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Selectorized Equipment

Attractive to a wide range of gym members, selectorized equipment improves muscle tone while promising a greater ease of motion than traditional free weights.

Targeting specific areas of the body, selectorized machines are ideal for all exercisers from the novice and rehabilitation patient to the seasoned athelete. Adaptibility and ergonomic design make today's selectorized equipment pieces a staple at any club. From peck decks to calf machines and everything in between selectorized equipment comes in a wide variety of styles that address virtually every muscle in the human body.

The following companies offer some of today's high-quality selectorized products, sure to enhance any fitness facilty or health club.


The newest additions to the Body-Solid Pro Club-Line are the Dual Cable Column and Rotary Torso Machine. Both of these “smooth operators” are designed to give the user a comfortable and effective workout experience, according to the company, plus the machines are built to deliver decades of flawless performance. Fitness Factory Outlet is the commercial sales division for Body-Solid strength-training equipment.

Fitness Factory Outlet, 1900 S. Des Plaines Ave., Forest Park, IL 60130; (888) 477-6888; (708) 427-3521;
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With the introduction of the Functional Step, the Free Motion line now includes 15 machines. Based on the principles of working out using real-life motions, Functional Step applications include rehab, general training, high-level strength training and elite-level athlete training. The step height ranges from 3 inches to 18 inches. Resistance can be set from zero (body weight only) to 200 pounds. Dimensions are 36 inches wide by 78 inches long by 72 inches high. Total weight is 600 pounds.

Ground Zero, 1096 Elkton Drive, Suite 600, Colorado Springs, CO 80907; (877) 363-8449; fax: (719) 955-1104
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The Hoggan Health Inner/Outer Thigh Machine offers both abductor and adductor exercises in one piece of equipment. The machine's padded, semi-reclined backrest provides proper isolation and comfort. Leg pads are designed for support without unnecessary leverage points. The machine features a user-accessible range-start limiter and weight stacks, a 120-degree range of motion, unilateral/bilateral exercise, and optional weight stacks.

Hoggan Health Industries, 12411 S. 265 W., P.O. Box 957, Draper, UT 84020; (800) 678-7888; (801) 572-6500; fax: (801) 572-6514;
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Fitness Products International (FPI) has released the newest addition to the Icarian strength-training line: the Functional Training System (FTS). The FTS reportedly gives the user substantial freedom in defining the path of motion when performing a variety of strength and conditioning exercises. The machine incorporates a cable-and-pulley design for application of resistance and orients the resistance using two adjustable high/low pulleys positioned next to the user's body. The footprint of the design, orientation of the resistance, and substantial adjustability create an exercise environment in which dozens of exercises can be performed. If desired, a total-body workout can be performed with the FTS alone, incorporating every major muscle group, the company reports.

Fitness Products International, 12660 Branford St., Sun Valley, CA 91352; (800) 883-2421; [email protected];
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The Dual Pulley Pull-down is part of the Life Fitness Pro Series Selectorized Strength line. The unit features two independent handles that allow users to define their path of motion and easily change grip or wrist positions for additional variety. The resistance ratio is 1:2 for each handle and the weight stack is 300 pounds.

Life Fitness, 10601 W. Belmont Ave., Franklin Park, IL 60131; (800) 634-8637; (847) 288-3300; fax: (847) 288-3703; [email protected];
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Capitalizing on its experience in isolating lumbar muscles through pelvic restraint, MedX has introduced a commercial model Exercise Lumbar Machine, or the EXL. This machine functions as the cornerstone of what MedX calls its “Core 4,” a quartet of equipment designed to provide trunk strength, flexibility and stability. The EXL patterns its pelvic restraint system after the computerized MedX Lumbar Extension.

MedX, 1401 N.E. 77th St., Oscala, FL 34479; (800) 876-6339; fax: (352) 629-8670; [email protected];
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The Nitro line from Nautilus boasts a low height profile and compact footprint. Nitro is built for heavy-use facilities yet is competitively priced. The Nitro machines feature converging single axis movements, full-range variable resistance cams, belt drive and EZ-Glide seats, for the ultimate in user friendliness, the company reports.

Nautilus International Inc., 709 Powerhouse Road, Independence, VA 24348; (800) 628-8458; (540) 773-2881; fax: (540) 773-3306;
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Nebula designs and manufactures its equipment to meet the highest standard in today's market. It must be kinesiologically correct in its function to fit all users no matter their size, and, at the same time, it must be durable under the most drastic of situations, the company reports.

Nebula Fitness Equipment, P.O. Box 54, 1142 N. Center St., Versailles, OH 45380; (800) 763-3852; (937) 526-5410; fax: (937) 526-9411;
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The AP-2000 leg extension provides easy adjustment of the heavy-duty four bar linkage seat to five settings from a seated position. This station has the unique Paramount dual offset axis cam design, which reportedly delivers an accurate resistance force curve and load ratio. The machine features a contoured leg-pad assembly with six settings and cam. Available with optional range-of-motion limiter. Machine dimensions are 48 inches by 43 inches by 63 inches.

Paramount Fitness Corp., 6450 E. Bandini Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90040; (800) 721-2121; (323) 721-2121; fax: (323) 724-2000; [email protected];
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The new line of Integra Body Sculpting products, distributed and sold by StairMaster, comprises six machines. The patent pending design is both visually appealing and conducive to effective training, states the company. Each product is designed to use closed kinetic chain movement, permitting functional conditioning. The line is specifically designed to address the needs of the women's market, in that the new machines safely and effectively target the areas which women consistently state are their biggest challenges, such as hips, buttocks and thighs.

StairMaster Health & Fitness Products Inc., 12421 Willows Road N.E., Suite 100, Kirkland, WA 98034; (800) 635-2936; (425) 823-1825; fax: (800) 764-7381; (425) 823-7151; [email protected];
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TuffStuff's DT-807 Inner & Outer Thigh Machine features a low profile and small footprint main frame constructed with 11-gauge 2 inch by 3 inch structural steel, providing maximum stability. The machine also utilizes a conveniently located lever adjustment for the range of motion and start positions for both exercises. In addition, the pneumatically gas-assisted back-pad support is easily adjusted from the seated position. Standard features include solid bronze pulleys, powder-coated steel protective weight enclosures, embroidered wear cover, illustrated exercise chart and 150 pound black steel or chrome weight stack.

TuffStuff, 1325 E. Franklin Ave., Pomona, CA 91766; (909) 629-1600; fax: (909) 629-4967;; [email protected]
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The Vortex Advanced Functional Strength Training Pro-Trainer Total Body System II features a 360-degree free-movement “grab-and-go” capability within the exclusive bilateral Vortex Curve. The system boasts a biomechanically optimized ADA-compliant footprint and design. Features include a 3-D Vector Reading and Monitoring System (3-D VRMS), complete with a 31-piece accessory package with the Vortex bench bar, progressive resistance therapy bands and therapy exercise bar. A convenient accessory storage rack is standard.

Vortex Fitness Equipment LLC, 2130 N. Market St., Wilmington, DE 19802; (877) 676-4677; (302) 426-0701; [email protected];
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