Nitro — Different in Design. Precise in Function. More Affordable and User-Friendly than Ever.

In many facilities, floor space is at a premium. Big machines may look great in a catalogue, but they can occupy too much space and limit the number of options you can offer your athletes and students. The competitively priced single-station weight stack equipment (with weight adjustments in 5 lb. increments) from Nautilus features a low height profile and compact footprint ideal for heavy use facilities, and are designed for a wide range of fitness levels and body types.

Our goal was to put explosive power in a smaller machine - and we achieved it! Nitro was designed from the ground up - it is not a modification of existing equipment, but rather is a new design concept that preserves the bio-mechanical integrity of all Nautilus products. With converging single axis movements and full-range, variable resistance cams, belt drive and EZ-Glide seats, Nitro machines simulate the feel of free weights. Each piece of Nitro equipment is constructed of solid, 11-gauge 2" × 4" steel frames for long life and features the full Nautilus three-year commercial warranty.

20 new sleek and streamlined machines built around efficiency, Nitro machines from Nautilus offer a challenging workout and superb fitness results, but use less of your valuable floor space - these compact units pack maximum power in a minimal package.


Nautilus 2ST's bio-mechanical design provides full range of motion for every exercise and duplicates the function of the human body. Our unique engineering and patented components combine to maximize the results and minimize the stress in the least amount of time - something exercisers of every age can appreciate. The 2ST line features one pound weight stack increments, hydraulic adjustable seats, and converging movement arms. Nautilus 2ST also combines the workout efficiency of CAM design with the smooth and quite feel of a belt-driven weight stack. Twenty individual stations are available in the Nautilus 2ST line.

1886 Prairie Way
Louisville, CO 80027


Nautilus was founded in 1970 on innovation and original thinking. Our unique approach to weight training provided a new alternative to free weights-inviting more than serious “body builders” to join the fitness resolution. Weight training and body shaping became accessible to all kinds of people seeking a healthy lifestyle, including, uninitiated novices and experienced veterans, amateur and professional athletes, men and women, students and adults. Today our innovative equipment, including the 2ST and Nitro lines, makes it easier than ever to reach fitness goals with a safe, fast, effective workout.

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IC® Evolution

While the fitness industry is known for its fads and short-lived wonders, indoor cycling has established itself as a group exercise activity that's here to stay. More than 250,000 Schwinn®-built bikes are now ridden in clubs around the world, making indoor cycling a must-have activity in health clubs everywhere. Schwinn Fitness is pleased to announce the arrival of the Schwinn Evolution® and Evolution-SR® bikes, the latest versions of Schwinn's original group exercise cycles. With their sleek, one-piece design and all-steel frames, the Schwinn Evolution indoor cycles are further examples of the innovative and high-quality products the industry has come to expect from the company that started the Indoor Cycling revolution. And like the IC Elite bike, the Schwinn Evolution-SR features the patented Smart Release system, offering all the benefits of a fixed gear - essential to any Indoor Cycling workout - while adding a unique braking feature.


This revolutionary new exercise device creates isotonic resistance that simulates the feel of free weights. The unit is a fully functioning adjustable weight bench on wheels, with a resistance engine that's powered by a technology called SpiraFlex, a patented system used by NASA. Developed and engineered to withstand all commercial environments, the RiPP Pro incorporates only top-quality components and has been tested to over a million cycles at the highest stress point. The SpiraFlex engine contains FlexPacks that create the resistance: Rotation of the FlexPacks stretch durable, elastomer straps around the hubs, producing resistance. Unlike most resistance methods, the RiPP Pro creates linear resistance matching free weight's flat curve and momentum. The resistance is regulated by a gear-assisted crank at the front of the unit and also has a “self locking” gear box. The resistance can be turned clockwise to increase the workload and counter clockwise to decrease the workload.

Schwinn Fitness
1886 Prairie Way
Louisville, CO 80027
(888) 471-0014


Founded in 1895, Schwinn Fitness Inc. has been making a wide range of quality fitness products for more than 30 years and is backed by 105 years of manufacturing heritage. Schwinn offers a comprehensive line of equipment for the home and institutional markets, including the new Schwinn Cycling bikes, treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals, steppers, the world-renowned AIRDYNE® dual-action bike series and the RiPP Pro.

With brand name recognition light years ahead of the competition and a long, proven track record, Schwinn Fitness is poised for future opportunity including advanced technologies, rocketing sales and fierce brand loyalty. Schwinn Fitness is leading the industry with vision and innovation.

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Spa Partners launches ‘Club Aroma’ new steam room aroma range.

Spa Partners, formerly known as ChemSpa, has re-branded its best-selling steam room aroma range under the ‘Club Aroma’ name. Spa Partners now offers 11 aromas including its world-famous Club Aroma Eucalyptus (formerly Eucalyptus Inhalation Concentrate). Other aromas include Alpine (formerly Sauna Scenta), Caribbean Breeze, Cherry, Citrus, Coconut, Lavender, Menthol, Mentholyptus, Mint, and Oil of Wintergreen.

All of the oils were personally selected by Jerome Rudy, a world-renowned aroma specialist and President of Spa Partners. Rudy earned his Ph.D in chemistry at Colombia University, and has dozens of patents through his work at Merck & Co, Unilever and other blue-chip companies. His life-long commitment to products that ‘work with nature’ manifests in the aromatherapy quality of the products.

The Club Aroma Steam Room Aromas are available in quantities ranging from 1 gallon to 55 gallons. Their amazingly low price ranges from $28 to $37 per gallon, depending upon quantity purchased.

‘Unless properly fragranced, many steam rooms wind up smelling like a swamp. A 1-2 combination punch of superb aroma with regular cleaning is the key to successful steam room management’ says Rudy. Spa Partners also offers our Chem Spa Steam Room Cleaner for less than $10 per gallon. ‘Nothing will lose you customers quicker than a steam room that smells less than pleasant. Conversely, an aromatic steam room is a sure customer winner.’

Spa Partners also provides simple and reliable aroma dispensing systems. Our SteamAroma Micro (only $345 with rebate) is a fully automatic aroma pump, which is wired directly into the steam generator. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it packs a mighty punch, and is able to fragrance even the largest steam room.

For the ultimate in ‘keep it simple’, our spray bottle with or without tether is the answer. Simply place the spray bottle on a shelf outside the steam room (or sauna). The tether prevents theft and un-authorized spillage.

For saunas, Spa Partners offers Club Aroma Sauna Aromas, dispensed by our SaunAroma Deluxe. For in-club massage or profitable re-sale to your members, Club Aroma Aromatherapy Oils in 1.69 oz. bottles are a marvellous addition.

Here is what Gold's Gym has to say about Club Aroma. ‘With 3,000 members, keeping our steam room smelling fresh and beautiful is essential. Your Club Aroma Eucalyptus makes this happen. It's far better than anything we've tried.’

George Bernheim, Gold's Gym, Santa Rosa, California Club Aroma Steam Room Aroma Range with Spray Bottle and SteamAroma Micro Jerry Rudy, President, Spa Partners With the introduction of their patented, 8300 dual action/total body elliptical, SportsArt has established a new benchmark in the elliptical product category. Foremost among the innovations is the patented stride length adjustment. Accessible from both a toggle switch built in to the handle and from the display, this feature allows the user to adjust stride length from 17 inches to 26 inches. Besides providing different sized users with the ability to find the perfect stride length, this feature can also vary the training effect. For example, sprinting while on a shorter stride setting and full stride running at longer settings.

In keeping with the demands of many of today's club members, the 8300 is a total body conditioner. A wide range of resistance levels are available, the uppermost of which will provide an anaerobic or strength workout. Resistance changes are made from a convenient switch built into the handle. Power supply is self-generating with a two-minute battery backup so users can do all programming prior to starting their workout. If you've ever had to try programming while pedaling, walking or striding, you'll know what a great feature this is. And talk about programming options — a dozen pre-set courses (all with user override), two custom designed user courses, multiple HRC options and contact heart rate are all standard in an attractive, user-friendly control module featuring a bright dot matrix display and LED windows with full time readout of all key workout data.

While the 8300 is indeed a breakthrough new product in the popular elliptical category, it will come as no surprise to those familiar with SportsArt. After all, they have been designing and manufacturing innovative cardiovascular products for two decades. To learn more about the 8300 or other SportsArt club products, call (800) 709-1400.

22 Deforest Ave.
East Hanover, NJ 07936
(973) 386-9055
(800) 243-6772; Fax (973) 386-9055
E-Mail: [email protected]


SpaPartners is a manufacturer of health care and personal care products, servicing health and fitness facilities, schools, hospitals and wellness centers. By purchasing DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER, substantial savings are available along with “ONE STOP SHOPPING” convenience. SpaPartners provides Personal Care Amenities such as hair and body wash, shampoo, liquid soap, moisture lotion, deodorant, conditioner, antiperspirant, shaving crème, hair spray, and aftershave lotion. SpaPartners can also make custom blended batches in virtually any color and fragrance. Also, a deluxe array of dispensers, pumps and sprayers are supplied. in addition, we offer a complete line of maintenance, cleaning and whirlpool products. Imagine a super market for all your personal care and locker room amenities. Welcome to SpaPartners and see them manufactured. Our trained chemists will custom blend a product just for you. You can choose from a big selection of colors and fragrances.

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Sports Art
19510 144th Ave. N.E.,
Suite A-1
Woodinville, WA 98072
(800) 709-1400
Fax: (425) 488-8155


SportsArt has been providing innovative, high quality cardiovascular equipment since 1981. With distribution in more than 70 countries worldwide, SportsArt is one of the best-known names in international club fitness. SportsArt offers club products in every major cardio category: treadmills, ellipticals, climbers, bikes and rowers. With a corporate commitment to innovation, performance and new product development, SportsArt will be a welcome addition to your facility.

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FreeClimber 4600 CL

The cordless FreeClimber 4600 CL is the newest in state-of-the-art climbing exercise. It features our patented design and great feel and are packed with new features, such as ergonomically designed side handrails and smaller “easy-grip” upper-body handles with integrated contact heart rate. The 4600CL also features the StairMaster custom back-lit LCD console, including six different workout programs, 20 levels of intensity, scrolling performance feedback (calories, time, distance, floors climbed, METS and watts) and constant contact and telemetry heart rate monitoring. There is also a built-in entertainment system with console that provides volume and channel control for wireless commercial entertainment systems.

ClubTrack 510 Plus and 612 Plus

Why not take that first step with the most respected name in commercial treadmillsthe Quinton ClubTrack. For over 45 years, the name Quinton has stood for excellence in manufacturing the highest quality treadmills available. We are proud to continue the Quinton legacy of quality, performance, and durability with the latest line of ClubTrack treadmills.

The ClubTrack 510 Plus and 612 Plus treadmills feature the most effective, programmable training console — with more exercise options to choose from. Many other outstanding features include a Hyperdrive System for performance and durability, TripleFlex Deck for superior cushioning, a stronger, lighter Frame and reliable electronics. Increased stability, outstanding lift capacity, as well as 20 different personal training workout programs, including customized interval workouts and a Heart Rate Training Program for the serious athlete are also standard in the ClubTrack Plus models.

The journey towards fitness begins with a single step…StairMaster ClubTrack Treadmills.

1886 Prairie Way
Louisville, CO 80027


StairMaster is and always has been devoted to keeping people fit and healthy. Our full line of fitness products offers something for everyone to stay in shape and live a healthier, happier, more fit life. As a StairMaster customer, you will never have a gap in your fitness equipment needs, and your members will always get the results they want. High quality, diverse products and excellent service are the twenty-year heritage of the StairMaster name. StairMaster is about results. We are about the practical application of health club fitness. We are about helping your members achieve whatever fitness goals they have set in an enjoyable, sustainable way. StairMaster products deliver an exceptional workout, and they are exceptionally comfortable to use. You will feel the unique StairMaster difference, and, most importantly, your customers will feel it too.

StairMaster products deliver an exceptional workout, and they are exceptionally comfortable to use. You will feel the unique StairMaster difference, and, most importantly, your customers will feel it too.

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Nutritional Supplementation for Athletic Clubs

VitaCube Systems are the SAFEST and most COMPLETE products on the market.…

The VitaCube concept is to provide high quality vitamins and minerals (No Ephedra, Creatine, Androsterone), in a system that promotes routine supplement taking. Putting safety first, V3S researchers came up with an array of systems that include everything from a multivitamin to a joint support formula. Each nutritional system, or VitaCube, has been designed to provide a complete foundation of nutrition, with an emphasis on overall health and performance.

Members are attracted to the VitaCube…

Too many members are left dumbfounded when walking into vitamin stores because they have no idea what supplements are going to provide the best results. Members have found the VitaCube easy to use, telling you exactly what to take, how much to take, and when to take your supplements. In addition, each VitaCube is neatly packaged in 30 or 60-day systems, with everything running out at the same time.

Athletic Clubs love the opportunity…

Athletic Clubs have now found with VitaCube Systems the opportunity to promote nutritional products that are not sold in large retail markets. Athletic Clubs do not have to worry about being undersold by the large retail nutrition store down the street; they now have a product specific for them.

Clubs find it easy to market…

Athletic clubs find that the VitaCube product sells itself. The convenience, simplicity and quality set it apart from any other product line in the industry. VitaCube Systems' commitment to product integrity has attracted the likes of Super Bowl strength coach Barry Rubin, All-Pro Denver Broncos quarterback Brian Griese, World Series MVP Curt Schilling, and a whole host of other All-Star athletes and trainers.

480 South Holly Street
Denver, Colorado 80246
Fax: 1-303-316-9004
[email protected]


VitaCube Systems, Inc. (V3S) is a Denver based nutritional supplement company providing an entire line of vitamin and mineral supplements, protein meal replacement drinks and an electrolyte rehydration beverage. V3S offers its revolutionary products through specific distribution outlets such as athletic clubs, personal trainers and the Internet

Please call 1-800-313-2234, Ext. 1 for further information on promoting V3S Products

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