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In today's society, time is more important than money, and as such, members want to maximize their workouts in as little time as possible. Total-body conditioning equipment can help members achieve that goal. By simultaneously working both the upper and lower body, total-body exercise equipment can burn more calories and fat in a shorter amount of time. Even for members who have the luxury of time, these machines can help cross-train or add variety to their routines. Total-body conditioning equipment comes in a variety of forms as well, so there is something of interest for every member. From Pilates machines to climbing walls to ellipticals, and more, the following companies offer the best total-body equipment on the market.


Aquatoner aquatic exercise equipment turns the iso-kinetic properties of water into a whole body workout. The Aquatoner moves underwater and changes shape, providing waves of resistance for the swimmer. The turbulence created by two Aquatoners can travel throughout the pool. Use Aquatoner like a bicycle when you wear a floatation device. A single Aquatoner works the muscles and joints of the lower, middle and upper body. It can also be used for rehabilitation purposes too. Contact: Aquatoner, P.O. Box 4764, Key West, FL 33041; (800) 237-0469; fax: (305) 295-7702;
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Balanced Body introduced the Reformer/Trapeze, which combines the two most popular pieces of Pilates equipment into one efficient, space-saving machine. This total-body conditioning equipment is versatile for a wide variety of Pilates personal training and sport-specific conditioning applications. The Reformer/Trapeze is a practical solution for clubs who plan to offer a complete Pilates program, yet have limited space. The equipment comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Contact: Balanced Body, 7500 14th Ave., Ste. 23, Sacramento, CA 95820; (800) 745-2837; fax: (916) 454-3120;
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The rotating Treadwall, introduced in 1989, offers the critical option of self-paced, continuous climbing; this is because the wall moves only when the climber moves. As a total-body exercise, wall climbing is highly functional, plus requires a full range of motion, trunk flexibility, cardiovascular performance and mental focus. Contact: Brewer's Ledge, 34 Brookley Rd., Boston, MA 02130; (617) 983-5244; (800) 707-9616; fax: (617) 983-5261;;;
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The CCS Fitness Body Trec has earned the “Consumer Guide Best Buys 2001” rating, the company reports. The natural elliptical motion provides a no-impact, total-body workout for less stress on the joints. The upper and lower body works in a motion that tones arms, chest, back, hips, legs and glutes. Contact: CCS Fitness Inc., 16401 E. 33rd Dr., Ste. 40, Aurora, CO 80011; (303) 341-8128;;
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The Shuttle System equipment assists people to improve and maintain fitness, rehabilitate limbs and back following injury or surgical procedures and prepare athletes for optimum performance. The large Shuttles have a rebound system built into the moving backrest or carriage. During exercise, the Shuttle allows a full range of motion of the arms and legs. The Shuttles isolate and train abdominal strength, train general train general or specific lower body muscle groups and improve proprioception and upper body strength. Contact: Contemporary Design Co., 1005 Mt. Baker Hwy, P.O. Box 5089, Glacier, WA 98244; (800) 334-5633; fax: (360) 599-2171;
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The CyclePlus TBX 4000 Total Body Workout Center is the industry's first dual-resistance cross-trainer. It offers three cardiovascular modes for upper body only, lower body only or a combined upper and lower body. The cross-trainer is self-powered or with optional AC. The CyclePlus TBX 4000 Total Body Center is a recumbent all body trainer. With three cardiovascular modes, it features a dual motor braking system and includes separate resistance controls for the upper body rower/exerciser. It is self-powered or can be used with AC. Contact: CyclePlus, P.O. Box 1168, Ross, CA 94957; (800) 535-5140; fax: (415) 461-4915.
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The Exercycle combines swimming, rowing, cycling, chin-ups, as well as callisthenic motions in one fluid workout. The motor-driven cycle allows people with neuromuscular and other debilitating conditions to benefit from a full-body workout. Used for both exercise and rehabilitation, the Theracycle helps combat the loss of strength, vigor and vitality. The Theracycle has an adjustable seat for safety and stability, pedals that hold the foot in place and a self-locking, dual-position handlebars. Contact: Exercycle Corp., 667 Providence St., Woomacket, R.I. 02895; (800) 367-6712; fax: (401) 762-0797;
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Heart Rate Inc. manufactures and distributes the climbing workout, the VersaClimber, The VersaClimber comes in two basic sizes and three basic models. The CL-108/109ALX series is perfect for members who are looking for the ultimate cardio workout. The CL-108/109 LX series adds hydraulic resistance to allow members to do a variety of cardio, strength, power and cross training exercises. The CL-108/109ALXP or CL-108/109LXP adds Polar compatible heart rate monitoring. Contact: Heart Rate Inc., 3190 E. Airport Loop, Costa Mesa, CA 92626; (800) 237-2271; fax: (714) 755-5749;
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Jacobs Ladder manufactures a climbing machine with ladder-type rungs on a non-motorized continuous treadmill. Jacobs Ladder provides an effective cardiovascular workout, placing little stress on the back and eliminating the pounding that occurs in many forms of exercise. This exercise involves the shoulders; lower back, knees and legs. An adjustable belt and tether activates the climbing system. The climbing speed automatically adjusts to the desired speed and comes to a complete stop when climbing stops. The microprocessor monitors speed, calories, distance, and time. The heart rate monitoring system utilizes Polar® Heart Rate technology. Contact: Jacobs Ladder Inc, 6662 Boston State Rd., Hamburg, N.Y. 14075; (800) 716-6786; fax: (716) 649-4928;
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Life Fitness's latest family of total-body Cross Trainers provides effective, versatile and virtually zero-impact workouts. Self-powered, the Cross Trainers feature a rear drive that creates a smooth, fluid, low-impact motion, moving the arms forward or in reverse in synchronization with the foot pedals. The close pedal spacing reduces lateral shifting of the hips, which minimizes lower back stress. Contact: Life Fitness, 10601 W. Belmont Ave., Franklin Park, IL 60131; (800) 634-8637; fax: (847) 288-3703;;
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Motion Fitness introduces the Ultimate Fitness Object (UFO). The UFO incorporates more than 30 innovative workouts for the upper body, lower body and abs that combine core, yoga and Pilates-style movements. By keeping the body active in multiple planes, the UFO enhances performance and restores balance and range of motion in all activities. The safe, all-natural rear motion is synergistically better for abdominal effectiveness and the lower back. The UFO features a contoured molded pad that's soft on the knees, multidirectional wheels for easy movement, ergonomic push-up bars made of tubular steel and a “UFO Experience” workout video. Contact: Motion Fitness, 1086 National Parkway, Schaumburg, IL 60173; (877) 668-4664; fax: (847) 882-3973;
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Developed by exercise and ergonomic specialists with the advice of health professionals, the TRS 4000 is designed for maximum effectiveness, safety and ease of use. Simultaneously exercises arms and legs with a smooth, full-range motion. The TRS 4000 is compatible with Polar heart-monitoring system for wireless heart-rate monitoring. Contact: Nustep Inc., 5111 Venture Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48108; (800) 322-2209; fax: (734) 769-8180;
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The Total Workout System® is an innovative multi-function machine combines the popular Pilates Universal Reformer and Cadillac into an easily convertible, compact system for maximum performance and value. It's ideal for private training or small group classes. The Total PilateSystem instructor training and the comprehensive line of premiere Peak Pilates equipment support the versatile Total Workout System. Contact: Peak Pilates, 5425 Airport Blvd. Ste. 103, Boulder, CO 80301; (800) 925-3674; fax: (303) 473-9142;
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Precor announces the launch of the self-powered EFX*556 Total Body Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer The next-generation model in the EFX556 line offers greater high-end resistance for a more challenging workout, a unique generator system, which provides low start-up resistance and new on-board diagnostics that add ease of maintenance and service. The sealed-bearing polyurethane wheels, fixed 25° ramp and patented rear drive deliver a no-impact stride that preserves the integrity of a user's natural gait and reduces the risk of over-striding. The durable Precor touch-sensitive keypad technology responds to the slightest touch to a display console presenting programs for a variety of fitness objectives. Also featured is SmartRate* monitoring that establishes a user's target training zones based on age and body weight. Club operators may pre-set maximum workout time and pause length, and language choices including English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Chinese. The EFX556 is CSAFE compatible to accommodate FitLinxx*, CardioTheater*, and other entertainment options. Contact: Precor, 20031 142nd Avenue N.E., P.O. Box 7202, Woodinville, WA 98072; (800) 786-8404; fax: (425) 486-3856;
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Reebok/CCS Fitness incorporates total body exercise into commercial cardiovascular equipment. Total body exercise involves more muscle mass in an aerobic activity. The larger the muscle mass involved, the better fat mobilization, more calories burned and increasing muscle endurance in an efficient time period and a reduced perceived rate of exertion. The elliptical machines allow the back foot to remain parallel to the floor, providing a natural, low-impact exercise. CCS Fitness commercial equipment is life-tested for more than 10,000 hr of club use. Contact: Reebok/CCS Fitness, 16401 E. 33rd Dr, Suite 40, Aurora, CO 80011; (800) 344-0444; fax: (303) 341-8128;
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The new SXT7000 Total Body Elliptical from SCIFIT incorporates upper and lower body exercise for a total body workout. The standard Bio-Flex pivoting footbed increases circulation to the foot and ankle area and provides a more natural feel. Other SCIFIT Core products include Sinties' home medical products, as well as SCIFIT®'s line of bikes, treadmills, climbers, elliptical walkers and ergometers. The Cardio-Key® is a patented wireless communication system for exercise program prescription and documentation. Cardio-Key® can store both protocols and compliance for multiple exercise sessions and can be customized for each user. Contact: SciFit, 5616A S. 122nd E. Ave., Tulsa, OK 74146; (800) 278-3933; fax: (918) 254-4189;
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The Airdyne® stationary bike from Schwinn re-creates the outdoor cycling experience indoors by utilizing an exclusive wind vane system to provide a continuous programmable and variable workload resistance. The fans activated by the handlebars provide a cooling breeze. The Airdyne also includes movable handlebars to work the upper body. Users can also isolate the upper or lower body by using just the handlebars or pedals. Contact: Schwinn, 1690 38th st., Boulder, CO 80301; (800) 724-3466;
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The 8300 total-body elliptical is the latest in a long line of products from SportsArt. Featuring patented adjustable stride technology, the 8300 allows different-size users the ability to customize stride length. This feature also varies the training effect for maximum results, according to the company. Both stride length and resistance levels are adjusted from convenient switches located in the handles. Other features include contact heart rate, heart rate control, and a wide variety of preset and custom courses. Contact: SportsArt, 15500 Woodinville-Redmond Rd., Building C, Ste. 100, Woodinville, WA 98072; (800) 709-1400;
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The unique variable stride length (10 inches to 40 inches) of the FreeRunner 5600 accommodates a wide range of individuals and fitness levels. Free-floating pedals allow users to simulate the natural heel-to-toe path of running, while avoiding joint impact. The FreeRunner has six workout programs, each with 20 levels of intensity. A flip of the built-in handles provides the option of a total-body or lower-body workout. Contact: StairMaster Health & Fitness Products Inc.,12421 Willows Road N.E., Suite 100, Kirkland, WA 98034; (800) 635-2936; fax: (800) 764-7381;;
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Star Trac's Thruster gives users a calorie-burning workout while simultaneously executing physiologically perfect lunges, squats, pull-ups, dips and push-ups. Built like a chair with a backrest that glides smoothly up and down, the Thruster allows the user to perform these functional exercises while virtually eliminating any chance of injury, states the company. Contact: Star Trac, 14410 Myford Road, Irvine, CA 92606; (714) 669-1660; (800) 228-6635; fax: (714) 838-6286;
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True 750EA Total Body Elliptical Trainer has arm action that mimics the natural heel-toe motion of walking and provides a total-body workout. The cordless unit features HRC Heart Rate Control, “on the fly” program changes and thumb switch controls that adjust resistance and incline. Commercial warranty of the trainer is 3 years parts & labor. Each piece is made with the “Humanomics” philosophy of designing for the user's intellectual side, in addition to safe and efficient ergonomic design. Contact: True Fitness, 865 Hoff Rd., O'Fallon, MO 63366; (800) 426-6570; fax: (636) 272-7148;
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The X6600HRT/DA Corporate dual-action elliptical trainer from Vision Fitness features an Easy-8 LED continual feedback console with telemetric and contact heart rate training. Self-generated, the Corporate may be placed in any location without worrying about access to an electrical socket. An extra-heavy gauge steel frame and tubing make for a more stable workout base, while computer modeling on Vision Fitness's Quiet-Glide drive technology shows the expected life to exceed 20,000 hours, according to the company. Contact: Vision Fitness, P.O. Box 280, 500 S. C.P. Ave., Lake Mills, WI 53551; (800) 335-4348; (920) 648-4090; fax: (920) 648-3373;
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