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Stairclimbers and Climbing Equipment

Exercisers love the challenges of climbing and stepping, making stairclimbers and similar equipment a necessity in any club. Nowadays, stairclimbers and climbing equipment include plenty of new features to make them even more attractive to users. For example, some manufacturers have expanded their offerings to include upper-body features, along with other custom-designed programs. Many machines also provide workout feedback and tracking, including calorie counting and heart rate monitoring.

No matter what the size of your club, today’s manufacturers offer machines that will give you a step up above your competition, allowing your business to climb to new levels.

The following list includes some of the latest stairclimbers and climbing machines available in today’s market.

Life Fitness
Life Fitness’s fully featured stairclimbers use a belt drive system that reportedly eliminates the “play” found on chain-drive stepper machines. Users can select between the climbing or pace mode stepping action. In the climbing mode, pedal resistance increases as the incline get higher. In the pace mode, the pedal pace increases as the incline gets steeper. Workouts include the interactive Heart Rate Zone Training cardio and fat burn, as well as hill, random, manual and fit test. Heart rate is monitored by the patented Lifepulse digital heart rate monitoring system or Polar telemetry. Lifespring shock absorbers minimize jarring to the joints.

Life Fitness
10601 W. Belmont Ave.
Franklin Park, IL 60131
(800) 634-8637, (847) 288-3300
fax: (847) 288-3703

NuStep Inc.

For fitness or senior fitness, the NuStep TRS 4000 Seated Stepper offers the original seated stepper that delivers a safe, low-impact total body workout. Nu-Stepping is easy and effective, with 10 settings that condition the cardiovascular and muscular systems. Sold factory-direct from Ann Arbor, Mich., the NuStep TRS 4000 features a comfortable swivel seat, a smooth, belt-driven eddy current system and an easy-to-read display showing heart rate, METS, watts, total steps, and calories. A free NuStepping workout video is available on the company’s Web site or by calling (800) 322-2209.

NuStep Inc., 5111 Venture Drive,
Suite 1, Ann Arbor, MI 48108
(800) 322-2209, (734) 769-3939
fax: (734) 769-8180

The Precor C764 stairclimber is a highly dependable, comfortable machine that is easy to use and maintain. It features a no-maintenance drive system, using durable, quiet belts instead of chain and cables. Its stair arms are configured in a durable, four-bar linkage system, and it features a belt drive system that requires no routine maintenance. It comes with 10 preprogrammed courses and a quick start feature.

20001 North Creek Parkway
Bothell, WA 98011
(800) 477-3267, (425) 486-9292
fax: (425) 486-3856

SciFit’s new TC1000 stairclimber, with ergonomically designed handlebars for multiple hand positioning, offers an ultra-wide V-belt drive and friction-free electromagnetic brakes, reportedly giving it a smooth and quiet action. Additional benefits include SciFit’s center footplate support, which protects against lateral footplate torque, and it has oversized, rubberized footplates for maximum comfort and traction. One-touch operation means a user can instantly begin a workout and change climbing speeds at any time in 1 foot per minute increments. SciFit’s TC1000 climber accommodates users with 5- to 220-feet per minute speed range and 14-inch climbing range.

SciFit Ltd. Co.
5616A S. 122nd East Ave., Tulsa, OK 74146
(800) 278-3933, (918) 254-5493
fax: (918) 254-4189;

The StairMaster FreeClimber model 4600 offers the latest breakthroughs in fitness technology. The new, more comfortable handle design incorporates side rails and smaller “easy-grip,” upper-body handles with contact heart rate sensors. When used with the constant heart rate training program on the console, they maintain preselected heart rate targets throughout the workout. The new “Hot Dog” soft pedals make users feel like they’re exercising on a cushion of air. The machine also features a larger reading rack with cassette and water bottle holder plus a new pivoting console that reduces glare and provides one-touch entertainment system access.

StairMaster Health & Fitness Products Inc.
12421 Willows Road N.E., Suite 100
Kirkland, WA 93034
(800) 635-2936; fax: (425) 821-3794

Sportsart America
SportsArt’s new climber incorporates the latest in technology. The patented self-powering generator’s fixed magnet system delivers smooth resistance. It also reportedly offers fewer potential service problems than systems employing moving magnets or belts and servo-motors. Self-leveling steps reduce ankle stress. SportsArt-designed contact heart rate and Polar heart rate controls allow both monitoring and a variety of zone training options. The comprehensive electronics package provides a wide variety of preset programs with multiple levels for designing workouts, and a manual quick start. A dot matrix display shows course profile and status while six LED windows provide full-time feedback.

SportsArt America
15500 Woodinville-Redmond Road,
Bldg. C, Suite 100, Woodinville, WA 98072
(800) 709-1400, (425) 481-9479
fax: (425) 488-8155

Star Trac by Unisen
Star Trac’s SC4100 stairclimber weighs users and reports true caloric expenditures on their actual workload. The unit’s console provides feedback and a variety of different workouts from which to choose. The user-friendly, no-key start-up with four programs offers 250 different workout routines. Climbers can change their step rate, program, or duration at any time. Continuous motivational feedback also includes distance, time, step rate, and heart rate. The patented Dynamic heart rate control automatically adjusts the intensity level based on the user’s heart rate to keep him in his target zone.

Star Trac By Unisen
14410 Myford Road, Irvine, CA 92606
(800) 228-6635, (714) 669-1660
fax: (714) 508-3303

Jacob’s Ladder
Jacob’s Ladder is a patented climbing machine with ladder-type rungs on a non-motorized continuous treadmill. An alternative to climbers, treadmills and other aerobic devices, Jacob’s Ladder provides a high-intensity cardiovascular workout in a relatively short amount of time. It reportedly places little stress on the back and eliminates the pounding that occurs in many forms of exercise. Jacob’s Ladder can be easily incorporated to meet the fitness goals of a broad range of users. For those simply looking to lose weight, Jacob’s Ladder has proven to be an extremely efficient way to burn calories, according to the company. Jacob’s Ladder also appeals to those who want an extremely high intensity cardiovascular workout, and to those who want an overall workout, to help tone and strengthen the muscles of both the upper and lower body.

Jacob’s Ladder
6662 Boston State Road
Hamburg, NY 14075
(716) 646-1319

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