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Hammer Strength has added six new pieces to its Motion Technology Selectorized (MTS) strength training line. With the addition of the new Iso-Lateral Leg Extension, Iso-Lateral Seated Leg Curl, Iso-Lateral Squat, Iso-Lateral Biceps Curl, Iso-Lateral Triceps Extension and Abdominal; the total number of MTS pieces comes to 12. Hammer's patented Iso-Lateral Technology allows users to work each leg or arm independently in a natural plane of motion, which helps to correct muscle imbalances and stimulate muscle hypertrophy. The MTS lines feature dual weight stacks and shorter belts, which directly connect the machine's arms to the weights and minimize friction. Contact: Life Fitness, 10601 W. Belmont Ave., Franklin Park, IL 60131; (847) 288-3300;
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The MediCordz Shoulder Rope Pulley is ideal for upper extremity passive range of motion and shoulder mobility. It comes complete with nylon cord, handles, free moving pulley and mounting strap for use in door jams. The entire MediCordz product line consists of interchangeable tubing kits for the neck, shoulder, back and knee. In addition to joint-specific kits, a complete array of modular tubing, straps, belts, handles, wrist supports, headsets and mounting systems are available. Contact: NZ Manufacturing Inc., 3502 C Street N.E., Auburn, WA 98002; (800) 886-6621; fax: (866) 320-3653;;
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Gatorade's new Propel Fitness Water is a lightly flavored, non-carbonated, purified water with only 10 calories per 8 oz. serving and includes essential vitamins. Propel is available in four natural flavors: black cherry, lemon, orange and berry. Vitamin content includes vitamin B6, niacin, pantothenic acid, which assist in converting fats and carbohydrates in energy. Propel also provides a source of antioxidants (vitamin C and E), which help neutralize free radicals to protect the body. Propel Fitness Water will be sold in 500 ml. plastic bottles and 700 ml. sport bottles, which includes a squeezable rip zone and mouthpiece. Contact: The Gatorade Co., (312) 222-8401; 1-800-88-GATOR;;
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Ball Dynamics International is now offering a full line of massage and sensory products four use in sensory stimulation and dexterity exercise programs. The Reflex Balls are designed for use in various massage techniques and are available in firm PVC vinyl in four sizes. The Reflex Ball Massage Manual, designed by European fitness professionals, takes your through a series of exercises and massage techniques using massage balls. The different techniques focus on muscles and tension release for all parts of the body. To compliment the use of Reflex Balls, Ball Dynamics also offers the ActivaRoll, Sensy Balls, AkuRings, GymRings and FreeBalls as adjuncts to massage and sensory stimulation techniques. Contact: Ball Dynamics International, 14215 Mead St., Longmont, CO 80504; (800) 752-2255; fax: (877) 223-2962;
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Master Lock's new built-in combination locks for Single Point Latch (SPL) lockers combine “slam shut” convenience with the high security of a “built-in” for today's most popular lockers. Until now, SPL lockers have been limited to padlocks for security. Tested and recommended by major locker manufacturers, the Series 1652 offers an automatic locking, spring bolt lock, with an extended bolt “throw” needed to secure SPL lockers. In addition, the new locks offer concealed mounting that is less prone to tampering; five combination changes for a longer, useful life; and standard key control for supervisory access. Designed specifically for SPL lockers, the 1652 Series also provides all the advantages of other Master Lock built-in combination locks. Contact: Master Lock Co., P.O. Box 100367, Milwaukee, WI 53210; (414) 444-2800; fax: (414) 444-0322;
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The Montego Bay Viper from PC Marketing is a back-to-basics tanning machine featuring 40 VHR lamps (24 are staggered in the wraparound canopy), extra large lounge, duo stereo speakers and advanced airflow system. This 1160-watt machine tans users in 12 minutes and includes a board timer, accessible pull-out compartment tray, ductable exhaust and two-speed body fan. Contact: PC Marketing, 1040 Wilt Ave., Ridgefield, NJ 07656; (201) 943-6100; (800) FAST-TAN; fax: (201) 943-4234;
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The Boa 2000 is an advanced design weighted speed rope system that features a dynamically balanced, multi-radii, extrusion that distributes inertial weight along each side of the rope for continuous, effortless rope skipping. This allows the experienced rope skipper to increase and maintain consistent speed and power during workouts as well as enabling even the novice rope skipper to master the skill with greater ease. Open cell polyurethane foam handle grips absorb excess perspiration for a more secure grip. Contact: AccuFitness, P.O. Box 4411, Englewood, CO 80155; (303) 799-4721; fax: (303) 799-4778;
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Newly formed Matrix Fitness Systems features a full line of entertainment-ready cardiovascular equipment. Matrix Cardio is C-safe compatible and features entertainment-ready consoles with control buttons for Cardio Theater and Broadcast Vision systems within easy reach. These ergonomic sleek machines are also available with Matrix proprietary e-port, which provides both cable and power and will accommodate flat screens for viewing movies, television programming or virtual games. Cardio models include treadmills, ellipticals and cycles (both upright and recumbent). Its machines' unique designs feature round tubing, which is stronger than traditional rectangular tubing, according to the company, as well as automotive-quality finishes. Contact: Matrix Fitness Systems, 8100 Wyoming Blvd., NE, M-4, No. 271, Albuquerque, NM 87113; (866) MXFITNESS; fax: (505) 242-4725;;
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Life Fitness Academy, the training and education team of exercise equipment manufacturer Life Fitness, is offering a new WorkSportLife functional strength training program. More than 200 pages, the WorkSportLife manual contains detailed functional strength training programs designed to help improve performance in work, athletics and daily activities. The programs provide fitness professionals with specific tools to design, develop and apply functional programming for their clients. Included in this manual are principles of functional strength training, features of the ideal equipment and an exercise library with photos of start and end positions for each recommended exercise. Every program includes an analysis of the activity and addresses the specific components of transfer to maximize the workout's functional applicability. All workouts are designed around the use of either four Life Fitness Pro Series Pulley Systems units or five Hammer Strength Ground Base machines. Contact: Greg Bahnfleth, manager of training for Life Fitness Academy; (800) 735-3867 ext. 3875;;
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The New Leaf Personal Exercise System features a Personal VO2 Assessment System, ExerSmart Software, and the Personal Digital Coach. This system leverages the latest technology in non-invasive cardiorespiratory diagnostic systems to help individuals achieve weight management and cardiovascular fitness goals. The system utilizes respiratory gas exchange analysis to scientifically assess a person's level of fitness and create an individualized exercise plan. The plan is then programmed into a biofeedback device called the Personal Digital Coach, which is purchased by the user and worn during exercise, to audibly coach him or her to meet personal goals. Contact: Angeion Corp., 250 Oak Grove Parkway, St. Paul, MN 55127; (651) 766-3480; fax: (651) 484-4826;
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New from Linray Enterprises Inc., Score Zone Mats are engineered for maximum support and comfort for floor exercising and stretching. The individual mats can be joined together in sections that are 6-feet by 2-feet by 2-inches. Handles at each end of the mats allow for easy transportation when folded or to hang from walls and mirrors for easy storage. The Score Zone Mats are covered with double-stitched 18-ounce vinyl fabric in red, yellow or blue. Contact: Linray Enterprises Inc., 87 Enterprise Road, Hyannis, MA 02601; (508) 778-1667; (800) 546-7297;
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The NSCA Certification Commission recently released its “Free Weight and Machine Exercise Techniques” videocassette on DVD. Just like the VHS version, this 82-minute DVD shows the proper technique for 38 common weight-training exercises. The narration describes the 10 machines and 28 free weight exercises. It also identifies the primary muscle groups involved, including the correct grip width, stance, body position, range of motion, and provides tips for correcting errors and avoiding injuries. The DVD is also available as a set with the 68-page Free Weight and Machine Exercise Techniques Manual. Contact: NSCA Certification Commission; 1640 L Street, Suite G, Lincoln, NE 68508; (888) 746-2378;
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New to the Icarian product line, the 620S Adductor and 621S Abductor both have been manufactured with space efficiency, ease-of-use and modesty in mind. Each includes a slightly reclined back position, shrouded front weight stack and a starting range-of-motion device. Contact: Fitness Products International, 12660 Branford St., Sun Valley, CA 91352; (800) 883-2421;;
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