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The importance of business and fitness software is unprecedented today in the health and fitness industry, particularly among facilities that want to manage their front desks and member traffic as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Club management software, for instance, has been designed to keep you in total control of your facility, with modules for member and guest check-in, billing, point-of-sale and inventory control, as well as general ledger functions and custom reports.

Meanwhile, there are a variety of fitness assessment software packages available to help manage and monitor members’ workouts. These systems can measure and track cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, body composition and more. Here’s just a sampling of some of the business and fitness software available.

Apex Management Services Inc.
Apex Management Services is a licensed and bonded financial services agency for health clubs and small businesses. Apex provides an array of services: billing, contract management, computerized check-in and usage systems. Apex provides the flexibility to adapt to the needs and requirements of your club, states the company. Its goal is to give its customers the services and products they desire. Apex handles EFT/bank drafts, payment coupon books, bank credit cards, customized contracts, check-in and usage tracking software, and membership ID cards. Apex does all the computer data entry in-house.

Apex Management Services Inc., P.O. Box 21277, Eagan, MN 55121; (800) 317-2739;

Expert Manager software uses the same type of artificial intelligence NASA used to program Sojourner aboard the Pathfinder for its exploration of the Martian landscape. The system uses the artificial intelligence to analyze and measure a club’s performance against an optimum model. It assesses data and offers prescriptive recommendations, taking much of the guesswork out of club management, the company notes.

Aphelion, 1100 NASA Road 1, Houston, TX 77058; (800) 324-9800; (713) 333-9800;

ASF International
AFS’s Club Management software allows users to manage their membership base, streamline communications, generate reports, track sales and improve club security, states the company. ASF’s software utilizes the latest Windows technology for efficient, user-friendly operations. Daily uploads to its mainframe ensures that user files are securely “backed-up” off-site. ASF also offers customer computer systems for a low monthly fee, free upgrades and free technical support.

ASF International, 12596 W. Bayland Ave. #100, Denver, CO 80228; (800) 227-3859; (303) 986-9563; fax: (303) 986-6813;

Aspen Information Systems
According to Aspen Information Systems, Visual ClubMate helps club operators in three focal points of business: managing cash, acquiring new members and retaining existing members. Aspen’s modular approach allows club operators to choose the tool they need to operate a more profitable and efficient operation. Visual ClubMate provides the necessary tools to manage money. Robust point-of-sale, inventory and receivable management systems are designed specifically for club business. In addition, Aspen’s comprehensive system assists a club’s development of member acquisition and retention programs by maintaining detailed information specific to prospects/guests and members. Aspen also has software to evaluate client fitness, prepare exercise programs and track program adherence in accordance with ACSM guidelines.

Aspen Information Systems, P.O. Box 680031, Houston, TX 77268; (800) 414-0343; fax: (281) 251-7271;;

BIO|ANALlOGICS’ focus is on the development and marketing of patented hardware and software components aimed at establishing new preventive standards. This philosophy has been distilled into the elegant, practical and affordable ELGII Health Management System. The HMS software will help a club’s clients set and obtain their personal health goals. This easy-to-use, Windows-based application works with the patented ELGII body composition analyzer to generate full-color reports detailing body composition status, aerobic exercise and resistance training programs, nutrition recommendation, health risk appraisal and fitness assessment.

BIO|ANALOGICS, 7909 S.W. Cirrus Drive, Beaverton, OR 97008; (800) 327-7953; fax: (503) 641-4031;;

CheckFree Corp.
CheckFree’s RCM2001 is the club management solution that keeps tabs on the total picture: members, operations and revenue. It’s the cash-flow-building system that electronically transfers member fees into your business account every month. RCM2001 simplifies every aspect of running your club, states the company. The system includes easy-to-use software (Windows 95, NT or UNIX), a full hardware package (loaded, tested and ready to run), electronic billing services, plus total support.

CheckFree Corp., 6000 Perimeter Drive, Dublin, OH 43017-3233; (800) 242-9522; fax: (800) 331-4373;;

According to the company, ClubRunner delivers a stress-free, easy-to-learn total management system that installs quickly. Through the use of on-line help and pop-up menus, system commands are learned in minutes after installation, state company officials. ClubRunner offers users a wide variety of training and support. ClubRunner’s Modular System has the management features a club needs to run efficiently: EFT, networking capabilities, system security, entry and membership security, report generation and data transfer. The modules include: members, guests, utilities, daily backup, inventory, front deck and reports.

ClubRunner, 1080 E. Indiantown Road, Suite 202, Jupiter, FL 33477; (800) 554-2582; (561) 746-3392; fax: (561) 746-5822

CSI Software
CSI Software’s management modules include such programs as member management, front-desk check-in, prospects, contracts, class registration, series sales and many more. According to the company, accounting is the heart of a club’s business, and CSI software has designed a package of programs that covers all of a club’s accounting needs. This encompasses everything from point-of-sale to accounts payable and general ledger, all integrated with intuitive drill-down functionality. And with CSI, clubs can bill members by credit card, EFT or statements. CSI’s accounting software was designed taking into account Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). CSI Software, 24 Greenway Plaza, Suite 606, Houston, TX 77046; (800) 247-3431; (713) 572-8322; fax: (713) 572-8377;;

Custom Design Systems
POWERManagement software is the productivity tool designed exclusively for the fitness industry. POWERManagement uses the latest imaging technology to give club operators total control over front-desk check-in and gets them out of the membership card business, states Custom Design Systems. Some of the major features of POWERManagement are: member/guest check-in, point-of-sale, employee time clock, membership production, sales analysis, inventory control, billing/EFT, collection management and report writing. The exclusive Video Identification Proofing stores each member’s photograph, then displays it on the front-desk screen along with other important information at check-in time.

Custom Design Systems, 200 Daniels Way, Suite 210, Freehold, NJ 07728; (800) CDS-Sale, (732) 294-0003; fax: (732) 294-9397

Fair Financial
Fair Financial’s Immediate Cash Flow System (for health and fitness centers) can improve clubs’ revenue streams while simplifying sales and procedures. Fair Financial finances a club’s new memberships and immediately transfers the funds to the club’s bank. Both long-term and short-term contracts are converted into accessible, up-front cash. Then Fair Financial handles the payment program for the duration of the contract, freeing its customers to concentrate on what they do best. In addition, the Immediate Cash Flow System increases sales, states the company. Club’s can get same-day credit decisions, often within hours or even minutes, and new members can begin using their new memberships immediately.

Fair Financial, 815 E. Market St., Akron, OH 44305; (800) 735-3247;

First Credit Services
Club Systems combines with First Credit Services to provide club operators with a billing, processing, collection and accounts receivable management program. Club Systems brings to the table more than 20 years of experience and its user-friendly Validate Business Management software. Together, Club Systems and First Credit Services help bridged the gap between billing, processing, customer service, member retention and collections with a fully automated program. First Credit Services, 1 Woodbridge Center, Suite 410, Woodbridge, NJ 07095; (800) 227-6194, (732) 726-1800; fax: (732) 726-6490

Fitness Age
Fitness Age, developers of the fitness assessment software that instantly translates physiological date into an “age,” recently announced the launch of itsCatchFire corporate program, which shows business people how diet and exercise can help them increase their energy, defuse stress and improve performance. Heading up the CatchFire program is author and speaker Peter McLaughlin, who has spent more than 12 years teaching executives from Fortune 500 companies how to make positive changes in their attitude and lifestyle to increase their well-being and productivity. The Catch-Fire program incorporates motivation seminars, Fitness Age assessments for employees, detailed management reports on overall employee fitness levels and their progress, and a “FitnessAge Challenge,” which rewards employees who successfully lower their Fitness Age result.

Fitness Age, 1700 Lincoln St., Suite 3000, Denver, CO 80203; (877) 4-FIT-AGE; fax: (303) 830-6869;

Karch International
Karch International develops, distributes and supports facility management and health-related software technology. Karch’s strategy focuses on the delivery of a suite of products with features and benefits designed specifically for its target markets of corporations, commercial health facilities, hospitals and universities. KI software performs in any Windows environment but optimally in Windows 95 and Window NT.

Karch International, 7929 Westpark Drive, Suite 200, McLean, VA 22102; (800) 829-4321; (703) 761-0269;

Legend Information Systems
Legend Club Management Software is one of the industry’s premier Windows-based software package. Written specifically for the Windows 95, 98 and NT, Legend is multi-user and offers features like auto check-in, video capture, turnstile control, point-of-sale, membership management, corporate billing, EFT processing, guest tracking, class/court scheduling, locker management, ID card printing, auto-NSF handling and multi-club integration. Legend software allows clubs to bill monthly membership fees, recurring charges and point-of-sale charges.

Legend Information Systems, 2704 Southern Blvd., Suite 12, Rio Rancho, NM 87124; (800) 476-4202; fax: (505) 896-3202

MICROfit Inc.
MicroFit’s HealthWizard 5 is a seamlessly integrated suite of programs designed for organizations that promote general health, fitness, nutrition and exercise. HealthWizard 5 analyzes factors that affect a client’s physical, behavioral and psychological health, and it provides specific recommendations for improvement. HealthWizard 5 gives you all the tools you need to conduct comprehensive health assessments and report outcomes for individuals and groups. Attractive graphics, ease of use, colorful reports and graphs, excellent customer support, time management scheduler plus much more make it the perfect choice for serious health and wellness professionals, notes MicroFit.

MicroFit Inc., 1077-B Independence Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043; (800) 822-0405; (650) 969-7296; fax: (650) 969-2067;;

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