Andrea Pugliese Insurance Services

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Andrea Pugliese Insurance Services offers the following programs:

  • Liability and Property Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Bonding
  • Professional Liability for Personal Trainers and Aerobics Instructors
  • Eligible facilities include health and fitness clubs, gyms, racquet and tennis clubs, aerobics studios, personal training businesses, and health club/wellness and rehabilitation centers.

    We Are Your Solution

    Andrea Pugliese Insurance Services can answer any questions you may have regarding its programs or your existing policy coverage. The company concentrates solely on the health and fitness industry, thereby offering you the best in quality, knowledge and unmatched customer service.

    Andrea Pugliese Insurance Services
    2258 Garden Ave.
    Warrington, PA 18976
    Phone: 800-664-5489
    Fax: 215-491-3858


    Andrea Pugliese Insurance Services is a full-service agency specializing in the insurance needs of the health club industry. Andrea Pugliese has been providing club owners with comprehensive coverage at competitive rates since 1984.


  • Commercial General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Premises Medical Payments
  • Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability
  • Tanning Bed Liability (No Cancer Exclusion)
  • Sexual Abuse Coverage
  • No Deductible
  • Not Based on Receipts — No Audits
  • Special-Form Property Coverage
  • Replacement Cost
  • Competitive Rates
  • Financing Available/Low Rates
  • Personal Service
  • Experience
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    Introducing SmartLink, the most effective club support program from ASF International — the industry leader in financial, technology and marketing solutions.

    What can ASF do for you?

    At ASF we offer efficient, cost-effective programs that will help your business gain the competitive edge in today's marketplace. The ASF SmartLink System is a network of support products and services designed to increase the efficiency and profitability of your club through effective processing and billing services, technology solutions and marketing programs.

    Financial & Business Programs

    Successful dues collection and member management are key components that can define a club's immediate and long-term success. As an ASF client you'll have access to the most comprehensive dues, member and contract management programs in the industry.

    ASF's processing and billing programs are designed to collect the highest amount possible per member while reducing overall credit losses — resulting in higher net revenue for you.

    Software & Internet Programs

    Technological organization and connectivity are essential in today's marketplace. Our programs include ClubPRO 3000® interactive club management software, ClubPRO 3000® Online business management, interactive marketing programs, networking features and exceptional technical support.

    Marketing & Design Programs

    Marketing, branding and advertising are all elements that drive prospects in your door and help you gain market share. We have designed numerous static and interactive programs that will help you increase your prospect base by organizing your marketing strategies.

    Partner & Subsidiary Programs

    In an effort to offer additional value-added programs to our clients, we have developed several strategic alliances with other firms that offer exceptional products and services to the industry.

    Service & Support Programs

    We build relationships with our clients based on the principle that customer satisfaction is job one. Exceptional client, member and technical support back the SmartLink system. It is our goal to ensure that all of our programs and support systems meet or exceed your expectations.

    ASF International
    640 Plaza Drive, Suite 300
    Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
    Phone: 800-227-3859
    Fax: 303-914-2744


    The value of experience is an integral part of our product development. ASF is managed and operated by industry veterans, technology experts and former club operators. For 30 years, ASF has provided financial and technological programs to clubs in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.


  • Web sites
  • Membership Cards
  • System Networking
  • Insurance
  • Professional Trainer Certification
  • Training For LifeTM Certification
  • Contract Renewal Program
  • Custom Advertising & Marketing Materials
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    Gerstung Inter-Sport develops the ingredients, you — JUST ADD KIDS!

    Gerstung Inter-Sport has more than 40 years of experience teaching children through movement. With the philosophy, “Every Child a Winner,” Siegfried Gerstung, a native of Munich, Germany, came to Baltimore and developed a line of colorful interchangeable equipment, age appropriate programs for ages 12 months and up, and a training program that allows instructors to learn the art of teaching through exploration. This non-competitive concept allows children to build confidence, creativity, fitness and agility. Children at a young age with a parent begin a journey of nurturing their curiosities in a safe and playful setting. Moms and dads learn how to let their child explore and build physical skills at an early age, so as they grow they become confident movers and thinkers. Older children thrive on the many ways to physically and creatively problem solve through movement, as well as, build their physical strength and agility with fun challenges. This physical and mental exploration sets the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

    All equipment, programs and training are tested, improved and implemented at our national location in Baltimore, MD. Our 42,000-square foot facility with 11 acres of property facilitates approximately 1,000 students ranging from 12 months of age to adults. Our equipment and programs can be found in private clubs, schools, athletic clubs, daycare facilities, corporate facilities and privately owned gyms throughout the world. JUST ADD KIDS is flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of the client, be it a start-up business, or augmenting an already existing facility. Gerstung provides the equipment, curriculum, instructor training, spatial design, as well as, administrative and marketing ideas that will establish your business and help it grow. Gerstung develops the ingredients, you — JUST ADD KIDS!

    BALTIMORE, MD 21209
    PHONE: 410-337-7781
    FAX: 410-337-0471

    Circle No. 152 or visit

    Gerstung introduces new, personal & portable, rebounding exercise platform.

    Jog'n Shape designed to absorb impact and provide resiliency.

    Gerstung's revolutionary new product, the Jog'n Shape, is changing the way users look at individual and group exercise. The Jog'n Shape provides the user with a more comfortable, low impact method of working out than has been available in the past. Another benefit of the Jog'n Shape, over traditional exercise pieces, is its superior ability to absorb shock to the user's joints and muscles. The Jog'n Shape provides comfortable support of the body allowing the user to maintain a high energy, high cardio workout, without fear of damage to knees, ankles and feet. The Jog'n Shape is constructed of a sturdy, but flexible, structural polymer, and is supported by Gerstung's unique foam Energy Blocks. Its light weight, and 30" × 30" size contribute to making it the perfect choice for clubs offering circuit training, as it provides a safe place for members to jog in place as they wait for the next piece of equipment, while being convenient to relocate, and stack when not in use.

    The weight and size also make it the rebounding exercise platform of choice for those who wish to use it in their homes or even in an apartment, hotel room, or other multi-unit facility, since it will be quiet, and non-disturbing to others. Best of all, it is very economical, retailing for only $79.

    Gerstung/Gym-Thing Inc.
    1400 Coppermine Terrace, Baltimore, MD 21209
    Phone: 800-922-3575 or 410-337-7781
    Fax: 410-337-0471


    Gerstung has been providing the industry with flooring and equipment since 1967 through its manufacturing entity, Gym-Thing. Among its thousands of customers are fitness clubs, dance studios, schools and a variety of public institutions. Gerstung's experience, with its unique floor systems that provide premier shock absorbing, resilient flooring for fitness, aerobics, and dance, has led to the development of the Jog'n Shape.

    Circle No. 153 or visit

    Group Strength by Iron Grip

    If you're getting into group strength training, get the equipment that was made for it.

    As the largest provider of commercial free-weight equipment worldwide, it stands to reason that Iron Grip Barbell Company would extend its expertise in free weight design and manufacturing to produce the most advanced equipment for group strength training classes. With Iron Grip's unique Group Strength system, fitness facilities finally have a commercial quality alternative to the existing non-professional equipment found in many group exercise classrooms today.

    Group Strength offers improved safety, utility and versatility through its exclusive, patented design features. The rubber encased standard plates have two integrated handgrips so exercisers can easily and safely pick up the plates while changing weights on the bar. The grips also make it easy and comfortable for users to hold the plates while being used in a variety of exercises that typically would require a dumbbell. In addition, the patented 12-sided design will keep a loaded bar from rolling dangerously, a key safety concern in a crowded classroom-style environment.

    Each Group Strength set includes a longer, sturdier straight bar that allow users to load more weight — up to 100 pounds — onto the bar. As more and more men and experienced lifters join group strength training classes, a system that can support heavier weights becomes a necessity. This bar also offers two comfortable knurling bands for a more secure gripping area. The commercial-grade collars that come standard with every set provide a secure hold to prevent plates from sliding off the bars unexpectedly. These collars can be locked and unlocked easily with one hand to facilitate the quick plates changes during class, and the extremely durable design will stand up to heavy use. The heavy-duty, welded steel storage rack holds 20 individual user sets and can be locked with one lock and cable during non-class hours.

    Group Strength equipment is ideal for use in conjunction with a variety of group exercise programs. Any group weight-training class with a solid program, and energetic, well-educated instructors will only be enhanced by including Group Strength as its foundation.

    Iron Grip Barbell Company
    4012 West Garry Ave.
    Santa Ana, CA 92704
    Phone: 800-664-4766 or 714-850-6900
    Fax: 714-850-6910


    Since 1993, Iron Grip has been recognized as one of the premier innovators in the commercial fitness industry. Among itsrevolutionary developments is its signature Iron Grip Olympic weight plates, and its line of urethane plates and dumbbells. As the largest provider of commercial free weight equipment worldwide, Iron Grip has maintained its commitment to developing groundbreaking designs, building reliable equipment, and providing excellent customer service.


  • Iron & Urethane Olympic Plates
  • Solid Steel & Urethane Dumbbells
  • Hard Chrome Olympic Bars
  • Iron & Rubber Pro-Style Dumbbells
  • Hard Chrome Beauty Bells
  • Custom engraving on plates & dumbbells
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    Life Fitness Introduces Signature Series

    Premier line features advanced industrial design.

    The recently introduced Signature Series selectorized strength line is the premium Life Fitness branded selectorized line and is a direct result of the company's integrated strength philosophy to offer equipment to meet all users' needs.

    It is approachable and easy to use, so it will appeal to beginning exercisers, yet it also is manufactured with superior ergonomics and durability — a hallmark of Life Fitness' cardiovascular and strength-training products — so it will meet the demands of advanced exercisers.

    Each unit in the series has custom tubing shapes, contoured cushions and a lower profile, which combine to create a clean, contemporary look that is engaging to exercisers. The integrated incremental weight system allows users to increase the weight in five-pound increments. Gas-assisted seat and pad adjustments are physically easier to use, and clearly marked adjustment handles simplify the set-up process. All pieces in the Signature line have instructional placards with simple visuals indicating proper form and muscle groups targeted, resulting in a shorter learning curve. Full rear shrouds cover the weight stacks and add to the distinctive look (full front shrouds are optional). Facilities may select from seven standard frame and 10 standard upholstery color options.

    The units are engineered with superior biomechanics to ensure movements are comfortable and natural to the exerciser, eliminating unwanted pressure to the joints.

    The initial 10 Signature units — Abdominal Crunch, Biceps Curl, Chest Press, Lat Pulldown, Leg Extension, Seated Leg Curl, Seated Leg Press, Seated Row, Shoulder Press and Triceps Press — will be available in the third quarter of 2003, with an additional eight pieces to be unveiled throughout the year.

    Life Fitness
    10601 W. Belmont Ave.
    Franklin Park, IL 60131
    Phone: 800-634-8637
    Fax: 847-288-3703


    Life Fitness, a Brunswick company (NYSE: BC), is the global leader in designing and manufacturing a full line of reliable, high-quality fitness equipment for commercial and consumer use. Its cardiovascular and strength-training products, including the renowned Lifecycle exercise bike, are used in health, fitness and wellness facilities, as well as in homes, worldwide.

    Circle No. 155 or visit

    Life Fitness Unveils Three New Treadmills

    Units boast contemporary design and enhanced programming.

    Life Fitness' new 97Ti, 95Ti and 93T treadmills have a new and exciting contemporary industrial design and color scheme along with enhanced software programming while maintaining the durability, quality and reliability that has established Life Fitness as the leading manufacturer of high-quality treadmills.

    The units combine a mix of metallic silver and gray tones with rounded uprights, handrails and frame edges to give the treadmills a contemporary look. The console comes standard with two integrated accessory trays and a CD/MP3 player holder that is strategically placed in the center to minimize users' arm swings interfering with headphone wires. Additionally, the console overlay has updated graphics including an intuitive heart rate zone training chart.

    For even more exercise variety, the treadmills' software programming has been enhanced. Dedicated console buttons let users easily access the new features, such as the Speed Interval program, which allows exercisers to set two speeds and toggle between them (similar to the “previous channel” button on a television remote) for effective interval training. In addition, a dedicated button called Zone Training + provides easy access to three more interactive heart rate programs — Extreme Heart Rate, Heart Rate Hill and Heart Rate Interval.

    Finally, each treadmill gives facility owners and managers the ability to create custom messages of up to 52 characters and display them on the console message center.

    All three models come with Polar telemetry heart rate monitoring while the 97Ti and 95Ti also include digital heart rate monitoring technology with Lifepulse heart rate sensors conveniently located on the Ergo grip handlebars. To accommodate all fitness levels, the treadmills have various speed and elevation ranges and a variety of workout programs. The treadmills also have a 4.0 HP AC motor, the patented FlexDeck shock absorption system and the Everwax automatic wax lubrication system.

    Life Fitness
    10601 W. Belmont Ave.
    Franklin Park, IL 60131
    Phone: 800-634-8637
    Fax: 847-288-3703


    Life Fitness, a Brunswick company (NYSE: BC), is the global leader in designing and manufacturing a full line of reliable, high-quality fitness equipment for commercial and consumer use. Its cardiovascular and strength-training products, including the renowned Lifecycle exercise bike, are used in health, fitness and wellness facilities, as well as in homes, worldwide.

    Circle No. 156 or visit

    Magnum E-Series:

    Dynamic aesthetics combined with proven performance

    Recently, Magnum introduced the E-Series. This premier selectorized line will replace Magnum's Elite series once all 20-plus units have been introduced. The E-Series is the result of more than 25 years of commercial strength design and manufacturing experience. The smooth lines and compact design invites the novice exerciser, while Magnum's trademark feel meets the demands of experienced lifters. The extremely low profile integrated with round tubing of various sizes produces a contemporary appearance that enhances the overall look of any facility.

    The oversize back pads with built-in lumbar and cervical support move with gas assist easy glide adjustments that are clearly identified for simple set up. Large instruction placards are within clear view of the user with bold print, targeted muscles, and full-color photos depicting proper start and finish positions. Magnum's supplemental weight stack feature allows users to increase resistance in five-pound increments.

    Both stacks have large easy to read numbers and highly visible adjustment pins. Range of motion controls and adjustable roller pads are all clearly indicated and easily accessible.

    There are more than 80 upholstery colors available with the option of two-tone upholstery at no additional cost, plus seven stand frame colors to choose from.

    The following 16 units are now ready to order: Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Seated Leg Curl, Adductor, Abductor, Abdominal, Ab Crunch, Lower Back, Rotary Torso, Bicep Curl, Tricep Extension, Pec/Rear Delt, Pec Deck, Biangular Chest Press, Biangular Lat Pulldown and Biangular Shoulder Press.

    The next two units to be unveiled will be the Biangular Lat Row and Seated Leg Press with several more units to follow by the end of the year.

    Magnum Fitness Systems
    2201 12th Ave.
    South Milwaukee, WI 53172
    Phone: 800-372-0554 or 414-764-4068
    Fax: 414-768-7047


    Magnum Fitness Systems has been designing and manufacturing quality commercial fitness equipment since 1978. Magnum does not build a second best. We use precision components for years of continual use, minimal maintenance and Magnum's trademark feel.

    Circle No. 157 or visit


    Magnum introduces a cardio alternative from a fully supported recumbent position.

    Recently, Magnum introduced the NexStep — a recumbent stepping machine with a natural feel, low impact, closed kinetic chain movement that provides total body support. NexStep is perfect for any user, but is most attractive to baby boomers. Offering a new cardio alternative from a recumbent position gives you something to motivate your current members and to set your facility apart from the competition when touring perspective members.

    The postural stabilization of the NexStep provides biomechanical integrity throughout the movement pattern. Large fixed foot pedals fully support the feet, minimizing plantar and dorsal flexion, allowing the user to perform a closed kinetic chain exercise pattern. NexStep is engineered to reduce excessive shearing, joint reaction, and compressive forces at the knee and hip for superior comfort and safety.

    The recumbent design eliminates anatomical compensation due to fatigue, which commonly occurs when using standing steppers or ellipticals.

    Magnum's innovative drive system requires no external power. There are 200 resistance levels, five constant readouts of workout data and five additional scrolled workout data. Readouts are large and easy to see.

    Personal stereos, water bottles and reading material can be stored within the user reach. NexStep has 10 fixed programs plus quick start manual providing ample variety to any workout.

    Magnum Fitness Systems
    2201 12th Ave.
    South Milwaukee, WI 53172
    Phone: 800-372-0554 or 414-764-4068
    Fax: 414-768-7047


    Magnum Fitness Systems has been designing and manufacturing quality commercial fitness equipment since 1978. Magnum does not build second best. We use precision components for years of continual use, minimal maintenance and Magnum's trademark feel.


    Circle No. 158 or visit

    Turn fitness assessment into a moneymaker for your club.

    The Polar BodyAge System will help your staff increase the bottom line and help members achieve their goals.

    The Polar BodyAge System is more than a fitness assessment. It's a whole new way of showing members how healthy they can be. It's an exclusive health assessment developed by Polar to quickly and simply provide health club members with a baseline measurement of their overall fitness level. The BodyAge assessment takes into account a number of health and fitness markers including a member's strength, flexibility, percentage of body fat, nutrition, cardiovascular fitness and more to calculate the fitness of their body. The system provides members a BodyAge score and a complete fitness program to reach their Obtainable BodyAge number. Now, personal trainers can provide members with a clear starting point, a simple way to track their progress and a plan to knock years off their BodyAge score.

    Your members will get excited about getting “younger” and there's something club owners and managers will appreciate even more — it gives your staff an exciting new sales tool that will help them sell new memberships, book personal training sessions, sell nutritional supplements and bring more money to your bottom line.

    Right now, clubs across America are using the Polar BodyAge System to increase revenue. Here's how they're doing it:

    With new members:

  • Offer a quick BodyAge assessment during orientation. This quick report gives the member a baseline fitness level and a program to reach their Obtainable BodyAge number. It is a much more natural way for personal trainers to open up a dialog with new members to promote personal training, supplements, heart rate monitors and more.

  • In addition, the Polar BodyAge System is a competitive advantage and a powerful closing tool during sales tours. You can tell members that they have access to the most advanced fitness assessment that will give them a personalized program to reduce their BodyAge score. This intrigues the potential new members and gives them an extra reason to join.

  • With existing members:

  • Offer quick BodyAge assessments once or twice a month at no charge. While going over the report, personal trainers have a great ice-breaker to build rapport to sell the full assessment and introduce personal training services and more to members.

  • Polar Electro Inc.
    BodyAge System
    9600 San Mateo, NEAlbuquerque, NM 87113
    hone: 800-841-8333 ext. 107
    Fax: 505-344-1200


    Polar Electro Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Finland-based Polar Electro OY, which invented the first wireless heart rate monitor (HRM) in 1977. Polar is the leading brand and a true partner in improving health and well being through the understanding of human physiology and environment. We are dedicated to providing everybody involved in physical activity with the personal fitness solution to help them achieve their improvement goals and we strive to remain the benchmark that people look to for innovation and quality. Polar products represent the state of the art in heart rate monitoring as well as comprehensive health assessment with the BodyAge system and software.

    Circle No. 159 or visit

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