Man in Custody for Recording Images in Life Time Locker Room

ALPHARETTA, GA -- A man has been arrested for recording men and boys in the locker room of a Life Time Fitness club.

Matthew Andrzejak of Alpharetta, GA, was arrested Jan. 23 as part of an ongoing investigation into child molestation and surveillance, according to local media reports. An Alpharetta police spokesman said that Andrzejak made the recordings through the use of a camera mounted inside a pen.

A Life Time member found a flash drive on the floor of the locker room in the Alpharetta club. Inappropriate images were discovered on the flash drive and turned over to police, who later went through hours of the club’s security footage in hopes of targeting Andrzejak, according to reports. The images on the flash drive were taken over a three-week period from mid-December to mid-January.

The pen-camera was clipped to Andrzejak’s gym bag, which was left on the floor of the locker room. The camera recorded for hours at a time.

Police received a search warrant for Andrzejak’s home and found numerous images and video of child molestation on his computer, although none of the images were those taken from the Life Time locker room, police say. Andrzejak was arrested on his return home. He was in jail this week on 22 charges related to unlawful eavesdropping and child molestation.

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