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New Products & Services Review


Imagine having the best of free weights and selectorized equipment in one machine. Wait…that already exists, and the category is growing.

There was a time when a person had to decide between the feel of free weights and the muscle-specific benefits of selectorized equipment, but that was before plate-loaded equipment.

At first, sports teams from college to the pros took advantage of the targeted and stabilized training that plate-loaded equipment provides, while allowing the exerciser to do more of the work and stabilization than machines with cables and pulleys. But now that more companies are offering these soon-to-be stable pieces, combined with a variety of styles and technologies, it's no wonder more facilities are loading up on these best of both world blends.


The six-piece FreeMotion plate-loaded circuit consists of the chest, shoulder, seated quad, lats, row, and squat. The equipment enhances stability and structural integrity with a tripod base and heavy-duty steel tubing. Each piece has a small footprint that maximizes the area it occupies with built-in weight plate posts and the ability for users to progress through an array of exercises from isolated movements to functional movements that integrate the whole body. Instructional placards demonstrate a variety of exercise progressions, while minimizing the need for staff involvement. Contact: Freemotion Fitness Inc., 1096 Elkton Drive, Suite 600, Colorado Springs, CO 80907; (719) 955-1100 ext. 114; fax: (719) 955-1104;
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The LEVER line of plate-loaded equipment features straightforward, functional simplicity and a small footprint. It is designed to provide the feel of free weights with the safety and control of a machine. LEVER plate-loaded equipment is built to demanding standards. The equipment features a user-friendly and space-saving design. Contact: Pulse Fitness Systems Inc., 600 Mission St., Winnipeg, MB Canada R2J OA2; (204) 235-0904; fax: (204) 231-1499; Circle Reader Service Card No. 101


TuffStuff designed its plate-loaded equipment around the biomechanics of body movements and muscle functions. In determining the structure of each machine calculations for body mass, axis of rotation and compound actions of motion were built into the machine to provide biomechanically correct exercise. TuffStuff plate-loaded equipment delivers the same workout to all users. The CT-750 prone leg curl and the CT-777 horizontal leg press are just two of the plate-loaded equipment offered by TuffStuff. Contact: TuffStuff, 1325 E. Franklin Ave., Pomona, CA 91766; (909) 629-1600; fax: (909) 629-4967;
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Strength Inc. manufactures weight-lifting and body-building equipment, as well as plate-loaded and selectorized equipment and free weights. The new Incline Press features independent arms and attachments for Rubber Band Technology. The equipment's arms and seat are adjustable for height. Contact: Strength Inc., 3265A State Hwy 13, Lampe, MO 65681; (417) 779-3307; fax (417) 779-3308;
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Power Strength has more than 20 years of engineering and design experience behind its durable and affordable line of plate-loaded machines. Each piece of plate-loaded equipment in this free weight series is constructed of 1 ½" by 4" fully welded tubular steel frames that are powder coated and include medical grade upholstery. Contact: Power Strength, 1723 S. Boyd, Santa Ana, CA 92705; (800) 202-5037; fax: (714) 258-2111;
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The weight-assisted chin dip from Northern Lights offers your facility a more affordable and user-friendly alternative to other chin-dips on the market. If features multiple handgrip angles for exercise variety, sealed bearing pivot points and the exclusive “Ergo-Tech” pad. Overall height of the machine is 86 inches. Contact: Northern Lights, U.S. office, P.O. Box 6247, Lindenhurst, IL 60046; phone: (847) 265-5319; fax (847) 265-5320;
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The CXp series consists of four core upper body movements: seated, rowing, shoulder press, bench press and incline chest press. The linkage system resists acceleration of the weight plates so that the resistance curve of the motion matches the strength curve of the muscle group. The machine features independent converging/diverging arm movement, swiveling handles and bent tubing for stability. All seat adjustments have slip tubing with self-lubrication bushings. Contact: Body Masters, 700 E. Texas Ave., Rayne, LA 70578; (800) 325-8964; fax: (337) 334-4827;
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Hammer Strength has more than 25 patented innovations using converging and diverging arcs of motion. The company's plate-loaded machines have low starting resistance and small incremental weight increases. The linear leg press provides a traditional linear leg press motion at a 40-degree angle. The unit has two start positions, a large footplate and a back pad that adjusts in two positions for proper ergonomics. The design ensures smooth, fluid movement and provides a loading capacity of 1,300 pounds. Contact: Hammer Strength, 10601 W. Belmont Ave., Franklin Park, IL 60131; (800) 634-8637; fax: (847) 288-3796;
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Strive's Smart Strength technology offers plate-loaded equipment that allows users to alter the resistance patterns of the exercise movement. Maximum resistance can be placed at any region of the movement, whether at the beginning, the middle, the end or at any region in between. The system works the targeted muscle group to a fatigued and optimally trained state in about two to three minutes. Contact: Strive Enterprises, Southpointe Plaza II, Suite 110, 380 Southpoint Blvd., Canonsburg, PA 15317; (800) 368-6448; fax: (724) 873-5770;
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FLITE free-weight loaded iso-verging training equipment is a plate-loaded line featuring cross pivot technology. To accommodate compound pushing and pulling movements, these machines have opposing pivot points, which create converging and diverging paths. The equipment features light starting weights, pillow-block bearings and low-profile frame designs, and weights load below the waist. Icarian plate-loaded equipment is made of two-by-four bent steel frames, larger welding surface and less unsightly support. The plate-loaded equipment features range of motion, comfort grip pull pins, machined and chromed guide rods, durable rubber grips and machined aluminum end caps, aluminum head selector pin and leathered key and engraved number seat adjustments. Contact: Fitness Products International, 12660 Branford St., Sun Valley, CA 91352; (800) 883-2421; fax: (818) 897-2202;
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Magnum's plate-loaded equipment features seamless motion. The patented mechanism creates perfect form through multijoint, multiplane movement. The Magnum Biangular mechanism is safe and effective multimotion movement because it is controlled, fluid and biomechanically sound through diverging or converging exercise patterns. The technology lets clientele move from circuits to free weights without more instruction. Contact: Magnum Fitness Systems, 2201 12th Ave., South Milwaukee, WI 53172; (414) 764-4068; fax: (414-768-7047;
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Cybex plate-loaded equipment comes with range-limiting on selected models that allows for adjustable start positions for perfect alignment and improved safety. The equipment features intuitive markers and wear guards that protect frames from leaning plates. The equipment can accommodate users of any size and features variable resistance, dual axis technology, heavy-duty welded frames, sealed bearing pivots and replaceable wear covers. Contact: Cybex International, 10 Trotter Drive, Medway, MA 02053; (888) GO-CYBEX;
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With FreeMotion equipment every movement is enabled from side to side, back and forth, up and down and around so users are training movements as well as muscles. The company offers a full line of plate-loaded equipment. The plate-loaded chest machine features movement in any combination of standard press or fly exercises; seated against the pad, back off the pad or standing; arms moving symmetrically, asymmetrically or alternating. The machine features 3-inch by 6-inch 7-gauge tubing and two-inch by three-inch 11-gauge tubing for structural integrity. Three built-in weight storage posts eliminate the need for separate weight plate holders. The machine also is designed with a tripod base and bolt down holes for added stability. Contact: FreeMotion Fitness Inc., 1096 Elkton Drive, Suite 600, Colorado Springs, CO 8907; (877) 363-8449; fax: (719) 955-1104;
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Samson offers a line of plate-loaded equipment. The No. 816 lat machine is designed with adjustable thigh pads to hold lifter in position. It includes lat and tricep bars with deeply knurled superior grips and is designed to be free-standing or floor mounted. The machine is made of steel tubing with flat welds polished to a smooth finish. Equipment built by Samson is backed by a lifetime warranty on frames, an eight-year warranty on bearings and an 18-month warranty on upholstery. Contact: Samson Equipment Inc., P.O. Box 353, Fairacres, NM 88033; (800) 472-6766; fax: (505) 523-2100;
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ProMaxima manufactures a line of plate-loaded equipment. The frames are made of high stress steel tubing and all welds are ground down and stress tested and all tubing ends have solid steel caps welded to them. There is a lifetime warranty on the frames and welds. The solid steel weight plates have self-lubricating graphite bushings and three-inch plate spacers for quiet and smooth movement and maintenance-free durability. Contact: ProMaxima, 5325 Ashbrook, Houston, TX; (800) 231-6652; fax: (713) 667-9941;
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