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The organic energy drink essn gives customers energy through a combination of pomegranate and limeflower ingredients. The drink contains no preservatives or high fructose corn syrup. The can has a silver and green design. The drink retails for $1.99.
Contact: SkylarHaley; phone: 866-759-5274;

Walking Poles

Exerstrider walking poles combine walking and cross-country skiing to give exercisers a full-body workout by using more of the body's muscle groups than walking alone. Users can purchase the poles online for $70 to $100. The poles come with an instructional DVD.
Contact: Exerstrider Products; phone: 608-223-9321;


Balanced Body's new training package allows bigger facilities to train instructors on-site and get the proper equipment for the program. The cost of the package begins at $9,600 for all equipment and the training of eight instructors. The program also aids those facilities that already have an established Pilates program but are looking to expand. Features include on-site staff instruction and workshops for Pilates mat, reformer, tower and chair training.
Contact: Balanced Body; phone: 800-745-2837; e-mail: ; or

Nutritional Supplements

Diet Classics' new line of formula weight-loss supplements contains eight separate formulas that use similar ingredients to brand name products. All products in the line are free of animal byproducts and are suitable for vegetarians. Diet Classics retails for about half the cost of leading brand names.
Contact: Diet Classics; phone: 888-848-2578; e-mail:;


SportsArt Fitness has released a new line of Xtreme Series elliptical trainers that allow fitness enthusiasts a way to burn more calories with longer strides, ranging from 17 to 29 inches. The E880/E870 ellipticals have features such as Vari-Stride programs and a MyFlex pedal cushioning system, which is based on the user's weight. The E880 has an entertainment-ready LCD screen with multi-source inputs, and the 870 has an oversized dot matrix display. Both machines are also programmed with the feature CardioAdvisor, which monitors a person's heart rate.
Contact: SportsArt Fitness; phone: 866-709-1750; e-mail:;

Nutritional Programs

BrainSavers combines brain and body exercises with nutritional formulas into a total-lifestyle program. The program is geared towards improving physical and mental health.
Contact: BrainSavers; phone: 800-725-6806; e-mail:;


Phillip and Jackie Mills, the creators of Les Mills, have written a new book titled “Fighting Globesity.” The book advocates the term “globesity,” which is the relationship between personal fitness, national health systems and global sustainability. The book outlines three parts to achieve a fit body: creating a successful fitness lifestyle, eating in a way that will transform a person's health and the planet, and becoming eco-friendly in aspects of our lives.
Contact: Les Mills;

Exercise Devices

The DashTrak combines the features of a pedometer, high-end sports watch and a heart-monitoring device. At 1½ by 2 inches, the DashTrak weighs less than an ounce. Users can use the information recorded each day and upload it onto the DashTrak Wellness Web site to keep track of their results.
Contact: WalkStyles; phone: 949-305-5888;

Body Composition

Futrex Inc.'s near-infrared body composition analyzer FUTREX-62 is second in line to the FUTREX-6100 and is lower in cost. The device features an easy-to-read LCD display screen and provides a detailed body composition analysis that includes total percent body fat, reserve body fat and excess body fat. It also reads total lean body mass, BMI, basal metabolic rate and normalized hydration level.
Contact: FUTREX; phone: 800-576-0295; e-mail:;

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