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Product Technology & Innovation

Foot Scrub

Rosemary mint foot scrub is made with turbinado sugar, sucanet sugar, peppermint, spearmint and rosemary, and is used to soften callous and dry skin. Jojoba and glycerin are used in the scrub as gentle cleansers and moisturizers. The scrub is available in a 5.6-oz. tub for $28 retail at specialty beauty stores, spas and on Essencia's Web site. Contact: Essencia, 10745 Ty Dr., Shreveport, Louisiana 71106; phone: 318-797-1075;

Skin Care

Borage Dry Skin Therapy Foot Cream is used as a treatment for extreme dry skin conditions. The oil treatment is rich in gama-linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid used by the skin to prevent water loss. The foot cream is available in a 4.2-oz. container at natural food stores, select pharmacies and chain stores. Contact: SHIKAI Products, PO Box 2866, Santa Rosa, CA 95405; phone: 707-544-0298; fax: 707-544-0266; email:;

Yoga and Pilates Equipment

Yoga Paws are small mitts that fit over your palms and balls of your feet. Made from non-slip material similar to that of a yoga mat, they are used to practice yoga and Pilates anywhere and sell for $29.95. Mitts are available in women's and men's sizes and are for sale through online retailers and at the Yoga-Syz Web site. Contact: Yoga-Syz, PO Box 36, Benson, AZ 85602; phone: 866-964-2790; email:;


TV ArtScapes introduced two new nature image series: FlowerScapes and WaterScapes. The DVDs are virtual getaways designed to transport the viewer to oceans, waterfalls, streams, floral fields and colorful gardens. Each DVD has a selection of music from classical to acoustic guitar. DVDs are priced at $19.95 each at selected stores and spas nationally or online on the TV ArtScapes Web site. Contact: Crystal Eyes Entertainment, Studio City, CA 91614; phone: 310-842-6001;


Cblock Seasonings Starch Calorie Neutralizer is a shake-on supplement that blocks some calories from meals and snacks. Each serving contains 1,000 mg of white kidney bean extract and comes in butter, salt, sweet and unflavored. Seasonings come in 2.25-oz. shaker bottles with 42 servings per container. The supplements have been fortified with added calcium and can be found at fine health food stores. Contact: Absolute Nutrition, 1350 Blue Hills Ave., Bloomfield, CT 06002; phone: 866-243-3535;


This Art Home Fruits & Passion collection of products for the home includes all-purpose, all-surface cleaners; detergent for delicate fabrics; linen water; room and fabric deodorizers; and hair-care products. Instead of smelling like chemical cleaning products, the collection's oil-based fragrances include blue lavendar, tulip, California grapefruit and lavender mint. Contact: Fruits & Passion, 21 Paul Gauguin St., Candiac (Quebec), Canada J5R 3X8; phone: 800-276-9952; email:;


Makoto is a game that combines physical training with sensory integration therapy to improve performance. It can be used by top athletes to improve mental and physical quickness, by seniors to improve mental sharpness and memory, by educators to improve academic performance, and by hospitals to aid rehabilitation. Currently, it is used by teams in the NBA, NFL, MLB and at fitness centers. Contact: Makoto, 5689 South Ouray St., Centennial, CO 80015; phone: 303-766-3971; fax: 303-400-3107; email:;

Core Training

The new Balance Trainer is a 13-inch diameter disk made of pliable, anti-burst PVC that is inflated to a 3-inch platform. It can be used for pushups, sit-ups, Pilates, yoga and other exercises. With a smooth surface side and a nibbed surface side, the Balance Trainer can be used on different floor types and with or without shoes. Retail cost is $20. Contact: Harbinger, 35 Executive Ct., Napa, CA 94558; phone: 800-729-5954; fax: 707-257-5843;


ActiveXL's customized backpacks are like a walking billboard that can be used to strengthen your brand throughout your community and beyond. The backpack can include logo-ed caps, sweat towels, water bottles and CD holders. ActiveXL also offers its own kangaroo logo-ed gym bags and fitness accessories for resale in clubs' retail areas. Contact: Active XL, 1990 Delk Industrial Blvd., Suite 107, Marietta, GA 30067; phone: 866-952-2848;


Er'go Garden and Er'go Library are sister collections that offer the same selection of candle fragrances, but are packaged into two different looks. Neither collection is gender specific, but Garden packaging is more flowery while Library has a more classic, minimalist design. The candles, made of all-natural, vegetable soy wax featuring 100-percent cotton wicks, are hand-poured in cylinder glass jars. Each 7 oz. candle burns for approximately 40 to 50 hours and wholesales for $9. Contact: Er'go, 9200 Carpenter Freeway, Dallas, TX 75247; phone: 214-905-9050; fax: 214-905-9075; email:;

Pool Service Kit

The AquaChek Professional Service Kit is designed to meet the needs of busy pool professionals. The kit includes tests that can check for 16 chemistries including the new FAS-DPD liquid kit, which meets chlorine testing regulatory requirements in most states, and the redesigned AquaTrend Phosphate Test kit in a plastic bottle to protect against moisture. Also included in the kit are AquaChek Silver 7-way, Pro 5-way, nitrate/nitrite, total dissolved solids (TDS), copper, sodium chloride, copper and borate test strips. A waterproof manual and laminated water treatment card are also included. Contact: AquaChek, PO Box 4659, Elkhart, IN 46514-0659; phone: 574-262-2060; email:;

Aquatics Safety

The Aquatic Safety Compendium CD provides factual information to assist attorneys, aquatic directors, property managers, pool builders, risk-prevention professionals and law school faculty in understanding risks based on an objective view of facts. The CD format allows for illustrations, video clips, a search button, navigation bar on each page and a touch access to reference lists. Contact: National Swimming Pool Foundation, 4775 Granby Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80917; phone: 719-540-9119; fax: 719-540-2787;

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