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Plate-loaded and free-weight equipment.

Strength-training equipment has evolved dramatically to keep pace with breakthroughs in today’s manufacturing technology. Both plate-loaded and free-weight systems are designed and engineered by suppliers to target specific muscle groups, offering exercisers the many benefits of a complete strength-training workout. The key to a club’s purchase of these systems lies in the purchaser’s understanding of the science of the manufacturing process of upper- and lower-body weight equipment.

Manufacturers also have expanded their product lines to include equipment that is scientifically targeted to either men or women, allowing clubs to have the opportunity to offer its members a more diverse selection of strength-training options. Some current offerings are listed here.

Plate-Loaded Equipment

Body Masters Sports industries
Body Masters plate-loaded versions (CXP) of the shoulder press, incline press and chest press maintain a movement pattern simulating free-weight dumbbell motion and minimizing shoulder joint stress. Individual or simultaneous arm movements glide through a converging plane. The linkage system allows plates to be loaded independently for each arm and produces a resistance that closely matches the body’s natural strength curve, state Body Master officials. The CXP series features the “smart” seat adjustment indicator that allows positioning of the seat based on height, and without trial and error. Rotating supports allow easy entry and exit while permitting users of all sizes to achieve pre-stretch. The gas spring assists allow infinite seat adjustments. A load capacity of six 45-lb. plates per arm will challenge even the heavy lifters.

Body Masters Sports Industries, 700 E. Texas Ave., Rayne, LA 70578; (800) 325-8964; (318) 334-9611; fax: (318) 324-4827;;

Fitness Products International
Icarian’s new 505 Rear Delt/Pec Fly dual-action machine’s design features two floating pivot arms, which allows users to be able to move through their range of motion comfortably as the machine arms adjust to their body size automatically. The unit also features a start-position device that limits range. Ease of use and simple adjustments make this design ideal for isolating the movements of the muscles of the chest or upper back.

Fitness Products International, 12660 Branford St., Sun Valley, CA 91352; (800) 883-2421; (818) 897-3001;

Hammer Strength
Hammer Strength currently offers more than 60 different machines. The patented Iso-Lateral motion technology provides biomechanically superior natural arcs of movement resulting in a safe and satisfying strength-training experience, states the company. All Hammer Strength’s ground-base machines provide numerous exercise options in upward, downward and neutral planes of motion while allowing exercisers to train with their feet on the ground, encouraging total-body stabilization, better balance and greater functional workouts. The versatility of Hammer Strength ground-base machines makes them suitable for athletes and for anyone seeking to enhance their functionality, whether that means rising from a chair or improving performance in a specific sport.

Hammer Strength, 10601 W. Belmont Ave., Franklin Park, IL 60131; (800) 634-8637; (847) 288-3300; fax: (847) 288-3703;

Hoist Fitness Systems
Hoist is committed to designing and manufacturing some of the most effective and advanced strength-training equipment in the market today. All Hoist equipment is backed by a lifetime limited warranty based on 20 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality fitness equipment. The primary frame of Hoist’s line is constructed of 2-inch-by-2-inch and 2-inch-by-3-inch 11-gauge structural steel tubing. Bent steel tubing is used in frame and structure construction in conjunction with mitered joints to increase frame load bearing capacity while maintaining or enhancing aesthetic quality.

Hoist Fitness Systems, 9990 Empire St., Suite 130, San Diego, CA 92126; (800) 548-5438; (858) 576-7676; fax: (800) 547-5439;

Magnum Fitness Systems
Magnum has incorporated Biangular technology on plate-loaded equipment. This allows users to move from a circuit area to a free-weight area without intimidation or additional instruction. Magnum’s patented mechanism creates perfect form through multi-joint, multi-plane movement patterns. Biangular is one of the safest, most effective multi-motion movements, because it is controlled, fluid and biomechanically sound through diverging or converging exercise patterns, emphasizes the company.

Magnum Fitness Systems, 2201 12th Ave., South Milwaukee, WI 53172; (800) 372-0554; (414) 764-4068; fax: (414) 768-7047;;

MedX Inc.
The Avenger Training System by MedX features computer-analyzed, full-range resistance curves for biomechanical precision, multi-horn on-board plate storage and waist-level plate loading on most machines. Ten single-station models are in the initial release. Virtually maintenance-free, the Avenger line carries the MedX 10-year warranty on the frame and five-year warranty on moving parts.

MedX Inc., 1401 NE 7th St., Ocala, FL 34479; (800) 876-6339; (352) 622-2112; fax: (352) 629-8670;;

Paramount Fitness Corp.
The new Paramount Total Body plate-loaded package features versatility in that multiple exercises can be performed at one station. The compact designs easily adjust from one exercise to the next with minimum plate changes. In addition, the Total Body Systems feature the value of heavy-duty construction for trouble-free operation. The compact, multiple-purpose Total Body Systems provide efficient use of free-weight training areas. For maximum performance and stability, the systems are constructed using heavy-duty assemblies that rotate using 35-mm sealed pillow block bearings over a solid steel pivot axle with 4-inch-by-2-inch and a combination of other structural steel tubing. Con-venience and comfort features include easy-access pin-loaded adjustments and exercise instructions, nonskid platform and durable upholstered pads.

Paramount Fitness Corp , 6450 E. Bandini Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90040-3185; (800) 721-2121; (323) 721-2121; fax: (323) 724-2000;;

Strive Enterprises Inc.
Strive’s plate-loaded systems offer a cost-efficient, space-conscious approach to target loading. By placing weights on one of three different lever arms, users have unlimited control of resistance curves. The ability to vary workouts, target different parts of the range of movement, lessen boredom and increase exercise adherence are capacities unique to Strive. The result is safe, simple and effective application of target loading.

Strive Enterprises Inc., 24038 Washington Road,Canonsburg, PA 15317; (800) 368-6448; (721) 873-5780; fax: (721) 873-5780;

Free-Weight Equipent

Ivanko Barbell co.
Ivanko’s new, patent-pending, E-Z Lift plates feature a traditional, round-shape, multi-opening, easy-lift design. The plates incorporate seven openings that dramatically improve handling off the floor, and on and off machines or bars. Ivanko E-Z Lift plates are the same diameter as conventional round Olympic plates and are easily integrated with existing plates. All of the openings have a smooth radius and rounded edges for maximum comfort while grabbing the plates. Because the plates are round, there are no sharp points or edges to cut floors and damage equipment. Ivanko’s rounded, contour plate shape conforms to the hand, making it easier to carry. The plates are available in a baked-on, polyester-based, hammertone gray painted finish.

Ivanko Barbell Co., P.O. Box 1470, San Pedro, Calif. 90733; (310) 514-1155; fax: (310) 514-1363;

Nautilus International Inc.
Nautilus free-weight equipment encompasses a complete line of Olympic stations, racks and benches. Each piece is biomechanically engineered, crafted for durability and designed for aesthetics. Overall, the Nautilus free-weight line offers a range of machines that withstand the test of time in the busiest facilities, state company officials.

Nautilus International Inc., 709 Powerhouse Road, Independence, VA 24348; (800) 628-8458; (540) 773-2881; fax: (540) 773-3306;

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