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Product Technology & Innovation

Exercise Bicycle

GamerCycle turns video game time into an aerobic activity for children. The ergonomic exercise bicycle is sized for children and teens and works with existing game consoles such as XBOX, Play Station and Game Cube. You pedal to keep the TV picture on, and when you stop pedaling, the picture goes off. The GamerCycle isn't an interactive bike, so the pedal speed doesn't affect game characters. Contact: GamerCycle, 6701 Bridgehill Cove, Austin, TX 78746; phone: 512-228-4725; fax: 512-280-2294; e-mail:;


The Hydra-Alert Dehydration Watches with Fluid Check measure sweat loss during exercise. The Fluid Check monitors the key elements that affect fluid loss, and Hydra-Alert uses on-board temperature and humidity sensors. Once the user programs the watch with personal data, such as age, weight, resting heart rate and maximum oxygen consumption value or maximum heart rate, the watch displays sweat loss in ounces and percentage of body weight lost in sweat, alerting the user to replace lost fluids equal to the sweat loss rate. The price ranges from $150 to $350 depending on the model. Contact: Acumen Inc., 101A Executive Dr., Suite 200, Sterling, VA 20166; phone: 800-852-7823; fax: 703-904-0218;

Pools and Spa Training

The Certified Pool and Spa Inspector Training CD helps public and environmental health officials conduct effective inspections and helps pool and spa operators maintain facilities. This national training program, jointly launched by the National Swimming Pool Foundation and the National Environmental Health Association, is designed to increase the consistency and effectiveness of inspections, ultimately protecting the public by reducing the potential for injury and illness. The interactive CD-based program has extensive imagery and more than 25 minutes of video to help the student recognize potential issues and understand safety aspects. Contact: National Swimming Pool Foundation, 4775 Granby Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80919; phone: 719-540-9119; fax: 719-540-2787;


Xwipes Equipment Cleaner Wipes have been enhanced with a new substrate for a softer, thicker fabric and an improved solution with Byotrol, which uses nanopolymer technology to deodorize wiped surfaces. The Wipes clean dirt, sweat and body oils, and minimize odor occurrence on health club equipment. To accommodate the thick wipes, the roll count has been adjusted to 700 wipes/roll. They are also available in single packs. Contact: Contec Inc., 5222 Enterprise Blvd., Toledo, OH 43612; phone: 419-481-4050; fax: 419-481-2540; e-mail:;

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