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Ivanko's Urethane E-Z Lift Plates are round for safer floor lifting exercises, which makes them fully functional compared to plates that are out-of-round or flat-sided. Serious weight trainers will also appreciate multiple grip places for easier handling, a limited-slip matte finish and Ivanko quality recognized worldwide as the best there is. Contact: Ivanko Barbell Co., P.O. Box 1470, San Pedro, CA 90733; phone: 310-514-1155; fax: 310-514-1363; e-mail:;
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The Nautilus Group Inc. has introduced a state-of-the-art commercial StairMaster treadmill. Quinton treadmills have been known as the most reliable, highest quality treadmills in the industry. When The Nautilus Group bought StairMaster and the Quinton treadmill manufacturing facility, they combined the expertise of both companies. The StairMaster ClubTrack 2100 LE and ClubTrack 2100 LC treadmills incorporate a new industrial design while maintaining the Quinton ClubTrack proven quality and performance. The revised TripleFlex makes the treadmills more forgiving while maintaining stability and providing a smooth, steady feel. The updated console includes a feature-rich user interface that is easy to use. And, with speed ranging from 0.5 mph to 12 mph, the treadmills accommodate users of all abilities. Contact: The Nautilus Group Inc., 1400 NE 136th Ave., Vancouver, WA 98684; phone: 360-694-7722;
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SCIFIT Systems has two new adjustable position upper body exercisers, the PRO1 and PRO1 Sport. The most significant new feature on these two machines is the adjustable head. It is gas-assisted and counter-balanced for easy and precise adjustment. The PRO1 Sport is designed to provide a range of ground-based exercise. All exercises on the PRO1 Sport are performed without a stationary seat. The large standing platform allows for a variety of foot placement options. The PRO1 and PRO1 Sport are self-generated and come standard with adjustable cranks, bidirectional resistance and adjustable position monitor. The PRO1 has a fully adjustable, removable seat and is easy to use while sitting or standing. The removable seat makes the PRO1 wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant. Contact: SCIFIT Systems Inc., 5151 S. 110th Ave., Tulsa, OK 74146; phone: 800-278-3933 or 918-359-2000; fax: 918-254-4189;
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Gin Miller, the creator of step training, has unveiled a new direction in fitness with The Ramp exercise device. It features easy-to-learn basic cardio exercises to make workouts fun and accessible for all ages and fitness levels. It introduces a new formula to fitness, in which the muscles of the hips, glutes and hamstrings are the primary working group. The emphasis is on the back of the legs, and it is a backward-dominated motion. Contact: The Ramp Company, P.O. Box 55742, Indianapolis, IN 46205; phone: 800-900-7228;
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StageStep's Super Timestep 5 is a multipurpose floor suited for any movement activity. It is available in five-foot widths and is more flexible, portable and easier to handle. The flooring resists cracking, splitting and creasing better than any previous flooring. The heavy-duty portable, semi-permanent and permanent flooring is easily installed directly on a floating wood subfloor, hard wood surface or old wood flooring, using tape, adhesive or Re-Use-It release adhesive. It comes in black, gray and tan in lengths up to 65 feet. It is guaranteed up to seven years and has a life expectancy up to 18 years. Contact: Stagestep, 2000 Hamilton St., Suite C200, Philadelphia, PA 19130; phone: 800-523-0960; fax: 800-827-0508;
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Maui Wowi offers the Smoothie Rip-Sticks, prepackaged frozen versions of the actual smoothies. They are packaged in a squeeze up tube and sealed with a foil lid on the top. Maui Wowi Smoothie Rip-Sticks are made from 70 percent frozen fruit purees and 30 percent low fat yogurt. They are different from other smoothie products because they are all natural, with no preservatives or additives, fat free and only 88 calories. Contact: Maui Wowi, 5601 South Broadway Suite 200, Littleton, CO 80121; phone: 888-862-8555;;
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Zelcore is the distributor for the Futrex-5000 body composition analyzer, which provides quick, accurate body fat evaluations with a portable analyzer that directly measures body fat using near-infrared light. The analyzer can accurately measure any person from the age of 5 through adults without pre-test protocols. The Futrex is an ideal marketing, recruiting and programming tool for personal trainers, health clubs and fitness professionals. In less than 60 seconds, the unit provides a printout that contains body fat percentage, BMI, lean body mass, fat body mass and hydration level. The analyzer features a full-color body composition analysis report and a physical analysis ratings report that gives analysis of the individual's fitness level. Both reports are generated from the unit to a printer. Contact: Zelcore, 130 Western Maryland Parkway, Hagerstown, MD 21740; phone: 800-576-0295; 301-791-9220; fax: 301-733-9398;
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Walls+Forms can produce rooms that meet the unique needs of health spas, fitness facilities and much more. Because of recent technological advances, an infinite number of possibilities can be produced quickly and within a budget. The prospective customer can also see high-resolution digital images and prints of the design renderings, which are prepared by a group of product engineers at Walls+Forms. The privacy rooms are fast and easy to assemble and reassemble. No framing or dry walling is needed. You can select from standard designs for quick availability or from a large selection of panel styles and surfaces that create a design tailored to your needs. Contact: Walls+Forms, P.O. Box 741112, Dallas, TX 75374; phone: 972-980-7320; fax: 972-980-8424;
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