Fitness Formula Clubs Faces Lawsuit

CHICAGO -- Fitness Formula Clubs (FFC) owner Gale Landers says his company will defend a recent lawsuit brought by two of its members.

Thomas and Kathy Wendorf filed the suit this week in federal district court, according to the Pioneer Press of Oak Park, IL. The Wendorfs allege they received a one-time $60 charge to their FFC account in January in addition to their monthly fee. They also allege there was no contract established allowing for increased amounts that members paid to the club, the newspaper reports.

FFC notified members about the fee in a letter in December. The Wendorfs say they objected to the payment but were not allowed to end their contract with FFC on less than 60 days notice.

Landers would not comment on specifics of the case because it is in litigation.

“Fitness Formula Clubs has been in business 26 years. We’ve been good corporate and community citizens at all of our locations,” Landers says. “The quality of our operations speak for themselves, as well as our commitment to the entire industry and the advancement of the industry at large. We pride ourselves on treating our members fairly.

“We don’t believe there was any wrongdoing,” Landers added, “and at the end of the day, we believe we will be vindicated.”

The Wendorfs are seeking damages under the Electronic Funds Transfer Act, which would equal 1 percent of a defender’s net worth or $500,000, whichever is less, the newspaper reported. The suit’s first hearing is scheduled for March 25 in U.S. District Court in Chicago.

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