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Cardio machines are some of the most popular exercise choices at many a health club. However, even avid users can find themselves getting bored during a 30-minute workout.

Enter entertainment systems.

Today's entertainment technology can keep your members interested in the workout by distracting them from the boredom and discomfort often associated with exercise. This in turn helps you keep your members where you want them — in your club exercising. In addition, entertainment systems can comfort new exercisers, turning prospects into members.

Nowadays, you need a little song and dance to convince many prospective clients to start a healthy lifestyle. The following companies can supply you with their audiovisual entertainment expertise.


American Technology Corp. (ATC) is shaping the future of audio technology by developing and licensing its sound reproduction technologies and electronic products, according to the company. ATC's technology portfolio includes the award-winning Hyper-Sonic Sound (HSS) and Stratified Field Technology (SFT) sound reproduction technologies, PureBass sub-woofer technology, and Magnified Force Woofer technology, among others.
American Technology Corp.
13114 Evening Creek Drive S.,
San Diego, CA 92128; (858) 679-2114;
fax: (858) 679-0545;
Circle Reader Service No. 136


BroadcastVision introduced wireless fitness entertainment in 1989 to provide fitness facilities with exercise-friendly workout environments offering multiple entertainment choices. Today, the BroadcastVision Fitness Cinema Entertainment Network enhances the overall workout experience for more than 17 million viewers a day worldwide, according to the company. Choose from three wireless Fitness Cinema systems (Fitness Cinema 900, Personal Fitness Cinema and Fitness Cinema FM) to attract new members, and increase retention and overall profits, says the company.
BroadcastVision, 5126 Clareton Drive, Suite
60, Agoura Hills, CA 91301; (818) 879-9780;
fax: (818) 879-9790;
Circle Reader Service No. 131


New Wireless Cardio Theater LCS has been designed to provide up to 52 channels of exercise entertainment for your cardio area while eliminating the wires from one piece of equipment to the next. This moderately priced system delivers crystal-clear, digital stereo. It's reliable, easy to install and easy to maintain.
Cardio Theater, 21420-D N.W. Nicholas Court,
#12-13, Hillsboro, OR 97124; (800) 776-6695;
fax: (503) 645-9036;
Circle Reader Service No. 132


ClubCom's proprietary “microcast” Internet technologies enable each club to customize music video entertainment programming on an hour-by-hour basis in accordance with member preferences that vary throughout the day. High-quality television commercials can be produced by ClubCom that promote services offered by health clubs to their members such as profit centers (e.g., personal training) and membership retention and referral programs. In addition, health clubs earn significant advertising revenues from advertisements broadcast over their respective networks.
ClubCom, Inc., Six Penn Center W.,
Pittsburgh, PA 15276; (412) 787-2221;
fax: (412) 787-2999; [email protected];
Circle Reader Service No. 137


Commercial Sound Works Inc. is an award-winning producer of high-energy audio and video systems. Its services include creative design and consultation, equipment sales and nationwide installation services. The company offers competitive discount pricing and affordable lease packages on the industry's best high-performance sound and video/TV equipment for every budget and application.
Commercial Sound Works,
408 S. Pasadena Ave., Unit 4,
Pasadena, CA 91105;
(626) 685-9756; fax: (626) 685-9760;
[email protected];
Circle Reader Service No. 133


DirecTV Inc. is reportedly the nation's leading provider of digital television service, with more than 8.7 million customers, including customers subscribing to PrimeStar by DirecTV. The company offers access to more than 210 digital-quality channels, all with picture and sound so sharp and clear, you'll find it hard to believe you're watching the same TV set, states the company.
DirecTV, 2230 E. Imperial Highway,
El Segundo, CA 90245; (800) 347-3288;
(310) 964-5563; fax: (310) 535-5430;
Circle Reader Service No. 134


Kenleigh Industries introduces its PRO Series of speakers for 2001. The PRO Series is the product of two decades of experience in manufacturing speakers for the fitness industry, states the company. Producing high-definition clarity, with exceptionally wide and smooth dispersion and precise bass response, the PRO is ideally suited to an aerobic facility environment, according to Kenleigh.
Kenleigh Industries, 4655 30th St.,
San Diego, CA 92116; (800) 995-7007;
[email protected]
Circle Reader Service No. 135

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