Millennium Partners Unveils Smaller Jewel Box Club Concept

Millennium Partners Unveils Smaller Jewel Box Club Concept

Millennium Partners Sports Club Management is creating a smaller version of its larger, upscale The Sports Club/LA facilities that will feature similar luxurious amenities.

The Boston-based company is calling this concept "jewel box," although the clubs will still be named The Sports Club/LA.

"We started looking at different terms [that] really represent a smaller-sized club, and the name kind of evolved from there," says Travis Murray, general manager of the first jewel box club in Chestnut Hill, MA, which is scheduled to open by January 2013. "It’s a groundbreaking concept for our company. I think it’s going to be really important to our future."

Millennium Partners operates six large clubs in Boston, New York, Miami, San Francisco and Washington, DC. The Boston club is about 115,000 square feet whereas the Chestnut Hill jewel box club about eight miles away will be 33,000 square feet, Murray says.

“We’re really looking to attract members who live in the area who care about making fitness a part of their lives in order to achieve a healthier life and achieve their goals,” says Murray, who previously served as an assistant general manager at the company’s club in Washington. “I think Chestnut Hill is, from the people I’ve talked to, very excited about us joining the community.”

Murrays says that compared to competitors who are creating separate brands for their smaller clubs, Millennium Partners plans to develop a hub-and-spoke system in which the jewel box clubs would serve as the spokes to the larger hub clubs. In addition to the Chestnut Hill club, the company is developing another jewel box club in Burlingame, CA, a San Francisco suburb.

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