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Charging Stations

Kwik-E-Charge cell phone charging stations are designed for today's wireless communications service market. Located in high-traffic settings such as health clubs, the product capitalizes on members' need to re-charge their portable devices conveniently. This technology allows nearly all models of wireless phones to be charged in a matter of minutes. It's also compatible with other portable electronic devices, such as iPods, laptops and PDAs. All models feature voice and light prompts. They can charge and discharge several mobile device batteries simultaneously, are equipped with UV sterilizing and disinfecting functions, and have a color LCD monitor offering an excellent venue for advertising and public service messaging. All kiosks have multi-level safety features, such as limited current, voltage and temperature, and are short-circuit resistant.

Contact: Take Charge Marketing LLC; phone: 888-669-2242; e-mail: [email protected];

Nutritional Supplements

Pomology has developed five pomegranate-based formulas for specific functions and conditions: heart health, prostate health, menopause, joint health and antioxidant health. Each product has a blend of proven ingredients that consumers can use for immediate and long-term relief. Pomology products contain pomegranate, blueberry, cranberry, grapeseed, green tea and broccoli.

Contact: Bullwater Health & Fitness; phone: 877-766-2010; e-mail: [email protected];

HDTV Screen

BV Entertainment offers the Phillips 15-inch digital LCD HDTV screen with ATSC tuner. The AXS15HD screen displays a sharp picture with detailed color and contrast. The screens have the ability to unscramble digital signals, which allows users to watch HD without an extra box to go with the system.

Contact: BV Entertainment; phone: 800-770-9770;

Eye Health

Users' focusing muscles in their eyes flex and relax when they follow the Eyeport Vision Training System's programmed series of alternating red and blue lights. Because the lights turn on in different directions, patterns and speeds, eyes exercise through their full range of motion — horizontally, vertically, diagonally, near and far. Because most people focus at close range while reading or working at a computer, your focusing system becomes stiff and cramped causing computer eyestrain. Limbering up your eyes with a daily 10-minute workout helps retrain them to work the way they're supposed to, improving visual performance. The primary users of the product are those over the age of 55, but the system is also being used with athletes and within health clubs.

Contact: Exercise Your Eyes; phone: 808-876-1923; e-mail: [email protected];

Cleaning Supplies

Clorox's new platform of natural cleaning products, Green Works, are made with natural, plant-based ingredients and are just as effective as traditional cleaners. Clorox Commercial Solutions Green Works products are a practical way for professionals to create a greener work environment without compromising performance. The ingredients used in the products were developed to be sustainable, non-allergenic and biodegradable. Green Works products are not tested on animals and are packaged in bottles that can be recycled. The platform includes: Natural All-Purpose Spray Cleaner, Natural Glass and Surface Cleaner, Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Natural All-Purpose Dilutable Cleaner. The products are recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Design for the Environment program for using the safest possible ingredients. The product line is used in professional settings, including restaurants, hotels, childcare centers and fitness facilities.

Contact: Clorox; phone: 888-797-7225;


The Hach Accu3 Portable Colorimeter is a high-precision digital meter for the pool and spa market. The meter delivers accuracy that is comparable to lab instruments and tests three critical parameters: total chlorine, free chlorine and pH. The meter uses fast-dissolving DPD powder pillow reagents for total and free chlorine. These powder pillows have a five-year shelf life and are packaged in single doses, so there is no need for measuring. The pH test uses a convenient dropper-tip bottle of phenol red. Once a sample cell is placed into the meter, results appear in five seconds. The meter stores the last 10 measurements along with the time each was taken. The meter comes packed in a convenient carry case, along with reagents (100 tests each), mixing cells, a wrist strap, four AAA batteries and an instruction insert in 15 languages. Refills for the reagents are sold separately.

Contact: AquaChek; phone: 888-278-2243;

Strength Equipment

The Hammer Strength Heavy Duty line features redesigned racks, platforms and accessories. Developed with the help of coaches and athletes, the new racks offer the variety, efficiency and simplicity for advanced performance training. The line includes Power, Half, Combo and Multi-rack options, available in 8- and 9-foot configurations, all built with a walk-through design. Band pegs on the top and bottom of the racks offer a range of options for free-weight technique development and variable resistance training.

Water Bike

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