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Global Gym Members File Complaints with Attorney General after Gym Closes for Repairs

A dozen members of Global Gym have filed complaints with the Rhode Island Attorney General's Office because they were charged for dues for the month of March despite the gym being closed the entire month due to a February fire. 

Global Gym in Warwick, RI, was closed all through March after a fire damaged the club on Feb. 21, but some members say they were still billed for use of the club in March. A dozen members have filed complaints with the Rhode Island Attorney General's Office related to the billing by the club, according to Amy Kempe, public information officer for the Attorney General's Office in Providence, RI. The club remains closed for repairs.

After receiving the complaints, the office contacted Anthony Moretti, the owner of Global Gym, and he assured the office that he will respond to the customers who have filed complaints or contacted him directly seeking refunds or the return of items left at the gym, Kempe says. Several of the consumers who initially filed complaints have already been refunded monies owed by Moretti, but the office is monitoring the situation closely, she says.

According to a story on, Moretti has refunded $30,000 to consumers, and once the gym re-opens in six to eight weeks, he will refund the other members. However, last week, a sign on Global Gym's door stated that the building had been seized because Moretti owed $50,000 in back rent. The sign has since been removed, and a March 13 post on the gym's Facebook page states:

"The eviction sign that was in the window has been removed. Lease negotiations are going very well and we are still moving forward with plans to reopen. This week we will be able to post some more information."

The Global Gym location had been a Gold's Gym until Moretti purchased it in March 2014 from David Walker. Walker unexpectedly closed his other Gold's Gym location in Providence in April 2014, which led to a lawsuit by the Rhode Island Attorney General's Office against Walker and his company, Gable Fitness, for allegedly continuing to sell memberships despite the impending closing. The office alleges Walker and his company violated the Rhode Island Health Club Act and Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

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