ HUMAC360, a visual device that measures velocity and distance of the patients’ movements, and the clinically accurate HUMAC Balance System for patients working on balance and fall prevention. Both systems’ feedback is captured on the optional touchscreen computer.

Eldorado Climbing Walls’ hand-sculpted SHOTRock system can mimic the look of any rock found in nature, including granite, sandstone, basalt and limestone. The structure can be created entirely out of these natural-looking holds or can be mixed with traditional climbing wall holds. The SHOTRock system can be used in both indoor and outdoor wet/dry applications, making it ideal for poolside installation. These structures also can include a variety of features, such as waterfalls, slides and lighting, to enhance their appearance and functionality.

BodyMedia’s new Core Armband uses four sensors to capture more than 5,000 data points per minute, tracking a wide range of user information, including calories burned, steps taken, level of activity and sleep. The functionality is delivered in a more lightweight product than previous BodyMedia armbands, and the Core also is ultra-efficient, keeping its charge for up to six days. Users can transfer their workout data to BodyMedia’s online Activity Manager (which also will receive an update in 2011), where they can set activity goals, keep a food log, and store other details for their own information or to share with a personal trainer. The updated Activity Manager also will introduce the new BodyMedia FITcoach function that provides personalized feedback based on the individual’s sensor data and goals.

Octane Fitness has launched its Embedded Touch Screen on four of the company’s commercial products: the Pro4700 and Pro3700 standing cross trainers, and the xR6000 and xR5000 xRide seated
ellipticals. The 15.6-inch LCD widescreen is equipped with the Intel Atom processor and offers live TV capability and iPhone, iPod and ANT+ compatibility. The screen also is powered by Netpulse to offer users a library of thousands of on-demand TV shows and music videos, movie trailers, news and sports content, and Virtual Active content, and it comes pre-loaded with Octane’s signature workouts and booster programs. Users can enjoy the entertainment while keeping an eye on their workout stats through its split-screen function.

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