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Pilates Equipment

The Stott Pilates V2 Max Plus is designed to provide maximum programming within a contained amount of space. The all-in-one system multitasks as a mat, reformer and cadillac. The product provides up to 500 exercises for group classes and private training, and expands Pilates programming options. The machine provides facilities and trainers with a complete system, including specialized programming for rehabilitation, while enhancing the training regimens for the active-aging market and elite athletes looking for advanced sports conditioning. Its vertical frame pulley system accommodates a 3-D range of motion, maintaining workout flow and providing constant resistance without jarring. The adjustable pulley system alters pull direction for standing support while the retractable rope system provides precise rope-length adjustability.
Contact: STOTT PILATES; phone: 800-910-0001;

Exercise Balls

The NRG Ball System by Power Systems includes two detachable foam-covered handles that allow users to perform rotational, diagonal, traditional and sport-specific movements. The system is built to improve core strength and stability. The balls are available in five, seven and nine pounds. They can be used by themselves or with one or both handles.
Contact: Power Systems; phone: 800-321-6975;

Nutritional Supplements

BioNovix's MeridiumXN provides an easily absorbed form of Xanthohumol, which reduces the metabolic stress in the body that results from poor diet, exercise, aging and pollution.
Contact: BioNovix; phone: 866-469-1246;

Microphone System

BV Entertainment's Alesis USB microphone system enables fitness facilities to record message spots on the Internet-based BV music and messaging system. Clubs can use the system to record numerous kinds of messages to promote revenue streams and marketing initiatives, and also messages about personal training, membership promotions, the pro shop, the snack bar, classes, new exercise equipment or community news. Local vendors may also purchase a spot on the system.
Contact: BV Entertainment; phone: 800-770-9770;


Alchemy Glass & Light's hand-crafted, glass art sinks are made by heating raw glass and controlling the cooling of the annealing process. The process has been tested and refined to give each sink the strength and hardness to weather a lifetime of use. The Celestial Series features geometric glass scraps. The Cienega Series is the result of fusing layers of glowing hot glass while trapping precious materials and minerals inside, which create vivid color palettes. The company's Burnished Fossil sink showcases delicate, iridescent foliage and geological relics. Their opulent Pure Gold sink from the Prestige Series features 23-karat gold that has been permanently fused into thick glass. By shining a light underneath them, the sinks can illuminate a bathroom or locker room with color.
Contact: Alchemy Glass & Light;

Exergaming Equipment

The GameCycle merges upper-body exercise with video games. Users push and pull their arms to crank and steer the GameCycle through racing games and other motions on the Nintendo Game Cube. The product fosters cardiovascular fitness, increases upper-body strength and endurance, and improves hand-eye coordination. People of all ages and abilities, including people with mobility disabilities, seniors and children, can use the GameCycle. The product is user friendly with quick-start features, adjustable height, forward and reverse crank options, a variety of handgrips for varying hand function, and a smooth, electronic brake for resistance that enables the user to adjust the difficulty of the workout.
Contact: iTech Fitness; phone: 866-480-7781; e-mail:;

Strength Equipment

Star Trac's S Series light commercial cardio line includes three treadmills, two upright and recumbent bikes, and two total-body trainers. The S Series is designed and warranted for light commercial applications, particularly suited for use in hotels, resorts and spas, rehab centers, and multi-housing facilities. The S Series has user-focused features. The recumbent bikes have adjustable armrests with a walkthrough design. All products feature easy-to-read displays with larger letters, numbers and buttons. The series of equipment also includes personal adjustable fans and motivational track displays, and is available with a seamlessly integrated entertainment option. The S Series is Star Trac's most affordable line.
Contact: Star Trac; phone: 800-228-6635;

Cleaning Supplies

Anywhere Hard Surface Sanitizing Spray kills 99.9 percent of bacteria including salmonella, staph and e. coli within two minutes and is color safe and mild enough to use without gloves, around children and on surfaces used for food preparation. The spray doesn't need to be rinsed or wiped. The odorless product's pH-balanced formula is gentle and effective.
Contact: Ready Care Industries; phone: 800-477-4283; e-mail:;

Hair Accessories

I|m's new generation of accessories are built to hold users' hair in place during workouts. SportClips grip hair in place with 2 1/2 times more hold than traditional hair clips. SnapClips feature extra crimps and a soft finish for a firm hold that keeps hair in place 83 percent better than traditional barrette clips. The IntenseHold head wrap provides a comfortable yet secure hold. The new line also features SecureHold head wraps in green, bright pink, black and white.
Contact: i|m; phone: 866-378-8642;


EverLast induction fixtures cost less than traditional lights, give off much less heat, and produce a full spectrum light for increased productivity and error reduction. EverLast has a bulb rating of up to 100,000 hours, making the fixture virtually maintenance free. EverLast lights have a multi-phosphor blend that is similar to sunshine. The fixtures can be found in retail, fitness, warehouse, factory and showroom facilities throughout the United States.
Contact: Full Spectrum Solutions; phone: 888-574-7014; e-mail:;


FoodTees are a good look for a healthy life. The first series offers 22 designs for T-shirts (long, short sleeve and/or organic cotton), aprons and totes. FoodTees are available for women, men, children, toddlers and babies. All FoodTees include free shipping (international orders excluded), and prices range from $20 to $29, depending on the type of shirt. A portion of the shirts' profits goes to The Food Studies Institute, which is devoted to changing the health destinies of children through proper nutrition and education; Two Angry Moms, a group fighting for the health of America's kids; and Better School Food, which is working with local communities to improve meals and increase awareness of the connection between good food, good health and a student's ability to learn effectively.

Body Composition Testing

The HealthGuard-15 Mobile Wellness Screening System brings wellness screening to users' computer desktops. The health and wellness screening system combines non-invasive body composition analysis with accurate blood pressure and heart rate measurement. The patented cuff automatically adjusts to the size of the users' arm. This has the same effect as a medical professional wrapping a blood pressure cuff around the arm of the patient, allowing for equal accuracy on arms of all sizes. During the blood pressure measurement, near-infrared light is transmitted into the triceps of the user's arm. Fat absorbs the light, while lean mass reflects light back into the sensor to measure body fat, allowing fitness professionals to provide valuable wellness information in the same time that it takes to measure blood pressure. The system also measures clients' weight and takes their pulse.
Contact: Futrex; phone: 800-576-0295;

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