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Product Spotlight

Club Industry East 2000 Post-Show Product Spotlights

If you were at Club Industry 2000 last month in Chicago, then you got to see and test-drive some of the latest state-of-the-art equipment and services featured in this special section. These products/services have been developed to help your members get the most out of their workouts and make running a fitness center easier and more enjoyable, freeing you up to serve your clients.

For example, you used to be able to offer your members distractions such as television and music; now your members can surf the Web, read e-mails and shop, all while working out, thus helping them make the most of their time.

Manufacturers in the strength training department are busy with new advances, such as creating heavy-duty equipment that has smaller foot plates, allowing you to fit more equipment in your club; adjustments that allow the user never to leave the seat; and weight plates that are easier to handle and don't rust, chip or mark up the floors and walls.

In this section, you'll also get an up-close look at what insurance providers have to offer, as well as the latest developments in cardio equipment, flooring, Internet access, computer software and locker room amenties.


Airex Professional Mats

The choice of fitness professionals worldwide with a wide selection of colors and sizes.

Airex Mats for Exercise and Yoga

Airex Mats are made of closed-cell specialty foam that resists bottoming out, and is warm and comfortable to the touch. Airex Mats will not absorb water or fluids and are Sanitized®, a treatment that inhibits the attack of bacteria, shortening the effective life of most foam mats. These light-weight and easily rolled-up mats may be used inside or outdoors, and can be cleaned with soap and warm water. Available sizes include: the Corona, 39-inch-by-72-inch-by-0.6-inch (green, red or blue); the Coronella, the 23-inch-by-72-inch-by-0.6-inch (green, red or blue); and the Fitness 120, 23-inch-by-48-inch-by-0.6-inch (blue only). New to the Airex Mat line-up are the Fitline 140 (23-inch-by-56-inch-by-0.4-inch) and Fitline 180 (23-inch-by-72-inch-by-0.4-inch). These two new mats are thinner than the previously mentioned mats and are available in water-blue color, yet offer many of the benefits for which Airex Mats are known.

In Yoga the Airex Mat of preference is the Bambino Mat (23-inch-by-72-inch-by-0.2-inch) available in blue, green, black or red. The Bambino Mat will not slip yet offers just the right amount of cushioning and “give” for effective Yoga positioning and poses. Much more durable than the traditional “sticky mat,” the Airex Bambino is especially well suited for Yoga classes.

Also, newly introduced is the Airex Balance Pad that combines both balance skills to develop strength, stamina and coordination in the lower extremities. The destabilizing properties of the “super-soft” specialty foam provide a simple yet effective therapy and training tool.

For further information on Airex Professional Mats, Airex Fitline Mats or Airex Balance Pads, please contact John Butler III, Airex/Alusuisse Composites, 55 W. Port Plaza, Suite 625, St. Louis, Missouri 63146; (800) 625-MATS (6287) or (314) 542-9105; Fax: (314) 878-7596.


The leaders in health club insurance

About the Program

AMERIFIT Insurance specializes in offering the following programs:

• Liability and Property Insurance

• Employment Practices Liability Insurance

• Professional Liability for Trainers and Instructors

• Workers’ Compensation

• Bonding in All States

• Products Liability for Equipment Manufacturers

• Directors and Officers Coverage

Only companies with an A.M. Best rating of “A-Excellent” are represented by the AMERIFIT Insurance program. Health clubs, gyms, personal training businesses and other fitness facilities — from single club to large, multiclub operations — can receive a customized insurance package that meets the individual needs of each type of business.

Service & Support

An ongoing risk-management program is provided to assist customers in loss prevention. This commitment to service and education has enabled our rates to remain consistent each year. Underwriting and evaluating each risk individually allows AMERIFIT to offer the best coverage at the best price. Call Robin Bulmer or Tony Dodd at (800) 285-0456 to discuss which coverage best meets your needs. After completing a single application, you will receive a timely quote that outlines coverages and convenient payment plans. Financing programs also are available at low interest rates. Exceptional customer service and professionalism are just some of the differences you will recognize when you become part of the AMERIFIT Insurance program. With AMERIFIT Insurance as your risk-management partner, you’ll get the big-picture expertise you need from someone whose only business is the health club business.

Key coverage Provided

• Professional Liability, Including Nutritional Counseling

• Tanning Bed Liability with No Cancer Exclusion

• Sexual Abuse Coverage

• Medical Payments

• Comprehensive Computer System Protection

• Non Auditable Policy

Company Background:

Inspired AMERIFIT Insurance is the preferred specialty insurance program for the health and fitness industry. This national program is offered exclusively through RIEDMAN Insurance, which is among the top 10 largest insurance brokerage firms in the country.

With more than 70 offices and more than 100 years of experience in the insurance business, customers can rely on the financial strength of an established company. The expertise of professional agents who specialize in insuring only health clubs provides club owners with the assurance of comprehensive coverage at a competitive price year after year.


Featured Product

Andre Pugliese Insurance Services offers the following programs:

- Liability and Property Insurance

- Workers' Compensation

- Bonding

- Professional Liability for Personal Trainers and Aerobics Instructors

Eligible facilities include health and fitness clubs, gyms, racquet and tennis clubs, aerobics studios, personal training businesses, and health club/wellness and rehabilitation centers.

We Are Your Solution Andre Pugliese Insurance Services can answer any questions you may have regarding its programs or your existing policy coverage. The company concentrates solely on the health and fitness industry, thereby offering you the best in quality, knowledge and unmatched customer service.

Company Background:

Andrea Pugliese Insurance Services is a full-service agency specializing in the insurance needs of the health club industry. Andrea Pugliese has been providing club owners with comprehensive coverage at competitive rates since 1984.


- Commercial General Liability

- Professional Liability

- Premises Medical Payments

- Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability

- Tanning Bed Liability (No Cancer Exclusion)

- Sexual Abuse Coverage

- No Deductible

- Not Based on Receipts - No Audits

- Special-Form Property Coverage

- Replacement Cost

- Competitive Rates

- Financing Available/Low Rates

- Personal Service

- Experience


Exercise the body. Entertain the mind.

Cardio Theater Offers Three Different Wireless Systems To Meet The Needs Of Any Facility:

Wireless Cardio Theater LCS[R]: Stereo digital Exercise Entertainment system that creates a WOW factor in your club - members use headphones to listen to up to 52 audiovisual choices. Installation is easy and maintenance is minimal.

Wireless Cardio Theater[R]: Compatible with our original wired Cardio Theater system allowing past customers the ability to convert to wireless with the same crystal clear digital stereo sound.

Wireless Fitness FM PLUS[R]: A system with specially designed FM radios that attach to cardio equipment - members use head phones to listen to TV or music selections. These radios are compatible for use with any FM transmitter and can be purchased separately.

Captivate your members with Wireless Cardio Theater, no matter what your club's size or budget. Your Cardio Theater sales representative will help you select the system that is right for you. All products are backed by our bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Strategic Alliance With E-Zone Offers You The Largest Variety of Options:

Cardio Theater has recently formed a strategic alliance with E-Zone to bring the widest variety of Exercise Entertainment and cutting-edge technology to the health club industry. Cardio Theater combined with the E-Zone network provides you with a total solution for your cardio area including:

- Interactive Entertainment

- Internet access

- Club Zone messaging & data reporting

- Club TV plus a sharing of local advertising revenues

- One on One[TM] training & educational video programming and much more

You may even qualify to receive a FREE E-Zone network for your facility. Call today to find out how.

Company Background: Inspired by members' need for fun and motivation in fitness centers, the Cardio Theater Exercise Entertainment[TM] system was launched in 1993. Since then, Cardio Theater systems have been instrumental in creating fun, non-intimidating environments in fitness centers around the world. Cardio Theater is extremely user-friendly; with a pair of headphones and the simple push of a button, members tune in to the entertainment selection of their choice.

Product Benefits

- High quality, reliable systems

- Superb stereo digital sound

- Easy installation & low maintenance

- Affordable for any size facility

- Attracts new members & increases retention

- High return on investment

- 3-year warranty & after-sales service


Create an automatic eucalyptus aroma therapy room!

SteamAroma Deluxe

SteamAroma Deluxe is quite simply the finest automatic steam room fragrance dispenser available. Designed for the busy health club manager - virtually no maintenance needed.

- Fragrance can be set to any level

- Ultra user friendly - set and forget for up to three months

- Laser cut steel enclose

- Solid state circuitry

- Fragrance up to four steam rooms or saunas with one unit

- Two-year guarantee


The SaunAroma is a user-friendly fragrance dispenser for saunas. Simply fill the SaunAroma with any ChemSpa fragrance - natural evaporation does the rest. The heat of the room, enhanced by the SaunAroma wicks disperses the aroma.

- Wooden unit blends in beautifully with sauna

- Fragrance can be set to any level

- No moving parts or electrics

- Adjustable fragrance level wicks

- Screws to wall in seconds

- Two-year guarantee

Company Background:

ChemSpa Industries is a chemical manufacturer of health care and personal care products, servicing health and fitness facilities, schools, hospitals and wellness centers. By purchasing DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER huge savings are available along with "ONE-STOP SHOPPING" convenience.

ChemSpa specializes in steam room and sauna fresheners and automatic dispensers. ChemSpa also manufactures personal care amenities such as hair and body wash, shampoo, liquid soap, moisture lotion, deodorant, antiperspirant, shaving cream, hair spray, aftershave lotion (Gillette products). In addition, ChemSpa offers a complete line of maintenance, cleaning and whirlpool products.

For samples, information or to order call (800) 243-6772 or (973) 386-1158.

Aromatic Essences Available

Eucalyptus or 20 other delightful ChemSpa fragrances can be used with either dispenser!

- Eucalyptus

- Alpine

- Citrus

- Menthol

- Cherry

- Mentholyptus

- Wintergreen

- Menthol Mint

- Cinnamon

- Vanilla


The Power-Packed Software POWERManagement software is the powerful, new productivity tool designed exclusively for the fitness industry. POWER-Management uses the latest imaging technology to give you total control over front desk check-in and gets you out of the membership card business. Some of the major features of POWERManagement are: member/guest check-in, point-of-sale (POS), employee time clock, membership production, sales analysis, inventory control, billing/EFT, collection management and report writing.

The exclusive Video Identification Proofing stores each member's photograph, then displays it on your front-desk screen along with other important information at check-in time. You'll have fast, accurate identification and hassle-free check-in everytime.

The multiuser program lets you access the latest membership information and update files from any PC in your facility. You'll know who comes into the club, how often, what activities they participate in and when they made their last payment. Having that kind of power at your fingertips can make staffing, purchasing and marketing decisions easier.

The complete POS system will open cash drawers, print receipts, print hang-tags with bar codes and update inventory automatically. The system also features integrated credit card capture and signature capture. The POS system also allows the club to track each sale to the individual customer.

POWERManagement software can process all of your billing and EFT activities. It prints invoices, keeps track of receivables, produces coupon books, processes drafts for transfer to your bank and handles collections - all from the same databases. It provides you with the option of handling these processes yourself, or through us.

POWERManagement software supports multiple facilities, electronically controlled turnstiles, cash drawers, receipt printers, bar-code readers, check/credit card readers, signature capture pads and video cameras.

No matter how familiar you are with software and computers, you're bound to have questions once your system is up and running. That's why POWERManagement backs up its software with 24-hour telephone and modem support, seven days a week.

POWERManagement is the industry's leading club management software package and is the recommended software vendor for locations of Gold's Gym, World Gym and Powerhouse Gym worldwide.

Company Background:

Custom Design Systems was founded in 1989 on the innovative concept of Video Identification Proofing for membership check-in. By using state-of-the-art technology, POWERManagement software with its video check-in and other capabilities became the leading club management software and set the industry standard. Today, with cutting-edge technology, CDS is leading the fitness industry into the 21st century.

Software Features

- EFT and credit card processing

- Integrated collections and comprehensive billing system

- Point of sale and inventory control

- Multi-club support

- Membership prospecting

- Extensive Report Module

- 24-hour toll-free technical support


Go Global for Free! provides global visibility for facilities and trainers in the FindFitness Yellow Pages[TM].

Your Web Page Listing in the FindFitness Yellow Pages[TM] provides a FREE standard listing for facilities and personal trainers that includes city and contact information. For a small monthly fee, also offers a customized Web page solution. Your facility or trainer Web page at functions in two ways:

- It's your advertisement page in our FindFitness Yellow Pages[TM]. Subscriber Web pages will be prioritized by our facility/trainer search engines ahead of standard listings, allowing new clients to find you on the basis of location or programs that you offer. The FindFitness Yellow Pages[TM] is the only online global directory including both facilities and trainers.

- It's a communication portal for your facility or training business. Your clients or members will go to your Web page for special news of events or promotions, to schedule training sessions or a racquetball court, track their progress, and to make purchases.

Each Web page includes a description of your facility and/or the services that you offer, credentials, contact info, and a photo of you or your facility (optional). If you have an existing site, we'll provide a link. Other features and subscription benefits include:

- Earn a commission on all purchases made by you and your clients through your Web page.

- Provide reliable information and tools for your clients, including a free subscription to our email FitNotes newsletter.

- Online scheduling. No more phone tag, lost messages or tying up front desk staff! Powered by, our scheduling feature provides online scheduling for everything from personal training appointments, tennis courts, to massage!

- Coming Soon! Subscriber discounts on a variety of educational and business products, including liability insurance and group legal.

To take advantage of our beta launch special offer and get three months free with your paid subscription, or to submit your free standard listing, email us at

Company Background: is creating a global marketing network for the fitness industry. Founded in 1999,, is the first to aggregate the providers of fitness services, including both facilities and trainers in a web-based network. provides services and products to the industry, and promotes its subscriber/members to the consumer market by connecting individuals to health clubs, personal trainers, fitness products and information.


HOIST Introduces New CL Selectorized

CL 2061 Hi/Lo Pulley The CL 2061 Hi/Lo Pulley is part of the new HOIST Selectorized CL Series. This state-of-the-art machine provides the exerciser with an efficient and diversified workout.

- Unique Adjustable Hi/Lo Pulley

- User-Friendly Ballet Handles

- Safety Shields

- Contemporary Structural Design

CL 2402 Seated Leg Curl The CL 2402 will provide the user with a well designed and top-of-the-line leg-strengthening product. The merits of the CL 2402 has received raved reviews from the fitness industry.

- Self Aligning Roller Pad to Accommodate Various Leg Lengths

- Red Colored Axis of Rotation Locator

- Advanced Four Bar Linkage Top Pad Adjusters for User Stability

- ROM (Range of Motion Adjustment)

Company Background:

HOIST[R] Fitness Systems manufactures more than 80 fitness-related products from its 80,000-square-foot San Diego-based headquarters. The 20-year-old company recently unveiled its newest product category the Selectorized CL-series.

These new HOIST Selectorized CL-series machines all feature a primary frame constructed of bent 2-inch-by-4-inch 11 gauge structural steel tubing. These innovative products also are engineered with an easy-lift ratcheting for seat adjustment and chromed telescopic tubing. Another feature is the precision cut "Silent Steel weight stacks[R]" with self-lubricating bushings in each plate.

In addition, this product line comes with a Kevlar Belt drive system for weight transport, along with steel weight stack safety shields on all units. The prodcut is also enhanced with 3- to 5-pound incremental weights, which are mounted adjacent to the weight stack.


IGX Strength Olympic Weight Plates

Iron Grip's newest plate line offers innovative features at an aggressive price.

Iron Grip's newest weight plate line, IGX Strength, offers premium features at a competitive price. IGX plates are available in hardwearing hammertone gray Iron or impact-resistant Rubber, and feature Iron Grip's patented opposing two-grip design. Two grips on opposite sides of the plate are optimally placed to offer the user the most ergonomically correct means of lifting and carrying a heavy weight. In addition, the contoured gripping areas offer a comfortable surface for a secure hold. Easy to pick up and maneuver, IGX plates can greatly improve the safety and utility of your free weight area for all of your members. Even with all of these innovative features, IGX plates are priced aggressively to compare favorably with other options, often costing less than less feature-rich, plain, conventional plates.

Look for the newest addition to the IGX line, Hard Chrome Cable Attachments and Beauty Bells, introduced at Club Industry East 2000. These extremely durable accessories feature a matte chrome plating that will never chip, flake or peel. Hard Chrome will keep your equipment looking new longer and reduces safety and maintenance concerns in your strength training area.

Company Background:

Iron Grip revolutionized the free weight industry with the introduction of their Iron Grip Olympic Weight plates in 1993. Their patented 12-sided, opposing-grip design offered improvements in safety, functionality, and utility over conventional round plates. Later introductions of their unique Urethane-encased Olympic plates, maintenance-free Solid Steel and Urethane dumbbell lines, and Hard Chrome Olympic bar line further established Iron Grip as a leader in innovative design and manufacturing technology. With the introduction of the IGX Strength line of competitively priced free-weights, Iron Grip now offers a full range of feature-rich equipment to suit any facility's requirements and budget.

Additional Products

- IGX Iron Olympic Weight Plates

- IGX Rubber Olympic Weight Plates

- IGX Pro-style Iron Dumbbells

- IGX Pro-style Rubber Dumbbells

- IGX Hard Chrome Olympic Bars

- IGX Hard Chrome Cable Attachments

- IGX Hard Chrome Beauty Bells


Ivanko E-Z Lift Plates Are Cool!

Feel the difference 31 years of experience makes! Cool Since 1969 - Hot in 2000

Ivanko introduces its new rubber E-Z Lift Plates. These rubber plates feature our exclusive E-Z lift design of which our patent has recently been allowed. Our rubber E-Z lift plates will not crack, chip, flake, peel, rust or tear like cast iron painted or other non-rubber plates. Because our plates are rubber they will not damage floors or upholstery nor dent or scratch equipment. Ivanko's E-Z lift rubber plates can easily be used with any style of plate racks either sliding, post, shelf type or "spider"racks, without worrying about compression dents on equipment frames or other damage that can occur with other non-rubber plates.

As with all Ivanko E-Z Lift Plates, our openings have smooth radius and rounded edges for maximum comfort while grabbing the plates. Compare the feel, look and function of Ivanko E-Z Lift Plates with any competitor.

We know you'll choose Ivanko! The real innovator since 1969.


Biangular: The Stimulation & Strengthening of Muscles Without Joint Stress

"Magnum Biangular will deliver perfect form for every repetition...for any user."

When the human body exerts force through multiple planes, contrasting torque patterns are inherent. Magnum has created the least obstructive and safest pathway to generate torque from point "A" to point "B," whether starting or finishing at the median plane, while passing through the sagittal and frontal planes. Less sophisticated designs force wrist, elbow and shoulder joints into unnatural circular paths, away from the body's core.

The Biangular mechanism guides the human body through motion that comes naturally, rather than forcing the user to define their own path of motion. Magnum accomplishes this with multiple, ergonomically de-signed handles and Biangular technology based on the origins and insertions of muscles. Anyone can tap the potential of this advanced technology. There is no learning curve. With nothing more than a seat adjustment (in most cases) Magnum Biangular will deliver perfect form for every repetition for any user.

Magnum's Commitment:

- Talk less and listen more.

- Counsel wisely and with objectivity.

- Partner in our client's growth.

- Be a proactive problem solver.

- A trusted business resource.

- Raise the bar each day.

- Push the limits of the possible.

- Create a culture of success.

- Serve unselfishly.

- Strengthen our industry.

- Invest in our relationships.

Magnum Fitness Systems Made for the World


Breaker Benches


Every facility is looking for new products that will motivate members, improve their workouts and make training safe.

Free weight training has been on the rise for the past few years. Most manufactures now offer complete lines of sophisticated plate load machines to help members make the transition from the circuit area to the free weight area. but little or nothing has been done to the main staple of every free weight area - Olympic benches. Magnum's patent pending Breaker Ben-ches are about to change the free weight area - forever.

In the mid-eighties most manufactures started to angle the uprights or racks on Olympic units, back away from the lifter, rather than making them at a 90-degree angle to the floor. This design took the uprights out of the users lifting path, making lifts safer by eliminating the chance of the lifter hitting them during their exercise. Unfortunately, this design puts undue stress on the lifters shoulders (a very common injury area) when breaking the bar from the bench. The only safe way to prevent this stress is to have a spotter help break the bar for the lifter.

Magnum Breaker Benches eliminate the need for a spotter to help break the bar. They also eliminate any undue stress to the lifters shoulders, allowing them to break the bar effortlessly. Breaker Benches are truly the greatest advancement ever made in Olympic benches.

Novice lifters to heavy trainers will appreciate the ease and safety of Breaker Benches. Facility owners and managers will love the simplicity of Magnum Breaker Benches.

Breaker Benches look like any other Olympic bench with uprights angled back. The difference is they are hinged on pillow block bearings. The lifter gets into a normal lifting position reaches up and grips the bar. At this point the lifter CAN break the bar as they always have or they can have the Breaker Bench ASSIST them by slowly pulling the bar forward rather than lifting it off the uprights. The bar will move into their position of power elminating the external rotation of their shoulders. Now they can lift the bar STRAIGHT up. The uprights fall back into their normal position, out of the lifters path. After completing their exercise set, the bar is re-racked as usual.

Magnum's Commitment:

- Talk less and listen more.

- Counsel wisely and with objectivity.

- Partner in our client's growth.

- Be a proactive problem solver.

- A trusted business resource.

- Raise the bar each day.

- Push the limits of the possible.

- Create a culture of success.

- Serve unselfishly.

- Strengthen our industry.

- Invest in our relationships.

Magnum Fitness Systems Made for the World


Make Muscular Profits With MedX Personal Training Circuit

In the highly competitive arena of personal training, MedX makes a decisive difference.

It's different because:

- The stroke of each machine has a feel that is noticeably more pleasing due to the bio-mechanically precise design of the movement arc and resistance curve.

- It provides resistance settings in two-pound increments, enabling effective progression.

- Its low-friction components and low-inertial weight stacks were built to accommodate fragile or elderly trainees, and thus are gentle on joints.

- Its many multi-bar linkage, direct-drive machines have no belts, straps, or cables, meaning no stretch, tear, and very little wear.

- Its smoothness accommodates various training protocols, including very slow repetitions.

- It was designed with not only decades of strength-training expertise, but also the benefit of independent peer-reviewed research on medical/rehab equipment pioneered by MedX.

- It will soon offer an exercise-only lumbar machine utilizing its patented restraint system for true isolation of the spine musculature.

- The machines can be placed in space-saving clusters, and multiple trainers can access different pieces in the line simultaneously.

- Its formidable size and expert workmanship indicate to clients that you've invested heavily in offering them a time-efficient, results-oriented workout.

- The same great feel and function exist on its plateloading line, the Avenger Training System[R].

- The MedX Stretch can be incorporated into the workout routine, providing measurable flexibility training.

- It's backed by a 10-year warranty on the frame, and five years on moving parts.

It's even different because its weight stacks are elevated 18 inches off the floor - you might not have to even bend over to take your clients through a workout.

Experience the difference MedX can make to your personal training profitability.


NCSF - A New Generation of Fitness Professionals

Fitness Directors,

Can your trainers properly screen, evaluate, and test participants for inclusion in an exercise program? Can they compute caloric expenditure from MET intensity of activities, perform a complete metabolic analysis including resting metabolic rate and daily caloric need and make appropriate caloric intake/expenditure recommendations based on body composition analysis and scientific calculations? Do your trainers have the ability to integrate functional training modalities utilizing physioballs, medicine balls and various body weight exercises? Do they understand the importance of tracking and updating program files in relation to program maintenance and liability concerns in the event of litigation?

"The NCSF understands that no single certification/education course will completely develop the health professional, but having the confidence in knowing that your trainers have met high professional standards will assist you in the continuous development of your staff."

Covering both practical and theoretical components, the NCSF certification program is segmented into a preparatory phase and a hands-on training workshop. The workshop, in its design, is used to enhance the certification process. Within this segment students will reinforce application techniques previously covered during the comprehensive preparatory phase. They will be required to: perform mock screening scenarios; participate in evaluation protocols for all the health related components of fitness; create weight management recommendations based on the performances of two body composition analysis techniques, metabolic calculations, food logs, and behavior questionnaires; learn and perform applicable flexibility assessment and training techniques; demonstrate correct free weight and machine resistance training techniques; implement functional, core, and stability training exercises using physioballs; stability disks, medicine balls, and therabands; and perform activities for low back health and joint integrity.

Every organization says "they are the best," but examine the facts. Many have been around for a long time, and look at the state of the profession. Our programs are extensive, because they need to be. We develop the scholarship and skill proficiency necessary to reduce incidence of disease, enhance health, analyze physical status, and get specific results based on individual needs. Don't take our word on it, view it yourself.

The National Council of Strength and Fitness personal training certification program does not teach the how to's of body building, how to read ECG's, or how to perform a successful power clean. What the NCSF certification program does is focus specifically on developing the professional skills personal trainers need to elicit safe and effective health and fitness from their clientele.

As you well know, personal trainers have the ability to inflict serious injury, even death upon the people they work with. For this reason alone, the professionals practicing in the field must attain a high level of proficiency to ensure they employ safe and effective programming. The NCSF expects a superior level of professional competency from their certified professionals. Each student enrolled in the NCSF program is thoroughly schooled and tested in six separate and distinct areas of health and fitness. Using a systematic learning approach, the NCSF develops a participant's practical skills and fitness knowledge base through step-by-step applications. The work is challenging, as it should be, to become a competent trainer with the abilities and skills needed to excel in a competitive work environment.


Nebula Introduces Its New Circuit Line

Nebula has gone back to the drawing board to introduce a smaller, sleeker and more functional line. We asked our customers what they wanted in their products and the result was equipment that has smaller foot prints, is easier to use, is heavy duty without looking scary and is very adjustable. The next project is redoing the leverage line.

Lack of Space

Nebula carries the most complete multi-station line in the industry. We can build them from two to 12 stations and put 20 different machines on the unit. Twelve stations can be put into as little as a 24-foot-by-14-foot area. This is a major space saver for wellness centers, hotels or personal training studios.

Company Background:

Nebula Fitness has been in the industry for the passed 13 years as a leading free weight manufacturer. In the past few years, we have branched out with multi-stations and a complete circuit line. But most recent is the modular power racking systems we are putting in to schools all over the nation.


Precor: Work Out Smarter

Because getting results is the most important thing members expect from your fitness facility, count on Precor.

Treadmill Quality, Variety Precor treadmills are an attractive combination of premium materials, energy-efficient design, and easy serviceability. And when it comes to user-friendliness, the new "favorites" on your floor are sure to be the newest additions to Precor's terrific selection of treadmills, the C950 series. Designed with straightforward, hardworking appeal, the new C954 and C956 treadmills offer the kind of advanced yet intuitive program flexibility that keeps members coming back for more. With touch-sensitive keypad technology, Smart Rate[TM] heart rate monitoring, and Quick Start programming, these models bring a new dimension to member retention.

EFX[R]556 Total Body Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer[R]

In 1995, Precor introduced the Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer - an instant hit with club members everywhere, and now widely acknowledged as the most significant cardio equipment breakthrough in years. The EFX546, introduced in 1999 with a host of new and exciting features, provided the Crosstrainer with a new level of performance. Plus, Precor's exclusive CrossRamp[TM] Technology allows EFX546 users to adjust the angle of the ramp to target specific muscle groups. In addition to the EFX546, Precor now offers its newest version, the EFX556 Total Body Elliptical Trainer, which allows members to get the greatest overall results from every minute of exercise. Functioning in unison with the lower body, the unique handlebars of the EFX556 optimize upper body muscle involvement and range of motion, allowing for a more intense workout that can add variety to reduce muscle fatigue.

C846 Recumbent And Upright Cycles

Precor rounds out its line of member-retaining fitness equipment with the C846 Recumbent and Upright Cycles. The self-powered C846 Cycles feature a simple, sturdy design with a smooth, comfortable motion. Both cycles offer 20 resistance settings utilizing a magnetic, no-contact alternator resistance system to give a consistently smooth workout. The user-friendly programmability and electronic displays on the C846 Cycles offer the same easy-to-follow courses and features that exercisers rely on in all Precor products. The C846 Cycles offer facilities an aesthetically pleasing, consistent look with exceptional performance and dependability.

StretchTrainer[TM] Gets Stretching Off the Ground

When the American College of Sports Medicine released its newest standards for fitness in 1998, flexibility was recognized for the first time as an integral part of total fitness with cardiovascular condition and strength. That's why Precor introduced the breakthrough, patented StretchTrainer. From a seated position which stabilizes the back, the user controls intensity and duration of the eight essential stretches.

A Tradition of Innovation

In all of our products from the Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer to our C746 Climber, Precor has demonstrated the highest level of product innovation. And we'll continue to support all of our clients by providing them with the most forward-thinking technology as we head into the new millennium.

If the so-called new economy is about anything, it's time. And the last thing your goal-oriented members want to do is waste theirs exercising on fitness equipment that doesn't help them achieve their desired results. Since 1980, Precor has taken the lead in developing reliable, effective products with exceptional user appeal. And with the origination of Elliptical Fitness Crosstraining, Precor set a new standard for motivating members to work out smarter.

EFX[R]556 - Feeling Is Believing

The smartest move in fitness now has totally new appeal. Total body exercise has come to the world-renowned Precor EFX - adding yet another dimension to Elliptical Fitness Crosstraining. The EFX556 showcases the original, revolutionary movement developed and introduced by Precor, but with a new twist. It features ergonomic handle bars for working out the upper body and a 25-degree ramp for the lower body. Now the smooth, forward or reverse stride with incredible range of motion is matched with variable resistance upper body conditioning. And the combination is easy, natural and effective - for people new to Elliptical Fitness Crosstraining as well as those who've enjoyed its benefits for years.

The Precor EFX556 and the popular EFX546 are acknowledged as the "gold" standard in today's leading fitness facilities. Both feature an advanced eddy current brake design that ensures the machine's 20 levels of resistance are consistent from machine to machine. The EFX ramp, while fixed at 25 degrees in the 566 and adjustable in the 546, allows for the patented, forward and reverse elliptical stride, and enables users to maintain the correct upright body position. And their rear drive with ramp forward design produces a stride path that simulates the natural gait pattern and lowers the risk of over-stride.

The touch-sensitive keypad makes the EFX556 easy-to-use. The intuitive interface - activated by the slightest touch - gives your members easy access to convenient features such as Quick Start. Plus, EFX versatile programming provides exercise variety and challenge for users at all fitness levels.

Company Background:

Precor Inc. was founded out of a deep commitment to design and manufacture a complete line of the most precision-engineered, innovative, durable exercise equipment available. By delivering on that promise, the people who walk through the doors of your club or fitness facility will experience a line of exercise machines that feel very un-machine-like. This will keep them returning to your facility time and time again.

Additional Products

- C954 Treadmill

- C956 Treadmill

- C964i Treadmill

- C764 Commercial Climber

- C846 Upright Cycle

- C846 Recumbent Cycle

- C240 StretchTrainer[TM]


SportsArt America offers high-quality, fully featured products for the club cardio market-all with innovative features and easy-to-use electronics

SportsArt America offers high-quality, fully featured products for the club cardio market - all with innovative features and easy-to-use electronics.

With the introduction of their 5100 Recumbent, 5200 Upright and 7100 Climber, SportsArt has established class leading standards for quality, performance and value that club owners and users will appreciate. This new generation of products features the latest version of SportsArts patented Generator (self-powered) system, which has for years been successfully battle tested in every conceivable commercial application around the world. Besides allowing maximum versatility of placement (no power required), the Generator system delivers smooth and predictable resistance while offering fewer potential service problems than moving magnet systems found on similar products.

The 5100 Recumbent features an angled and scooped bottom pad for reduced pressure on the back of the thighs. A patented adjustable seat back provides multiple position options so users can find the perfect angle.

A unique infra-red remote built into the handle allows access to all programming options; pre-set courses, custom intervals, manual, even heart rate control. The standard contact heart rate provides quick monitoring of heart rate without the need of a chest strap. Six LED windows and a bright dot matrix provide constant feedback during your workout.

The 5200 Upright features the same great electronics package and quality construction along with an innovative, patented seat adjustment. With three positions fore and aft users can attain proper body positioning relative to knee/ankle alignment.

The 7100 Climber features the same patented Generator system along with smooth, quiet belt drive. Multi-position handrails accommodate a variety of users. In addition, the 7100 Climber also features SportsArt's comprehensive club electronics package (same as the club bikes) and self leveling footplates for reduced ankle stress.

The 5100, 5200 and 7100 are part of a complete series of club cardio equipment from SportsArt.

Company Background:

SportsArt has been providing high-quality, high-value cardiovascular equipment since 1981. With distribution in more than 70 countries worldwide SportsArt is one of the best known names in international club fitness circles. SportArt offers club products for every major cardio category: treadmills, ellipticals, climbers, bikes and rowers. With a corporate commitment to innovation, value and new product development SportArt products will be an appreciated addition to your facility.


A Complete Portable Wood Floor System

Tarkett Portable Sportsfloor Tarkett Portable Sportsfloor, distributed by Stagestep, has no equal when easy to handle, portable floors with resilience and high performance are needed. Designed for competitive aerobics, dancing or athletic activities such as basketball and volleyball.

Portable Sportsfloors are:

- Easy to assemble and dissemble

- No hard or soft spots

- Easy to handle, tranport & store

For more information or a free copy of the Guide to Health & Fitness, which contains books, products, videos and flooring, call (800) 523-0960 or write to Stagestep.

Company Background:

With 30 years of experience providing specialty flooring to the health, fitness, dance and theatrical marketplace, Stagestep introduces a new concept that simply makes your life a whole lot less complicated - Total Solutions[TM].

From your entrance way, to your weight room, to your aerobic room, lobby, spa, running track, locker room, pool, basketball, multi-purpose area and cafe, Stagestep can provide materials, quotes, technical support, installation and maintenance products.

StageStep Offers

- Aerobic Floors

- Multi-Purpose Floors

- Weight Room Floors

- Basketball Floors

- Floating Subfloor

- Wet Areas Floors

- Floors For Concrete

- Indoor/Outdoor

- Portable/Permanent

- Floorcare Products

- Toll-Free Technical Support

- Large Inventory

- Installation

- Years of Experience

- Quick Delivery


Stairclimbers - The Best in the Industry

Legendary StairMaster Performance The World's No. 1 Stairclimber Is Now Even Better Than Ever

Our newest climber - the FreeClimber[R] 4600 PT - has everything your members want in a stairclimber. It's heart-smart with contact heart rate built into the handlebars and a new constant heart rate training program to make their workout more effective. And it's fun to use with a new pivoting console, entertainment system access, a larger reading rack, a new handlebar design, and "Hot Dog" soft pedals for exceptional stairclimbing comfort.

Other StairMaster Stairclimbers

The rest of our popular FreeClimber stairclimber line - with upright handlebars and a rail-less design - offers you three additional models: the FreeClimber 4400 PT and the cordless FreeClimber 4400 CL both with Polar[R] Heart Rate Monitor capability; and the cost-efficient FreeClimber 4200 PT which was designed especially for health clubs.

Other StairMaster stairclimbers include the legendary StairMaster 4000 PT[R] - the stairclimber that revolutionized the fitness industry in the mid-1980's and is still the most used, enjoyed and copied exercise machine in the world; and the StepMill[R] 7000 PT - for the most challenging stairclimbing workout.

The 7000 PT is often referred to as "the ultimate climber" because it provides the same quality aerobic workout as a treadmill - plus a significant lower-body workout. Users simply hold the rails with both hands, step onto the bottom step and then up the staircase. The stairs move at a very slow rate while they enter data into the computer console. Then they merely climb stairs as they normally would - a full eight inches at a time - and soon find their rhythm.

Company Background:

StairMaster Health & Fitness Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of fitness equipment, addressing the needs of a diverse array of customers, and is renowned for its quality products and exceptional commitment to customer service. StairMaster has a long history in sports medicine and is committed to helping people become and stay healthy, control weight, live longer, and have fun while exercising. StairMaster is a Rutledge Capital company.

Additional Products

- Treadmills

- Ellipticals

- Exercise Bikes

- Crossrobics[R]

- Group Exercise Programs

- Strength Equipment


The LeMond RevMaster from StairMaster

A Legendary Cyclist Joins Forces With a Legendary Fitness Company

It takes a great team to make an extraordinary fitness product. Start with an amazing athlete. The first American to win the Tour de France. The only American to ever win it three times. Greg LeMond is a cyclist who has won the world's most challenging bike races, and has revolutionized the sport by introducing cutting edge technology that's commonplace today.

Add a legendary fitness company. Known for its famous stairclimbers, StairMaster[R] has led the health and fitness industry with revolutionary products that deliver outstanding quality, performance and value. When you bring these two together, you get exceptional results. As Greg said, "After training on StairMaster equipment, I knew they were the only company that could make the type of group exercise bike I wanted. One that combined my passion for cycling and racing with exceptional product quality, performance and innovation."

Under the design direction of Paul Swift - 15-year member of the USA cycling team, eight-time national champion and 1998 Goodwill Games Gold Medalist, the LeMond[R] RevMaster[TM] took shape. The rock-solid construction, ultra-strong X-Frame design, and BMX-style bottom bracket and crank system deliver exceptional product durability and stability. Plus, the design makes the RevMaster easier to maintain, and the micro-fit adjustments on the seat and handlebars ensure a proper fit for virtually every user.

To bring the excitement of world-class racing indoors, Greg and StairMaster worked with Joan Wenson, national and world SportAerobic Gold Medalist and one of America's leading fitness instructors. Together, they've created innovative group cycling programs to keep class participants motivated. Members will love the new LeMond RevMaster cycling classes; and the companion video series, which incorporates live racing footage from some of Greg's most exciting competitions, is an excellent training option when no class is available.

Company Background:

StairMaster Health & Fitness Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of fitness equipment, addressing the needs of a diverse array of customers, and is renowned for its quality products and exceptional commitment to customer service. StairMaster has a long history in sports medicine and is committed to helping people become and stay healthy, control weight, live longer, and have fun while exercising. StairMaster is a Rutledge Capital company.

Additional Products

- Stairclimbers

- Treadmills

- Ellipticals

- Exercise Bikes

- Crossrobics[R]

- Strength Equipment


Accept Appointments Via the Internet lets club members book appointments, enroll in classes, and reserve courts via the Internet, 24 hours a day.

TimeTrade's Web-based appointment scheduling solution is an ideal complement to your existing club management package. With TimeTrade's solution, your members can instantly book appointments, enroll in classes and reserve courts online, in real-time, 24 hours a day.

Your members will love the convenience of self-service scheduling, and your front desk will function more efficiently because it will field less phone calls. As an added benefit, TimeTrade's application establishes electronic dialogues with your members, so you can communicate with them via e-mail in a non-invasive, cost-efficient manner. Imagine sending renewal reminders and other critical information to your members with a single click!

TimeTrade's highly-scalable solution supports health clubs of virtually any size, from small clubs with several trainers to large facilities with multiple locations and thousands of members. TimeTrade also offers personal versions of its enterprise-class solution to independent fitness trainers, massage therapists, personal coaches, and other health and fitness practitioners. If your club doesn't have a Web site, TimeTrade's solution can serve as your Internet presence.

If your club already has a Web site, TimeTrade's solution can be integrated seamlessly with it.

To learn how TimeTrade can enhance member satisfaction, improve retention rates and ease front-desk burdens, visit or call us toll-free at (877) 884-9224.

Company Background:

TimeTrade is a leading provider of Web-based appointment scheduling solutions for the health and fitness industry. TimeTrade hosts its solution and is an Application Software Provider (ASP), so there is no software to buy, install, or maintain.


The TRUE TNT 2000

The TRUE TNT 2000, (True Natural Trainer) is in a category all by itself. The natural motions of walking, running, and arm movement provide the total power for the revolutionary TNT 2000. Control is always in hand thanks to the TNT 2000's hand grips and thumb control buttons which enable users to set their pace on-the-fly. The TNT 2000 comes standard with Contact Heart Rate monitoring, user friendly display and feedback information, and is backed by a three-year full commercial parts and labor warranty.

The 750E Elliptical Trainer

The TRUE 750E Elliptical Trainer features incredible smoothness, top line quality and performance backed by a three-year, full commercial parts and labor warranty. It also comes standard with Contact Heart Rate monitoring, a manual program, four pre-programs and a heart rate control workout. TRUE's powerful design carefully considered the natural motions and walking patterns of the human body. (For added safety and aesthetic appeal, TRUE has enclosed the glide wheels inside an all aluminum-extruded track.)

The 750R Recumbent Bike & 750U Upright Bike

The TRUE 750R Recumbent Bike and 750U Upright Bike are the result of a collaboration between a team of users, technical designers and physical fitness experts. The bottom line is top line quality and performance backed by a three-year full commercial parts and labor warranty. Heart Rate Control and Contact Heart Rate monitoring are offered as standard features on both TRUE bikes. In addition, both True bikes feature: manual operation, four pre-programs (weight loss, cardiovascular conditioning, hill-interval and random) and one heart rate control workout with cruise control.


York Barbell: The Sports Performance Leader

York Barbell is proud to introduce its new Basic Training Series. Designed as a budget conscious alternative to our flagship Sports Performance Series, the Basic Training Series offers the same functional design and attention to detail that has made the Sports performance Series the choice for training today's elite athletes.

Company Background:

A rich history of excellence and pride in workmanship precedes all of York Barbell Company's equipment. More than 68 years ago, York Barbell began shaping the fitness industry through product design, education, competition and athletic sponsorship. Today, our corporate offices house the official USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame and Museum in York, Pa. York Barbell continues to set the standard in product styling, performance and value.

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