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Retro Fitness currently has more than 145 locations operating in 16 states Photo courtesy Retro Fitness
<p>Retro Fitness currently has more than 145 locations operating in 16 states. (Photo courtesy Retro Fitness.)</p>

New Retro Fitness Training Program Targets Boutique Consumers

Retro Fitness announced plans to roll out its&nbsp;New Exercise Order training program in 2017 as the company continues to grow&nbsp;in new and emerging markets.

Retro Fitness, Colts Neck, New Jersey, announced Tuesday that it plans to roll out its New Exercise Order (NEO) training program across its network in 2017.

NEO is pitched as a "multi-level personal training program" that provides solutions to members with varying fitness levels and desired price points. The training tiers consist of team conditioning, small group strength training and one-on-one training. MyZone technology is used to display member workout metrics on TVs inside the gym.

“We noticed that many of our members have dual memberships,” Mike Urti, vice president of personal training, Retro Fitness, said in a statement. “They would join our clubs for $19.99 a month, yet go to a boutique studio down the street for $150 a month. We thought to ourselves: Why can’t we keep them inside our facilities? NEO is the solution – it offers our members a far more effective fitness regimen at a more affordable price.”

Retro Fitness has more than 145 locations operating in 16 states. The company is entering the second half of 2016 with nearly 20 franchise agreements signed for new or emerging market development, and six new gyms in operation. The franchise expects to open up to 25 locations by the end of the year and is on pace to have a 250-gym footprint in the next two years, according to a media release.

Retro Fitness CEO and founder Eric Casaburi. (Photo by Retro Fitness.)

Retro Fitness plans to operate in markets that include Florida, Illinois, California, Maryland, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington, DC. The company anticipates growth beyond 700 locations by 2020.

“We expect to see exponential growth in the next few years" Eric Casaburi, CEO and founder, Retro Fitness, said in a statement. “A key factor to our success is that Retro Fitness is constantly evolving and embracing change. Our $19.99 a month membership rate made us rock stars overnight, but we’ve realized that consumers want quality training and support, versus unguided gym access at a low cost. That’s why we’ve created results-driven programs like the New Exercise Order that encourage members to come to our facility for that reason, not just the low price point.”

Retro Fitness gyms are between 15,000 square feet and 18,000 square feet, and feature between 60 and 100 pieces of exercise equipment. Other amenities include a smoothie bar, child care, pro shop and tanning. Retro Fitness ranked No. 67 on Club Industry's Top 100 Health Clubs of 2015 with 2014 revenue of $11.65 million.

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