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Product Technology & Innovation


Power Systems Pilates Ring and Pilates Ring Plus integrate Pilates-style exercises into your members' workouts. Use the Pilates Ring for moderate flex resistance to activate and strengthen deep core muscles in the abdominals and back. As stamina and strength increases, advance to the more resistant Pilates Ring Plus. By using the products, the body becomes toned and muscles elongated without creating bulk. The Pilates Ring is made of foam-covered PVC with padded grips. The Pilates Ring Plus is three rings of banded steel with a synthetic rubber coating. It has fixed molded handles with slip resistant padded covers. Contact: Power Systems Inc., 2527 Westcott Blvd., Knoxville, TN 37931; phone: 800-321-6975;

Water Testing

The AquaTrend Phosphate Test Kit features new packaging. Previously packed in a cardboard box, the test kit components are now packaged in a sturdy plastic bottle. The test gives accurate results after 60 seconds and measures phosphate from 0 to 1,000 parts per billion. Contact: AquaChek, P.O. Box 4659, Elkhart, IN 46514-0659; phone: 888-278-2243; e-mail:;


Tommy Emmanuel selected the title of his Favored Nations release, Endless Road as a colorful metaphor about life's twists and turns. The CD of solo acoustic guitar music is well suited for use in spas, in massage therapy and in other relaxing environments. Contact: Favored Nations Entertainment; phone: 877-687-4277; e-mail:;


The Final Makeover: Your 40-Day Guide to Personal Fitness looks at our society's obsession with diet, weight loss and body image. Readers will gain an understanding of topics such as the risks of low-carb diets, liposuction, detoxification and supplements; why America is fatter than ever despite an overload of information, promises and research; simple explanations about how the body works including caloric intake, burning fat and exercise; and understanding service sizes, food labels, eating habits and body measurements. Contact: ESP Fitness, e-mail:;

Wall Bar

The Wall Bar unit is great for the home, studio or gym. Featured in the 2005 Perform Better catalog, it can be used as a stretching aid or as an accessory to many exercises. Fourteen wooden stall bars fit into its steel frame, which easily bolts into most walls. Increasing heights of bars allows for progressive exercise variation. Contact: Perform Better, P.O. Box 8090, Cranston, RI 02920-0090; phone: 800-556-7464;


The Instructor's Choice series has popular hits for both step and floor group exercise. In early 2005, Power Music sent out an online survey to more than 26,000 of its weekly e-mail subscribers. Within seven days, more than 700 instructors logged on to vote for their favorite songs to be included. This online survey allowed participants to preview and vote for their favorite songs from preset lists of 60 songs resulting in the two new CDs. Each CD retails for $19.95. Contact: Power Systems Music, 435 West 400 South, 2nd Floor, Salt Lake City, UT 84101; phone: 801-328-8884; fax: 801-328-8885;


The ZOLL AED Plus and Welch Allyn AED 10 are easy to use whether or not you have a medical background. Both have graphics, text and voice instructions to guide the user through the event. Pads and illustrations ensure proper placement. Contact: ALCO Sales & Service, 6851 High Grove Blvd., Burr Ridge, IL 60527; phone: 800-323-4282; fax: 800-950-1167; e-mail:;

Air Purification

The Chloraguard indoor air purification system removes harmful chloramines and other airborne contaminants commonly found in indoor pool spaces. Chloraguard is a gas-phase air purification module option that's factory-installed inline on the return air of new Dectron DRY-O-Tron dehumidifiers or field retrofittable on any existing pool dehumidifier brand. Chloramines, which are chlorine molecules chemically bonded to ammonia, nitrogen and other compounds, have a history of adversely affecting swimmers' breathing, corroding indoor pool building components and dispersing odors throughout natatoriums and connected spaces. Contact: Dectron Inc., 10935 Crabapple Rd., Suite 202, Roswell, GA 30075; phone: 770-649-0102; fax: 770-649-0243;


The Pilates Springboard is a versatile piece of resistance-training equipment based on the design of master instructor Ellie Herman. Priced at $395, the springboard bolts directly to the wall, freeing floor space and making it suitable for use in homes, studios and fitness facilities. The springboard consists of a 5-foot rectangular wooden board with eyelets placed on either side at 6-inch increments and a dowel at the bottom that provides arm and foot support. It comes equipped with two arm springs, two leg springs and a wooden roll-down bar. The product includes Herman's instructional video. Contact: Balanced Body, 8220 Ferguson Ave., Sacramento, CA 95828; phone: 800-745-2837; e-mail:;


Lifestyle Fitness Coaching contains detailed information on coaching dialogues between the health fitness professional and the client, addressing issues such as the types of questions to ask, how to provide feedback effectively and how to make referrals. The text includes useful information for guiding program development and learning activities that help readers understand the material and relate it to their situations. In addition, an accompanying CD-ROM contains a Matching Activities and Personal Styles (MAPS) Inventory, a validated questionnaire that clients complete to identify their likes and dislikes. The software then generates a report that coaches and clients can use to guide the coaching process. Contact: Human Kinetics; phone: 217-351-5076;

Strength Equipment

Comprised of 23 pieces in all, the SportsArt Fitness Strength collection is a blend of form and function. Each piece aids in proper weightlifting form and technique. In addition, each unit provides integrated incremental weights, magnetic selector pins and fully shrouded weight stacks along with an ergonomic design. Many pieces have gas-assisted seats for convenience, as well as range of movement and range limiter adjustments. Pressing stations also offer split resistance and conversing axis design. Contact: SportsArt America, 19510 144th Ave NE, Suite A-1, Woodinville, WA 98072; phone: 800-709-1400; e-mail:;

Teleseminar Recording

Secrets to Scoring Publicity in Top Women's Fitness Magazines is a teleseminar recording that reveals how to land publicity in the most widely read women's health and fitness magazines. The 64-minute audio CD offers insider advice tailored specifically to health and fitness professionals. Topics include how to fast-track your success as a health/fitness source and industry celebrity, a little-known tip for contacting editors at big-name magazines, what makes a story idea irresistible to journalists and dos and don'ts for dealing with editors and writers. Contact: Active Voice; phone: 604-730-9246; e-mail:;


Mountain Weather: Backcountry Forecasting and Weather Safety for Hikers, Campers, Climbers, Skiers and Snowboarders teaches people how to read clouds, wind patterns, snow conditions and other weather clues. The book also has strategies for staying safe in adverse weather conditions with an emphasis on thunderstorms, mountain winds and avalanche hazards. It includes extensive information on weather patterns throughout the United States and easy-to-follow reference maps. The author, Jeff Renner, is a chief meteorologist for KING5 TV, an NBC-affiliate station in Seattle. Contact: The Mountaineers Books, 1001 SW Klickitat Way, Suite 201, Seattle, WA 98134; phone: 206-223-6303; fax: 206-223-6306;

Biofoam Rollers

The Foam Roller Plus lasts up to five times longer than other biofoam rollers and has a 5-inch PVC core that is covered by an inch of foam to provide a firm but comfortable feel. The PVC core keeps the foam from being compressed over time. The roller is offered with a two-year warranty and shipped with exercise instructions and cover. Contact: Perform Better, P.O. Box 8090, Cranston, RI 02920-0090; phone: 800-556-7464;


The Malie Kaua'i line is handcrafted with Hawaiian hydrosols — a fluid that contains every component of the featured plant, flower and fruit. Malie's Hawaiian Hydrosols have been developed into an essential perfume, body lather cleanser, body cream moisturizer, lotion bar soap and body butter bar. All products are to be absorbed through the skin and inhaled in the lungs and nose, allowing the user to consume the therapeutic benefits of the plant. Contact: Malie Inc., P.O. Box 701, Kalaheo, Kauai, HI 96741; phone: 866-767-5727; fax: 808-332-9944; e-mail:;

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