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The POWERbreathe is a portable, hand-held training device developed specifically to improve lung function, enhance athletic endurance and performance and wellness. The POWERbreathe “dumbbells for the diaphragm” uses resistance training to increase the strength of the inspiratory muscles used while breathing. Strengthening the inspiratory muscles, can alleviate breathlessness making exercise easier. It requires only 30 breaths twice a day — making a total of only 5 minutes training necessary per day. Creative Health Products launched three individual POWERbreathe devices for fitness, sports performance and wellness. Contact: Creative Health Products, 5148 Saddle Ridge Rd., Plymouth, MI 48170; (800) 742-4478; fax: (734) 996-4650
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EZ MAINTENANCE Software offers maintenance solutions for business and commercial requirements. The intuitive and self-prompting structure has drop-down windows that allow even new users with entry-level to no computer literacy to use the program for equipment unit tracking, maintenance calendar scheduling, issuing work orders, parts or materials for inventory control and complete management reporting. Special features include support for bar coding equipment unit or parts identification, step-by-step instruction on how to perform maintenance with a parts and materials list, password control for multilevel permissions and optional linking to Excel. Use the software to run historical reports automatically calendar maintenance for up to a year. Contact: EZ MAINTENANCE/LINK-IT; P.O. Box 22666; Memphis, TN 38122; (909) 324-2821
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Personal Fitness Products announces the third version of Personal Training Software for Windows. The software offers fitness professionals an easy-to-use, professional approach to assessment and program design. After the client completes an assessment based on gender, age, health and injury history, the software prescribes a strength-training routine that includes body-weight, selectorized and free weight exercises. The software includes more than 100 video demonstrations for strength and flexibility, anatomy diagrams and descriptions and tests for upper body strength and endurance, aerobic capacity, flexibility, WHR, BMI and blood pressure. Contact: Personal Fitness Products; 8 Linden Lane, Nanuet, NY 10954; (888) 349-7289; fax: (888) 349-2055
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The Hingym (pronounced Hinge Gym) is a space-efficient gymnasium that fits on the hinge of your door. The gym is composed of a metal rod and three pulley housings. Compatible with Lifeline's portable gym systems, cables and their accessories, you thread a cable through the pulleys to start the workout. Move the pulley housings up and down the rod to duplicate a number of machines, even a treadmill. Contact: Lifeline International Inc.; 3201 Syene Rd., Madison, WI 53713; (608) 288-9252; fax: (608) 288-9294
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OPTP introduces the Fitball® Body Therapy, which is a small ball release program. The therapy method achieves full muscular and myofascial release by effectively creating “space”, length, and release. The small ball release program stretches beyond the muscle into the interconnecting web of myfascia. Use the Fitball to treat the shoulder, chest, neck, middle and lower back and hip and pelvis. The 45-minute Fitball® Body Therapy video demonstrates how to stretch the myofascia web through exploratory techniques. An 80-page manual on Body Therapy is also available. The textured balls come in advanced, intermediate and beginner levels. The balls vary in size and density. Contact: OPTP; P.O. Box 47009, Minneapolis, MN 55447; (800) 367-7393; fax: (763) 553-9355
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Enercise xTV and iTV systems transform cardiovascular exercise areas into entertainment environments. Enercise xTV wireless transmitters connect to TV audio output jacks and provide a 35,000-sq.-ft. transmission range. Just plug digital headphones into Enercise xTV receivers and select a wall-mounted TV or music channel. The Enercise iTV is an individual entertainment system with a 14.1" high-definition screen and optional CD/DVD player. The adjustable stand accommodates any make or model of cardiovascular equipment. Low-maintenance features include the Quick-Change headphone jack and Ultra-Seal moisture-proof power connector. Contact: Enercise Inc., 3835-R East Thousand Oaks Blvd. #307; Westlake Village, CA 91362; (866) 492-9979; fax: (818) 540-4269
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Turn any room into a boxing studio with the flip of a switch. The Balazs Track System eliminates the need to manually hang and remove heavy bags. The system consists of a ceiling-mounted track and moveable trolleys that hold the bags. A centrally located switch operates a locking mechanism in each trolley that either locks the trolley in position or allows it to move along the track. The track can extend into a closet or remote area of a room where the bags can be stored when they are not in use — freeing up the room for other activities. The layout of the track system can be customized to meet a facility's requirements. All trolleys feature Balazs' patented Heavy Hanging System (H2S), which reduces the noise; vibration and jarring that can cause wear and tear on heavy bags. Contact: Balazs, 1129 W. Walnut St., Allentown, PA 18102; (610) 433-4515; fax: (610) 433-4695
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AquaDisc and AquaSkimmer are low-tech water discs that use the science of underwater motion (hydrodynamics) to make a water-training experience. These discs encourage aquatic exercise, interaction and comfort in and under the water. Chasing an AquaDisc or AquaSkimmer can be used as a change of pace from swimming laps. The AquaDisc Fling is a throw toy designed for underwater fun for ages 7 and up. The original AquaDisc, which travels farther and faster underwater is for ages 12 and up. The Skimmer Hockey product includes two AquaSkimmers and a floating net designed for pool hockey or pool ultimate. Contact: Aquatoy Inc., 4257 24th Ave. W., Seattle, WA 98119; (206) 281-5551; fax: (206) 281-5556
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