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The BalanceLog® software by HealtheTech is a robust program used to track daily food, exercise and nutrition. The software combines an individual's RMR (resting metabolic rate) with lifestyle, occupation and weight management goals to determine an accurate calorie budget to ensure weight management success. Working on a desktop as well as PDA and/or internet, BalanceLog boasts a database of more than 4,000 foods and 300 exercises, making self-monitoring fast and convenient. Contact: HealtheTech, 523 Park Point Drive, 3rd Floor, Golden, CO 80401; phone: 303-526-5085;
Circle No. 150 or visit


The Wellness System is a workout management and tracking software integrated with equipment with more than 1.5 million users worldwide. It focuses on retention support, exercise guidance and adherence. It enables instructors to track user's progress/attendance and to proactively address customer needs thus providing effective retention support. Every customer has his or her own TGS Key that contains the user's program, which automatically starts the equipment and tracks exercises. Exercise can be based on traditional fitness equipment, functional sports and lifestyle activities. The web module Training Room allows the users to interact with their training information when outside the club. Contact: Mywellness; phone: 206-621-8564;
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Exercise Expert creates exercise handouts for strength, fitness, and post-rehabilitation training, complete with illustrations and instructions.

Fitness Maker assessment software contains health risk screens, fitness tests, monitors goals, prints graphs, fitness summaries and more.

Nutrition Maker software establishes calorie baselines, prints meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, informational handouts, contains an extensive food library and calorie to activity calculators. Contact: BioEx Systems Inc., P.O. box 926; Smithville, TX 78957; phone: 800-750-2756; [email protected];
Circle No. 152 or visit


Fit-Key is an exercise documentation and communication technology that stores workout programs and records results. This interactive system lets the user set the time and function of the machine, as well as track workout results and progress. Workout programs are stored on the key so the member doesn't have to remember how to set up each machine. When the key is inserted into a machine it is automatically set for time, program and resistance level. Results of each workout are recorded on the key. At the end of the workout, when the key is downloaded, reports can be printed or e-mailed. There are six pre-programmed workouts, which may be customized or modified. The Fit-Key system is easy to set up and use, and a Fit-Key receptacle is embedded into each piece of SCIFIT equipment. The system makes workouts enjoyable and rewarding for the member and profitable for the club. Contact: SCIFIT, 5151 S. 110th E. Ave., Tulsa, OK 74146; phone: 800-278-3933;
Circle No. 153 or visit


As Americans become more fitness-conscious, Streaming Colors' Fitness Improvement Calendar records the positive steps you've taken to improve your health and fitness, from drinking more water each day, to exercising and eating better. The calendar acts as a motivational tool, encouraging you to do even more for your health. Contact: Luhrs Media Co., P.O. Box 2129, Stillwater, MN 55082; phone: 651-276-4050; [email protected];
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