Equinox Employees Thwart Suspected Locker Room Prowler

The suspect in the case tried to gain access to the women's locker room through the ceiling.

Two employees at the Equinox club in Glendale, California, came to the rescue of a female employee during a recent alleged prowler incident.

The two male employees detained the alleged prowler, Manuel Martinez, who tried to gain access to the women's locker room by crawling through the ceiling at around 2:30 p.m. on Aug. 9.

The employees were not named in the Glendale Police report. A manager at the Glendale Equinox club declined Club Industry's request to comment on the incident Thursday and forwarded all press inquiries to the Equinox corporate office. A request to Equinox corporate office seeking comment was declined.

Manuel Martinez. (Photo courtesy Glendale Police Department.)

Martinez was charged Tuesday by the Los Angeles District Attorney's office, and he faces one count of misdemeanor trespassing and one count of misdemeanor prowling.

According to the investigation

Martinez, 27, entered the club and removed a ceiling tile to climb into the ceiling, according to the investigator's report. He made his way across the structure to the women's locker room that contained a restroom and showers.

A female employee cleaning the restroom heard noises in the ceiling. She observed Martinez removing the ventilation tile and entering the restroom.

The female employee screamed and was chased by Martinez. The two male employees heard the screaming and detained Martinez until officers arrived.

Martinez, who was not a member at the gym, was placed under arrest and booked for burglary, unlawful peeking and a misdemeanor warrant.

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