Club Management System

eFit has introduced Club Advantage 3.0, the latest version of their interactive club management system, and an expanded Web site service platform. The program allows health clubs to access and control member databases and business finances online from any location. Clubs can enter membership data in real-time on-line environment and track and manage their member base. The Club Advantage system is run by Oracle database and includes the latest firewall, Virtual Private Network and Secure Socket Layer. Contact: eFit Financial, 5353 West Dartmouth Ave., Suite 302, Denver, CO, 80227; phone: 1-877-772-3348; email:;
Circle No.100 or visit

Yoga Manual

Pendragon Publishing, Inc. introduced Guiding Light, a yoga instructor's teaching manual. Nancy Gerstein, a certified Himalayan Institute yoga instructor, wrote the book, which features 56 lesson plans, a glossary of Sanskrit terms and a listing of recommended reading. Contact: Pendragon Publishing, Inc., 32 Main St., Park Ridge, IL, 60068; phone: 866-578-3800; fax: 847-720-0601;
Circle No.101 or visit

Pool Cleaning

Aqua Products has introduced new intelligence for pool-cleaning robots that independently analyzes the size and shape of any pool. AquaSmart and Matrix Mapping allow robots to map out the most efficient cleaning course. This is done with an infrared sensor that transmits signals to the microprocessor brain to detect objects and level changes. Robots then focus on cleaning the pool floor, where the majority of debris resides. Contact: Aqua Products Inc., 25 Rutgers Avenue, Cedar Grove, NJ, 07009; phone: 1-800-845-4856; fax: 973- 857-8981;
Circle No.102 or visit

Home Gym

Motion Fitness has launched the 425 model BodyRail. The home gym system has 39 basic exercises, a series of more than 30 specialty exercises for rehabilitation and sports trainers and more than 20 exercises for Pilates. The product is functional, allowing the exerciser to adjust the angle and level of resistance. Contact: Motion Fitness, PO Box 2179, Palatine, IL, 60078-2179; phone: 847-963-8969; fax: 847-963-8966;
Circle No.103 or visit

Pool-Spa Handbook

The National Swimming Pool Foundation has introduced the Certified Pool-Spa Operator Handbook. The handbook is a training and reference manual for professionals who help protect those who use aquatic venues such as operators, health officials, service technicians, retailers, property managers and manufacturers. It emphasizes pool and spa operations and protecting people in and around the water with topics such as understanding and preventing drownings, recreational water illness, electrocutions, chemical hazards and slip and falls. Contact: Protecting People and Encouraging better Health Through Aquatics, 224 East Cheyenne Mountain Boulevard, Colorado Springs, CO, 80906; phone: 719-540-9119; fax: 719-540-2787;
Circle No.104 or visit

Consumer Scales

Tanita has offered a new way for consumers to monitor their body water percentage from home. The UM-026 and the BF-592 measure weight, body fat and body water percentage. Body water percentage is measured using the same method as body fat testing, by using bioelectrical impedance (BIA). BIA sends a safe, low-level electrical signal through the body that is sent through the user's feet. The signal passes freely through the fluids found in muscle tissue and blood, but it has difficulty passing through fat tissue, which contains little water. The user's body water percentage is determined based on the signal's resistance, gender, height and weight. Contact: Tanita Corporation of America, Inc., 2625 South Clearbrook Drive, Arlington Heights, IL, 60005; phone: 847-640-9241; fax: 847-640-9261;
Circle No.105 or visit

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