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Zelcore is the distributor for the Futrex-5000 body composition analyzer, which provides quick, accurate body fat evaluations with a portable analyzer that directly measures body fat using near-infrared light. The analyzer can measure any person from the age of 5 through adults without pre-test protocols. The Futrex is an ideal marketing, recruiting and programming tool for personal trainers, health clubs and fitness professionals. In less than 60 seconds, the unit provides a printout that contains body fat percentage, BMI, lean body mass, fat body mass and hydration level. The analyzer features a full-color body composition analysis report and a physical analysis ratings report that gives analysis of the individual's fitness level. Both reports are generated from the unit to a printer. Contact: Zelcore, 130 Western Maryland Parkway, Hagerstown, MD 21740; phone: 800-576-0295; 301-791-9220; fax: 301-733-9398;
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Walls+Forms can produce rooms that meet the unique needs of health spas, fitness facilities and much more. Because of recent technological advances, an infinite number of possibilities can be produced quickly and within a budget. The prospective customer can also see high-resolution digital images and prints of the design renderings, which are prepared by a group of product engineers at Walls+Forms. The privacy rooms are fast and easy to assemble and reassemble. No framing or dry walling is needed. You can select from standard designs for quick availability or from a large selection of panel styles and surfaces that create a design tailored to your needs. Contact: Walls+Forms, P.O. Box 741112, Dallas, TX 75374; phone: 972-980-7320; fax: 972-980-8424;
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Tanita Corporation is offering the WeighPad, the first automated membership management system available for weight loss and fitness centers, which is now available in North America. WeighPad is a cutting-edge automated system that enables weight loss centers to quickly and accurately register, weigh and process members electronically, replacing time-consuming manual systems that most centers use for tracking member's personal data. Contact: Tanita Corporation of America Inc., 2625 South Clearbrook Dr., Arlington Heights, IL 60005; phone: 847-640-9241; fax: 847-640-9261;
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To meet the need for heart rate monitoring in fitness training, Brewer's Ledge has quipped every Treadwall® rotating climbing wall with a Polar® heart rate receiver that is built inside the wall. The information from a climber's chest strap or other monitor is automatically acquired and shown on the digital display. The highly readable display is eye level to climbers, showing heart rate, distance and elapsed time. Trainers appreciate their new ability to work closely with clients, adjusting the Treadwall's speed and angle to best suit their client's heart rate. Contact: Brewer's Ledge Inc., 34 Brookley Rd., Boston, MA 02130; phone: 800-707-9616;
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ICARIAN has added five units to its Functional Training (FT) line of strength-training equipment. The FT units include a compound row, pull-down, chest press, shoulder press and total leg in addition to the all-in-one personal trainer/workstation introduced last year. The Functional Training units are designed to allow freedom by the user to define the path-of-motion when performing a variety of strength and conditioning exercises. The machines incorporate a cable and pulley design for application of resistance uniquely positioned appropriate to the movement being performed. Five of the six units in the FT line also incorporate dual weight stacks. Contact: Icarian, 12660 Branford St., Sun Valley, CA 91352; phone: 800-883-2421 or 818-897-3001;;
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Power Plate North America's Power Plate body vibration technology uses body vibration therapy to improve muscle strength and performance, flexibility and range of motion and enhance blood flow throughout the body. The Power Plate can be used alone or as a pre- and post-workout complement to traditional strength training and cardiovascular exercise and provides its wide array of conditioning benefits in a fraction of the time needed for traditional exercise routines. Contact: Power Plate North America, 5730 Uplander Wy., Suite 110, Culver City, CA 90230; phone: 310-216-7654;
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Hampton Fitness Inc. has extended its Dura-Bell line of fixed dumbbells into the barbell market with Dura-Bar. Dura-Bar fixed barbells have a patented design that makes them virtually maintenance-free. The bar is permanently fixed to the heads, which puts an end to tightening loose plates. The bar is solid steel, with a hardened chrome coating that resists cracking or peeling. Because the heads are hexagonal, the barbells don't roll, and the thick, virgin-rubber encasement on the heads minimizes the risk of damage to floors and equipment. Contact: Hampton Fitness, 1913 Portola Rd., Ventura, CA 93003; phone: 877-339-9733; fax: 805-339-9733;
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The 2003 108 CM VersaClimber control module has been upgraded and offers a specialized voice instruction option to better assist the user in achieving specific workout goals. The 108 CM offers the highest amount of vertical arm travel — a full 27-inch range of upward movement. Its patented upright design and space-efficient three-point stance delivers twice the workout in half the required space. Soft, durable handrails combined with oversized but practical structural tubing, provide a great look while maintaining durability. Plus, the 108 CM can be used as a lower body stepper. Contact: VersaClimber, Heart Rate Inc., 3190-E Airport Loop, Costa Mesa, CA 92626; phone: 800-237-2271; fax: 714-755-5749;
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Cybex International's Cybex Pro+ treadmill provides users with advanced functionality, safety, workout data accuracy, comfort and convenience. The quick start feature allows the user to enter a manual program with a touch of the start key. The console features a split display, separated in two parts, facilitating the ease of program set up and data selection while providing the most requested information on the lower display. New contact heart rate technology is strategically positioned for optimal ergonomics while electronically capturing heart rate data with less interference. The Cybex Pro+ contains Safety Sentry, a feature that detects if anyone is on or off the treadmill. This feature stops the belt after the pre-selected time period, which aids in keeping users safe. There also is a safety lanyard that can be pulled to immediately stop the belt from moving in the event of an emergency. Contact: Cybex International, 10 Trotter Dr., Medway, MA 02053; phone: 508-533-4300; fax: 508-533-5500;
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Flex-Power Performance Sports Cream is a before and after topical cream for the treatment of muscle and joint pain and arthritis. Flex-Power uses a COX-2 inhibitor, similar to what's found in arthritis pain-relief pills. The cream also contains MSM for pain relief, Glucosamine to help with cartilage and joint problems and is offered in two scents: Clean Scent and Citrus Light Scent. Flex-Power contains a light heating sensation, which combined with active ingredients, works great for individuals seeking a warm-up/performance treatment for use before/during activity, and recovery after. Contact: Flex-Power Inc., 1563 Solano Ave., Berkely, CA 94706; phone: 866-353-9769;
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