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Judge Allows Lawsuit Against SoulCycle to Continue

On Tuesday, a Manhattan Supreme Court judge ruled that a lawsuit against SoulCycle, New York, could proceed.

On Tuesday, a Manhattan Supreme Court judge ruled that a lawsuit against SoulCycle, New York, could proceed.

SoulCycle had filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Douglas Wigdor, who claims that the indoor cycling chain, owned by Equinox, had pulled his membership after he represented a SoulCycle instructor in a wage and hour case against the company. Wigdor is a partner with Wigdor LLP, New York. After the case was resolved, Wigdor says a SoulCycle employee called him and told him he was banned from working out at the club.

"I couldn't let an establishment that I sued on behalf of a client kick me out, as it would likely have a chilling effect on people asserting their rights and lawyers representing them," Wigdor told Club Industry. "It's important to take a stand on things that you believe strongly in, and we will continue to fight until we have a court order permitting me to attend SoulCycle classes."

He says he is not the first to be banned from SoulCycle, alleging the chain has banned SoulCycle instructors who have worked at competing facilities.

"Obviously, if someone does something inappropriate, he or she should be asked to leave, but you cannot kick out a lawyer for representing a client," he says.

Widor and SoulCycle have an initial conference in June, but no trial date has been set yet, he says. He doesn't expect the case to take long to wrap up since there are few factual issues.

"We are pleased with the court's decision as it permits us to move forward and hold SoulCycle accountable for barring me in bad faith," Wigdor says.

Judy Taylor, vice president of corporate communications for Equinox, declined to comment on the case. 

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